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Chapter 19: The connection between Enemies and Friends.

'Jade'. Said Silvie. She looked down , just before crying. She felt a hand on her shoulder looking above her. 'DO not worry Silvie. Jade will be fine.´ Said Kai. ´*At least I hope so.'* Thought Kai.

At the American base from Boris sat Jade into her room. She had closed the door with a loud bang and have been lying on her bed. The cold sheets made her shiver just like the room. Her head stood on exploding lots of memories and the saying from her old team mates came every time back. When she tried to remember who she was loyal at. Without knocking Boris came into her room. 'What are you whining at. You won the battle only. You didn't steal all the bit beasts did you?'

Jade didn't say anything, as she knew that he was right. 'I guess the silent answer, means yes.' Said Boris. He took Jade by her arm and picked her up, from the messy bed she was lying. 'I have something for you.' Jade smiled a little from his statement.

The team were back at there hotel, thinking about there next strategy for taking Jade back from Boris. 'There is only one person who can do that.' Everyone looked towards the door, seeing Tala. Still hurt ed but standing right up.

'Tala, what are you doing hear. You need to rest.' Said Mr Dickenson a little confusing. 'Do not worry about me... I am...' Tala grabbed on his chest, feeling the pain coming back. ' I am fine.' He smiled a little, but wasn't convinced by the others.

'I guess I know what Tala wants to say.' This time everyone looked at Kai. 'The only person that can defeat Jade and making her come back to her senses is Tari.'

'Talking about me?' Said a girl, with dual brown hair, and the same face paint as Kai, who entered the room. 'Tari.. but how?' said Ray, They last saw her back in Russia. Tari stocked her tongue out but didn't say anything. 'Tari..' was the last word coming out of Tala's mouth and fainted. Everyone hurried towards Tala who was lying now on the ground.

Tari picked him up, having his head lying on her lab. He re-opened his eyes for short. 'Tari please save my cousin.'

Tari only nodded.

Boris let Jade going to small room. With even less windows that the whole base had. It was a little to dark and to cold to do anything. ''Jade let me introduce you to you're new bitbeast. Medaborg 2.' Jade looked a little weird. 'But this is just my blade right?'

'Indeed, but he is a lot of improvements on his sleeve.'

Jade picked up her blade, and it was just the same. 'Ah yeah before I forget. Drink this up.'

'So if I am right, Jade is the same girl who from back at the abbey.' Asked Tari. 'Yes, but ever since we left the abbey, has she been starting to act weird.' Answered Kai.

'What do you mean? However I always thought she was weird anyway.' Thought Tari. Only out loud. 'You take that back.' Screamed Silvie. 'She is a nice, and sensitive, and caring girl.'

'And that is why she left you?' Said Tari, getting on Silvie's nerve.

'Come on you to. We do not have time to fight. We do need to fight Boris. To stop him.' Came Bo in. 'Fine.' Silvie stick her hand out towards Tari. 'Alright.' Grabbing Silvie's hand.

Most of the people laughed at there expect for Kai.

Tari started to notice it and walked to him. 'What is wrong?' She asked worried seeing the look from her brother.

'Nothing.' Said Kai and walked out of the door to his own room.

'Anyway Tari, Last night I called Boris. Saying that I wanted to have a bey battle against you.' Explained Mr Dickenson. Tari nodded. 'I guess we have some sort of the same problem as Tala had in the first tournament.' Said Mr Dickenson further.

'So when is the battle and where?' Asked Max.

'It is tomorrow evening round the clock from 7 at the Beach.'

The next morning was Tari early up. She was late up thinking of what kind of girl Jade was. As she doesn't really remember that. She shared an room with Silvie and Hillary. Hillary just snored continued but Silvie was still up. She couldn't sleep all night long. Silvie came out of bed and went to the balcony from the hotel. Not even a second later came Tari behind her.



'I guess you couldn't sleep.'

'No I couldn't, the only thing I am worried about is Jade.'

'Yeah same here.'

Tari smiled at Silvie. 'DO not worry, she will be fine.'

Silvie looked at her. 'You sure.' Tari nodded.

The evening fell, and the BBA Revolution and Team Destination came to the arena from the beach. 'Almost 7 PM.' Said Kenny while watching on his watch. Tari re-died her launcher. Waiting for her opponent.

After sometime, they saw Boris walking towards them, while having Jade behind him. She has a strange look into her face. And what of course Silvie noticed that her clothes had changed. She had a t-shirt on that was red and black striped, with having black gloves on and having a blue pants. 'You ready to lose?' Said Jade.

Jade walked up the stage of one of the side from the bey stadium. Tari walked to the other side. 'I do not think you will win.' She said with a grin.

'I am not sure, but there is seriously something wrong with Jade.' Said Kenny. 'What do you mean chief?' Asked Tyson. He looked to the girls who were ready to fight.

'IS everyone ready?' Boris came in. Tari and Jade got there launchers ready and putted there blades into place.

'I need to watch first.' Came finally the answer from Kenny. Tyson nodded.

'3...2...1...' Counted Boris off.

'Let it rip!'

The blades fell into the dish. 'You are soo history.' Said Jade. With an evil grin.

Tari didn't say anything and let her blade do the talking.

'Medaborg, Ice console.' Called Jade, her blade speed up, and attacked Tari's blade.

Spiked Tiger fell a little back. Tari growled a little.

'Is that all you can do?' Said Jade smirking

'Hehe, I just got started.'


'You will see.'

Jade got irritated at that statement. 'Medaborg Ice final!' She called, Medaborg rose up from his bit and lots of ice came down, on Spiked tiger but also on Tari herself. 'So playing mean, is you're new strategy.?'

'Now I know it.' Came Kenny from the sidelines. 'Boris.! What have you done?'

Now all everyone looked at Boris including Tari. 'So you figured out uh? Little punk. Yes I had to do a little adjustments on Jade.' He started laugh.

Jade heard that. And turned around. 'What do you mean Master?' She asked worried. 'I shall explain later, do not worry.' He chuckled a little. 'Just continue this battle.' Boris said.

Jade nodded.

Her blade started back attacking to Tari's blade. 'Poison needle claw.' Spiked tiger went back attacking. Causing Medaborg almost falling out of the dish.

'No way!' A dark aura surrounded Jade. Together with her blade, and Medaborg became larger then before. 'Now I shall show you, why I never lose. Snow Ice Collapse.' Medaborg started spinning harder, and a snow winds came up.

'Spiked Tiger! Rock Shock wave.!' Screamed Tari to her blade. Lighting came up, attacking the wind.

Jade and Tari fell both and having a huge white lighting come up. It took awhile till everyone could see again.

When the sky was turned back to black from the evening. Was Jade's blade lying next to the dish and Tari's blade still spinning slowly.

She came up a little, having lots of wounds but also a ripped clothes.

'Hmph! I knew it. You were useless.' Said Boris from behind her.

Jade's eyes became big, and turned towards Boris. 'What?'

'Do I need to repeated myself. You. Are . Useless.'

Tari came up also, having her blade return to her. 'Good work.' Spiked Tiger roared a little. The BBA Revolution and Team Destination stood behind Tari, seeing what was going on.

'But Master, next time I shall win. I mean it. Please give me another chance.' Said Jade almost begging.

'Why would I. You are nothing more then a pathetic blader. Nothing special either.'

Tears came from Jade's eyes. 'Master... I thought you loved me.'

'Love you? Really when did I ever gave you the hint that I love you.' Boris came close to Jade hitting her hard in her face. And walking away.

Jade fell back to her knees, 'But why...'

She didn't her anything anymore. Not even that Kai dragged her to the hotel. Or that she was lying next to the bed where Tala lay.

The same time, Mr Dickenson was still on the beach.' Well, Boris I knew a lot about you. But doing that to a little girl.'

Boris smirked a little.

'Poisoning the girl, and saying if she losses, she will die.'

'I actually never said that.' Another laugh came from Boris.

'Well for you're information. Before we got her back at the hotel. She has an injection that would free her. And I guess now, that she sleeping happily.'

This time it was Mr Dickenson smirking, Boris growled a little.

'Take him away.' Mr Dickenson ordered. Boris had handcuffs around him, bag to the prison were Voltaire was.

A few days had past, and most of the bladers were on some sort of relax vacation. Lying the whole day on the beach. Feeling happy that everyone was back at normal. Even Tala was back on his feet. Glad to see his girlfriend Tari again.

Only there was one blader who wasn't exact herself again. This morning she was woken up, being on her bed a lot. She has stuff to think over. And not to have fun with the others. She couldn't.

The thought from what she had done to others, made her sick.

A knock on the door made her come out of her thought. Not even waiting for an answering, came Tyson barging in the room. Not only him, but everyone from Ray to Kai and Silvie to Maggie.

'Jade. Glad to see you back up again.' The girl looked to were the voice came from. Behind Maggie stood an boy with the same red hair and blue eyes.

'Tala...' Said Jade. Tala smiled.

Tears came once again towards Jade. He opened his arms towards her. And Jade ran into them. 'I am so sorry...'.

'Shshs. Don't not worry about it. You were never the blame.'Said Tala, comforting his cousin while rubbing her hair...

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