A Night Of Fun

Putting her shirt back on she made a dirty face. "Where's my bra?" She growled.

Lying on the bed he smiled like the cat that caught the mouse. "Well now, how would I know?" He drawled, before he made a purring sound, "you were in quiet a hurry to get undressed; cloths were this way and that."

Standing she snatched her shirt from the floor and threw it at him, "get dressed and stop acting so god damn arrogant and self centered." With that she collected her shoes and went to work finding her socks. "This never should have happened, we never should have gave into those stupid urges." Her words began to mumble as she finished putting on her shoes on. Then suddenly her head shot up, "and I swear, if my bra comes up at the station or if anyone says anything, I will make you pay!"

He smiled as he stepped into his boxers, "my how the moods change! One minute your all lovey and just want to lay in my arms and kiss." He paused as he pulled his T-shirt over his head, "then the next your like a cat, claws out just a hissing." He laughed at his own analogy.

She smiled sarcastically and picked her purse and jacket. Once her hand touched the door knob she looked back, "god damn you Rick Hunter!" She said, then she was gone.

Smiling at the door he shook his head, "oh, how I do love you DeeDee McCall." He chuckled.