I know people have actually come to like 'Brotherly Love' and 'Written in the Stars', but, unfortunately, I will no longer be writing these series. I have some health problems, and I'm having trouble keeping a place to live (among other things.) However, my friend 'Guardian' will be taking over. She's been helping me with my stories since I first started writing and she knows them as well, if not better than, I do. I will continue to help her write them for as long as I can, but I don't know how long that will be.

G and I will be working on making changes to the stories, things I wish I'd written like that, and we're going to make the universe flow better. Yeah, I'd half-written them as two continual pieces, and we decided to go all the way. So, we're going to focus on 'Brotherly Love' because it takes place 'first' for the most part. G has some ideas about everything that I do endorse. As I told her, she has the plots, the random ideas, the background information, and everything I've written. Even when I can't work on this with her anymore, she'll know what I wanted. Since I happen to think that G has an incredible amount of talent, and I know she's been lacking ideas for a bit, I think, no actually, I know, this will spawn some more chapters of her own works.

I appreciate that everyone has been such loyal readers, and I hope that you can enjoy what G does with my stories as well as what I've written in the past.

Thank You