Disclaimer: I couldn't own Naruto even if I wanted to.

P.S: I changed my PenName from Atsuri - IceCreamXD

Naruto: So...You're making me a girl?

Me: Y-yeah...so?

Naruto: Oh nothing. -starts cackling evilly-

Me: Ok...-steps away from him-

Hi. I'm Uzumaki Naruto, known as the idiot or dobe. They all think I'm a stupid brat who knows nothing. Well that's because I just didn't try. I could be as smart as Shikamaru if I wanted to. But I don't, so I'll stay dumb for now. Naruto's dumb this, Naruto's dumb that. Sheesh. All that they think is about how dumb I am. And those stupid villagers, always calling me demon or brat. It's not like I'm the demon, I just have him in me. And he's a really nice guy once you get to know him.

I have many secrets. But none of them is as big as this one. And what is that secret? Well, it's a fact that I am a...


Never expected that now have you? My real name is actually Uzumaki Emi. I really like that name. But it's not as if I can just go up to people and ask them "Hey, start calling me Emi, cause that's my real name, and I'm actualy a girl." No, that would be too stupid. And plus, why would I want anyone to know that I am a girl. They'll just start thinking I'm weak and a total liar. And those villagers, they might even come to rape me. But hey, at least I know how to fight, so that I can protect myself if it does happen.

Well this is the story of how I 'Uzumaki Naruto' get discovered as a girl. And it all started with a mission. Just me, Sasuke and Sakura. No Kakashi, no jounins. Heh, it's amazing they let 12-year-old genins go on missions without their jounins. But whatever. Let's just get on with the story.

Me: Hmmm...Is it good?

Naruto: No.

Me: No? What do you mean no?


Me: Whatever. -walks away-

Naruto: Hey wait! -runs after me-

OK. I HOPE YOU LIKED DA STORY. It suddenly popped up into my head. And don't worry. I'll still do the other Sasuke Mpreg story.