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The planet had very little habitation - most of that near the Stargate, the inhabitants were seemingly of a nomadic culture. Far outside the bounds of the 'tribe' two young men were setting up a device akin to a naquadah bomb (without the naquadah).

"Why do people always assume, just because I'm her son that I have powers?" The charge was set and the first young man made his way with his male companion to the safety zone a few yards away before he pressed the button that would ignite the fuse.

"Come on, man, you know why: it's because all your siblings have them. People come, find out who you are, and just assume. I mean, Amy already runs the infirmary back on Haven; Isaac runs the one at the SGIGC; Cosette and Jacquie are heading up the conservation projects back on Earth and the rest of the Milky Way; Mike is off in Pegasus to help fight against the Genii and up Atlantis's defenses; Elijah's over with the Asgard; and Raesha's learning from the Knox. You're the only one left, Brendon, and what is it that you do?"

Brendon, who was twenty-years-old, replied with a ruthless grin as he detonated the device he had just built. When the resounding explosion had died down he said, "I blow things up, Adam."


"What's that supposed to mean?" Brendon asked as he surveyed the damage his latest invention caused to the desert area on the far side of their testing planet (H72-975).

"You take after your dad and your uncle, Bren, that's nothing to be ashamed about." The other young man said. He had grown up with Brendon and was his best friend, the one who always managed to give the youngest O'Connor some perspective on the important things in life (A.K.A. women, politics and family).

"I take after my mom, too, Adam - she is an engineer, after all." Bren surveyed the damage he had caused and sighed, shaking his head, "This was a collosal waste of time."

Adam, also twenty years in age, looked around and pointed to a glint in the sand, "I don't think so, Bren. Look, you made glass."

Bren glared at his darker friend: Adam had nice, caramel colored skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. In other words, he was the complete oposite of the fair-skinned redhead who sported his mother's green eyes and enough sun screen to cover the entire population of New York City. "I wasn't trying to make glass, Adam. I was trying to make a crater the size of the Sea of Tranquility."

Adam looked at him as if he had just said he'd discovered that he was really a female Asgard, "And you only had us back one clique!"

Bren rolled his eyes as he saw some figures approaching them at a jog, "Don't get your panties in a bunch, Adam, it was perfectly safe."

"Yeah, if we had one of those personal shields that your sisters were handing out a few months ago."

"You mean one of these shields?" Bren asked, his head cocked to one side in a manner very similar to his Uncle Jack, as he pulled out one of the afformentioned devices. Adam didn't respond as the group of four drew closer, he just continued to glare silently at Bren for putting him in such a frenzied state and not telling him he had the shield.

"Brendon," the sole woman in the group said, motioning to the three men behind her, "These are the new delegates from Langara, they just came from the SGIGC, where your brother sends his greetings. Gentlemen, this is Lt. Brendon O'Connor and Lt. Adam Hailey."

Brendon and Adam bowed from the waist slightly, in proper show of respect to the three men. They in turn bowed back, just as slightly, showing the proper respect without acknowledging any subservence in their visit.

"It is a pleasure to meet the son of such remarkable parents," the eldest of the men spoke slowly. It was quite obvious that he was the leader of the three.

Brendon smirked, sending a sidelong look to Adam as he replied, "I'm sure it is, Councilman ..."

"Oftron. Forgive my rudeness, Lt. O'Connor. These are my companions, Specialist Theron and Specialist Katell."

"If I may be so bold to ask," Specialist Katell started to say, "But I do not recall your uncle telling us what your ... special gift is?"

Brendon smiled tersely, "I blow things up."

"With your mind?" Katell asked, clearly disturbed by the idea no matter how much it intrigued him.


"What Lt. O'Connor means to say," Adam added before the new delegates from Stargate Inter-Galactical Command could comment on Brendon's rudeness, "Is that he didn't inherite a supernatural power such as his siblings did. He's an engineer, specializing in bombs."

"It was my understanding that the war was over in this area of the universe," Theron said with a furrowed brow.

"That doesn't mean it's over in the rest of the universe," Brendon said, his face now bearing a hard, stone mask. "Pegasus Galaxy is still suffering from multiple threats, as are Ida and Andromeda." He shrugged and smirked again, looking back over his shoulder at the recent crater his bomb had created, "Not to mention they're great for clearing out brush for a settlement."

The conversation could have continued in this manner for quite some time, but unfortunately after Brendon finished his pronouncement of his life's calling, there was the bright flash of an Asgard teleportation device and when the woman leading the three delegates could see again Adam and Brendon were gone.

"Does that happen often, Captain Jackson?" Oftron asked curiously.

Hannah Jackson nodded before sighing and sending a slight smile to the three men, "Unfortunately the Asgard prefer to drop in unexpectedly. Brendon and Adam are currently trying to help the Asgard with their ... bug problem."

"Damn it!"

"What happened?" Jeff asked his wife as he walked into their backyard, where she appeared to be pruning the rose garden. "You know, you really don't have to do that."

Kristie, now in her fourties, sent an exasperated look at her husband, "It's not the flowers that are bothering me. Raesha just informed me that the Knox are refusing to let her marry one of them on the grounds that 'interracial marriage is not our priority and it could destroy the Knox race to have a child of such power be born into existance'." Her annoyed glare intensified as she muttered, "We've been planning this wedding for the past three years. The damn Council chooses NOW to cancel it!"

Jeff frowned, not liking the situation either - Raesha had asked permission of the Council five years before, when she had first gone to study with them, to persue a relationship with a certain "young" Knox male by the name of Nefreyu. At the time the Council had agreed whole heartedly. "So they won't allow them to get married on the off chance that the Knox genes and Raesha's are compatible and a child with six different genetic codes would be born?"

"That about sums it up," Kristie replieed with an annoyed glare dirrected at her prized flowers.

"Raesha didn't do anything rash did she?" Jeff asked after he thought of all the damage his daughter had done after she had been denied admittance into the rather exculsive ranks of the SGIGC based on "possible security risks".

Kristie smirked a little, "She made me promise not to tell you."

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