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Chapter 1: returning

You may think that he would give up after two times with Biovolt and Bega. If you thought that you are so wrong.

'Finally my master work is complete'. Said Boris he was very Happy. He walked to the closed and put his docters jacket out and his normal one on. 'Cyborg 1 come here'. The cyborg who looks like a girl walked to him.

'activation code 06789.' Yes sir'.

'cyborg 2 come here.' Said Boris again. Another girl walked to him and said. activation code 06789.' Yes sir'.

'cyborg 3 come here.' This time was it a boy who walked to him: 'activation code 06789.' Yes sir'.

'and the last one cyborg 4 come here. ' like the boy walked also she some arrogant to him: activation code 06789.' Yes sir'.

Boris was very proud on himself and looked to the 4 cyborgs with a glittering in his eyes. He takes a piece of paper of the table and readed de names + and the bitbeaste/beyblade.

'Cyborg 1 your name is Jade and your bitbeast is Medaborg and your also the leader of this team, Cyborg 2 your name is Silvie and your bitbeast is Wolborg 65. cyborg 3 your name is Bo and your bitbeast is Kayadragoom, and cyborg 4 your name is Maggie and your bitbeast is Jongas.'

After he had said that he gave them there beyblades and walked out of the room.

The team was standing there and noone said a word. After a few minutes goes Magie sit down on a chair and looked to them. 'Hey you can sit.' Nobody said something. 'Why is everyone is silent?'. Tried Meggie again, she still didn't get an answer and just thought that they where some Bakka's.

Its 2 hours later and finally they where making there move. 'What do you mean silent?' said Jade? Meggie looked at her but keep silent. She remembers that Jade was the leader. But all afraid was she not. She just keep her mounth while the others walked out of the room. And left her alone.

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