Secret Student

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Ichigo wakes up at the Shigami Academy, he has to graduate if he wants to go back home, there is one condition though, no one may find out that he is a 'hero' from the Arrancar war.
Can he graduate before the students find out his real identity?

---------- Chapter 01 ----------

"Getsuga Tenshou!"

The hollow disappeared, it was defeated, and the orange haired substitute shingami went back home get some sleep, tomorrow was the last day of school before summer vacation.

"That's another one, now to finally get some sleep." he said to himself as he headed back to his room.

He cursed under his breath, the hollows were becoming annoying appearing almost every night just when he was about to fall asleep. When he came back his body was still filled with adrenaline from the battle, making it almost impossible for him to get a good night sleep.

He would need his energy for tommorow since Keigo would bug and irritate him to come to the beach to watch girls in tiny bikini's run by and play in the water, Keigo hoped that he would get a girlfriend instead of a slap in the face when he tells them that their melon's look good in the tiny thing called 'bikini', which happened (a lot) last year.

Then again, his dad would drag him to the beach anyway, telling him that Yuzu wanted to go badly. When he finally managed to fall asleep...

Bleeeeeeeeeeep Bleeeeeeeeeep

That was the sound of his alarm clock waking him, he washed himself, got dressed, ate some breakfast and went to school, where, as expected Keigo came running at him wanting to glomp him, but Ichigo stepped aside and Keigo hit the wall face first, and Ichigo entered the classroom where the lessons started.

After class Keigo tried something else, talking instead of a running tackle.

"I-chi-go!! Wanna come to the beach this summer?"


"Thanks Ichigo! You're a friend I can coun- WHAAAAAAAT!!!, why not?!" he yelled and pretended to be hurt.

"I want to finish homework first, I'll see if I go after that." He said while walking out of the classroom in the direction of his home.

"You...You... NERD!! Real friends would ditch homework and go to the beach to watch out for potential girlfriends!!"

"Whatever, I'm going home so just go play by yourself or take Mizuiro, Chad or Ishida along." He said as he held a hand above his head waving, not caring what the other would do. Even though he knew full well that Ishida would never go with Keigo to the beach but he had fun thinking about how Ishida made a swimming outfit for everyone.

He could hear Keigo run off and faking a cry, comined with some thing that sounded like 'you will never get a girlfriend, you nerd'.

But Ichigo didn't care much, Keigo was lucky, he didn't have to fight hollows. Ichigo wanted to go to the beach or read manga all day and relaxing. Life just wasn't fair.

"You're ON TIME!" Isshin yelled as he came flying at his son, who blocked him and threw on the ground before continuing his way to the dining table, sitting down. Isshin got back up and started crying, he went to Yuzu who tried to comfort him, Ichigo ignored them. Karin and Ichigo just ate their dinner while ignoring their father and sister.

"Oh, Ichigo." Isshin sounded serious all of a sudden.

"Hmmm?" is all he could say as he looked up to his father. He just took a bite of his food, and was chewing.

"I forgot to tell you something important."

"What is it?" He wondered what it could be, he knew his father was a shinigami, and had known Urahara for a long time. He found out when he was stuck in Hueco Mundo and his dad came to get them out with Urahara and Ukitake's help. After he found out that his dad was a shinigami he almost beat his father to death for not telling about him about it. Or that he knew what was going on since the day Rukia appeared.

"What is it this time?"

"You are going to summercamp!" he said happily, his serious tone was completely gone.

"Summercamp?" Ichigo asked again, not complety sure how to react.

"You mean one of those dorky camps where you build treehouses all day and sing Kumbaya?"

"Exactly my boy!"

"My ass, I'm not going!" he stood up, and smacked his dad on the way to his room. Who ran to Masaki's memorial poster.

"MASAKI! Our son hit puberty and is now hitting daddy's face!" while fake tears decorated his face.

"Will you stop it already!! I'm trying watch TV!!" Karin yelled to her dad, who was still standing against the poster.

Yuzu just sighed, this was, after all, normal in the Kurosaki household. And she continued to wash the dishes.

--- ---

'What the hell is he thinking? Sending me to summercamp, while he knows that I'm a shinigami who is responsible for the stronger hollows in Karakura and he knows that he can't turn into a shinigami when I have the seal with me.' Ichigo said to himself as he was walking to his room.

He sat down on his chair in front of his desk wanting to start on his homework. He knew it was the start of summer vacation and he was supposed to relax and make all his homework on the last week of vacation, or at least that is what normal students would do. Not that he's a 'normal' student.

"Guess I'll start and finish this before I don't have any time. Hollows won't stop coming when I'm making homework. Would be nice if they did though.." He said to himself as he got his books out of his school bag and threw them on his desk and opened them.

"..." He just stared at the books on his desk. "Damn it, now I can't make my homework since I'm annoyed by his stupid announcement for summercamp, ARGH!" and grabbed his head with his hands.

Ichigo decided to take a warm bath and try to relax, and went to the bathroom downstairs. When he came out of the bath he was still angry at his dad for not discussing the summercamp issue with him. He went back to his room and then to bed, which was now nice and cozy since he was still warm from the bath, and allowed himself to forget about everything for a moment and went to sleep.

--- ---

"Hey, you'd better wake up! The Principal will be searching the dorm rooms in a minute!" Someone yelled at him.

Ichigo rubbed his eyes and looked to see who had woken him, it was a guy's voice, but he didn't get kicked, so it wasn't his father.

"Wait a sec... Who are you, and when did you get here?" the voice asked again

"Ehhh" Ichigo answered, still half asleep "What are you doing in my room?"

"This is not your room! It's the boy's dormtower of the Shinigami Academy!"

"What!?" That got Ichigo wide awake, and looked at the person who woke him, he had orange hair.

"Where were we again? And is that your natural hair color?"

"This is the Shinigami Academy of Soul Society, and this isn't my natural colour, you see my idol-"

But he was cut off, as the room when quiet when someone opened the door. Ichigo recognised the man who just entered the room.

"Ukitake-san, long time no-" and held up his hand no greet the man.

"You!" He pointed at Ichigo. "Come with me, now." And dragged Ichigo with him out of the room, Ichigo didn't recognise anything of the nice man he got to know during the war, and why the hell was he in Soul Society at the shinigami academy? Wasn't he already a shinigami who fought in the Arrancar war and proved himself on multiple occasions, what the hell is going on!!

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

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