Full Summery: Siri Tachi does not die on Azure, Obi-Wan still has feelings for her. Sidious discovers Anakin can never be turned to the dark side after he fails to kill Count Dooku so he sets his sights on Obi-Wan who has always had a hard time controlling his emotions ever since he was a padawan but manages to keep them in check most of the time, he attempts to turn Obi-Wan to the dark side by having her killed.

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Chapter 1: The Mission

Dark events shape the galaxy and its people, Jedi among them, everywhere people fell victim to tragedies of the Clone Wars, including a powerful Jedi Master named Obi-Wan Kenobi, his one and only love was dead and he was now a member of the Sith Order. His name was Darth Vader, little did he know that name had never been intended for him but for his old apprentice Anakin Skywalker, but Anakin had not been swayed by the lure of the Sith, Obi-Wan had.

Obi-Wan had never particularly been the ideal Jedi. He was accepted into the order at a late age and just barely, it had taken quite some convincing of the Jedi Council to let him in, when they finally did he excelled in the initial youngling training but grew frustrated and angered when no master accepted him. Finally Master Qui-Gon Jinn agreed to train him, he died at the hands of a Sith. Obi-Wan trained his protégée-to-be, Anakin Skywalker who like him had been accepted into the order at a late age. He always seemed so in control of his emotions, despite the fact he did marry Senator Padmé Amidala, he was unlike Obi-Wan who never could keep his frustration or anger in control, but like Anakin Obi-Wan had fallen in love with a fellow Jedi Siri Tachi, she was dead now, this thought brought pain to his heart, and anger.

He stood on the bridge of a Venator class star destroyer gazing out into space, he was draped in a black cloak and wore a lightsaber on his belt, if it had been activated a blood red blade would extend. Obi-Wan, now Vader sighed remembering how it all happened and contemplating his current mission.

Coruscanti Space, A Long While Ago

Space over Coruscant was thick with fighters whether they be the Republic's or the Separatists. Capitol ships fired upon on another, some went down and others held out. It was pure chaos everywhere, the Separatists had come out of nowhere and their fiendish leader General Grevious had abducted Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Through the thick of the battle two Jedi flew their own custom Eta-2 Actis class light interceptors, also called Jedi Interceptors, these Jedi were Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Anakin flew a bright yellow interceptor and Obi-Wan a dark red.

They weaved through masses of enemies and allies alike, shooting some down and missing others, their maneuvers mirrored each other's exactly. They were like brothers now, Obi-Wan had trained Anakin, and in part Anakin had trained Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan since his late acceptance in the Jedi Order had grappled with keeping his emotions and feelings in check, even though Anakin was accepted into the order late as well he always seemed to be… more in control. He grew angry sometimes, yes, but he was able to suppress it unlike Obi-Wan.

Though Obi-Wan did not know Anakin was married to Senator Padmé Amidala, just as he was married to Siri Tachi. She was all Obi-Wan thought about as he gunned down Tri-fighters, Vulture Droids, and the occasional CIS Strike Bomber. Siri was on Coruscant now.

"Master," Anakin said. "The general's command ship is dead ahead." Anakin's voice said in Obi-Wan's ear comm. "It's the one crawling with vulture droids."

Obi-Wan scanned space ahead, looking past several Venator class star destroyers and a couple Techno Union frigates. Indeed there was a ship ahead crawling with Vulture Droids, it's port side was facing them. Chancellor Palpatine was on that ship as was General Grevious and reportedly Count Dooku. Obi-Wan would love to fight him again, after his humiliating defeat at the hands of the Count during their last duel on Geonosis.

"Oh I see it, this is going to be easy." Obi-Wan said sarcastically. He watched as the Vulture Droids lifted off the ship's blue gray hull and began towards them. Blast! There were so many other ships in space, why couldn't they go after them.

"Odd Ball," Obi-Wan called through his microphone. "Do you copy?"

"Copy, red leader," Odd Ball's voice replied, his was the voice of someone Obi-Wan remembered well, that bounty hunter Jango Fett who Mace Windu had decapitated on Geonosis, come to think of it a lot of things had happened on Geonosis Obi-Wan remembered well, most of them angered him.

"Form your squad up behind me."

"We're on your tail General Kenobi." Odd Ball said. Obi-Wan glanced down at his radar screen, perfect, they were behind him. He and Anakin boosted the thruster power on their ships and sped toward the oncoming squad of vulture droids. Obi-Wan opened fire on one, and hit it right where a cockpit would be on a normal ship, since his enemy was a droid the cockpit area was its head which housed its droid brain. The ship exploded before him and he cut through the wreckage, Anakin next to him.

They cut through the swarm of droids and back into more open space, still on a course to the Invisible Hand, Grevious's ship.

"They're on my tail!" Odd Ball cried through the comm. "Obi-Wan glanced back, he watched as two Vulture droids trailed Odd Ball's custom ARC-170 star fighter, they opened fire and the ARC-170 was no more.

"We should help them out," Obi-Wan suggested, he was pained at the loss of Odd Ball.

"Master we need to rescue the Chancellor." Anakin reminded seriously.

"Blast it!" Obi-Wan snapped. "I've got a Vulture Droid on my tail."

"I'm on it." Anakin replied, Obi-Wan looked to his right to see Anakin pull up sharply and flip, he zoomed a little way past Obi-Wan and turned once more, now he was on the Vulture Droid's tail which was now bearing down hard on Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan turned his ship, spun and moved in arches from left to right, trying to dodge the laser blasts. The droid changed tactics as Anakin opened fire on it, it immediately ceased its attempted barrage of Obi-Wan's ship and fired two missiles.

"This is why I hate flying!" Obi-Wan yelled to himself.

"Master—" Anakin began.

"I know!" Obi-Wan snapped, cutting his former apprentice off.

"R4," Obi-Wan called. "Prepare to switch off the engines."

The droid beeped at him quizzically, it was spending to much time with Anakin's astromech R2-D2, and picking up its bad habits. As far as Obi-Wan remembered R2 always liked to question Anakin, now R4 was doing the same to him.

"Just do it!" Obi-Wan snapped. "On my mark,"

The missiles were gaining on him….

"Three… two… one!"

His ship slowed to almost a halt instantaneously and he pulled down hard. The missiles overshot and R4 ignited the engines.

"Excellent master," Anakin commented.

"Blast! They're coming around." Obi-Wan cried as the missiles turned back. To his surprise they promptly exploded and he flew into a cloud of yellow colored shrapnel. He was dismayed when the shrapnel clung to his ship and began to move around, each piece had tiny legs and other implements that could be used for wreaking havoc, the shrapnel were actually buzz droids.

"Anakin!" Obi-Wan cried. "They're shutting down all my controls, they're going to go for life support."

"Move to the right so I can get a clear shot at them."

"You'll just destroy my ship! We're on a direct course to the Hand's hanger, destroy the shield generators, I can hold out!"

"Alright," Anakin reluctantly agreed. He sped a bit ahead and opened fire on the hanger bay's shield generators while the Hand's turbo lasers opened fire on him. Anakin flipped his ship up and flew upside down over Obi-Wan's as the buzz droids continued to eat away at it. They neared the hanger, Obi-Wan watched in dismay as a giant blast door began to move. They weren't going to make it!

Alas they flew into the enemy hanger, Obi-Wan briefly glimpsed a couple groups of battle droids aiming their blasters at the two Jedi craft, then he opened his cockpit and leapt out, simultaneously activating his lightsaber, he landed as his ship spun and crashed upside down behind him, crushing the pesky buzz droids. He hit the ground rolling and came while slicing through a battle droid.

Around him others opened fire, he spun his blade deflecting the bolts back into his attackers. The droids fell left and right.

Anakin landed his ship safely and unbuckled himself as R2 shot out of his socket and landed on the hanger floor. Anakin popped open his cockpit canopy and activated his lightsaber, slicing through several battle droids running towards him.

Soon the small battle was over and Obi-Wan strode towards Anakin and R2.

"Another happy landing." Obi-Wan said jokingly. Then he added seriously: "I sense a trap."

"I sense Count Dooku."

"Indeed, Shaak Ti is here as well. Did you get any report saying that she would be trying to rescue Palpatine as well?"

"No, communications are jammed everywhere. I think the only reason we were able to talk out there is because we were flying side by side."

"You're probably right."

"What's our next move?"

Obi-Wan didn't reply. Instead he looked to R2. "Locate the Chancellor."

R2 beeped an acknowledgement and sped to a computer socket in the wall. He plugged in and a hologram of the Invisible Hand shot out of his holoprojector. R2 had pinpointed where the Chancellor was, at the top of the spire near the ship's stern.

"The Chancellor's beacon signal is coming from there." Obi-Wan said.

"Let's go," Anakin said. They ran off to complete their mission leaving R2 behind.

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