A/N: Last chapter. It's really just the epilogue to the whole 'Jack's Family' thing and I don't want it to go on for too long.

"How have things been here, Mom?" Adam asked his mother over a piece of cake in the commissary.

Jennifer rolled her eyes, "Hectic. Dr. Lee wants to open up an interstellar pet shop full of every single animal emaginable. I told him no."

"I take it that didn't go over very well."

"It's a wonder both Generals O'Neill kept their heads doing this for so long."

"They had each other, Mom," Adam said, starting again the topic of when she'd put that poor alien chemist out of his misery and agree to become his wife.

"Adam," Jennifer said warningly, "We've talked about this. I may love Garet, but I can not marry him. It wouldn't be fair to him or to me," she tried to reason out of it.

"It's not fair to either one of you right now to be loving each other at the distance of three galaxies apart!" Adam said, throwing his napkin down on the table. "First it was because you said it wouldn't work while they were battling the Ori. Then you said that I needed all of your attention and you couldn't split focus on me and a husband. Now you're saying that it wouldn't be fair to him? What century are you living in, Mom? Races intermarry every day, here and throughout the universe. That's a stupid excuse used by those old idiots back on Earth who want to pretend like all this isn't out here."

"You're one to be talking, Adam," Jennifer said, wanting to refute the message by condemning the messanger, "Or have you and Elishaba secretly giving me a daughter-in-law while I wasn't looking?"

Adam's eyes grew dark, "Mother, you know why we can't get married. Elishaba's father won't allow it. It has nothing to do with how we feel about two different races marrying. You're just being idiotic, pigheaded and stupid. Dad loves you and he's willing to move halfway across the known universe to be with you. You just won't let him."

"I have my reasons, Adam," Jennifer said, her voice low and her eyes downcast. She couldn't tell him that she wouldn't marry the only man she loved like that because a shadow of a former love hung in her heart. She couldn't let Lt. Elliot go. She wouldn't let him go.

"It's been a while. Mostly because I'm not really sure what to say to you," Felix Jackson said, his eyes focused on the memorial in front of him. It was a very magnificent monument made to honor the men and women who lived and died fighting the Goa'uld, Wraith, Replicators and the Ori. One memorial for all at the request of the soldiers at Stargate InterGalactic Comand. It was a very simple structure in design, but very magnificant to behold: four pillars were covered in the names of all who had died or ascended during the wars - one pillar for each war. There were a lot of names. In the square plot of earth the four pillars surrounded were graves for those the Tauri peoples wanted to give more honor to than a name on a pillar. There were a lot of graves as well. "It's different without you. I feel lost sometimes. Like if I look over my shoulder you'll be watching me so that I don't have to worry."

"We are," a voice said from behind him. He turned and was face-to-face with the two individuals whose graves he had been adressing. His mother smiled, "Not all the time, mind you, but we're still here."

"I know," Felix said. "But it's different now. You're both ascended ... but you still have graves here. I just ... I miss you guys."

"We miss you, too, son," Daniel replied, "But you can't forget why we did this. You can't forget why you're fighting."

The young man nodded, "The war's over, Dad ... for the moment at least. That's what I came to tell you."

"We're ascended, not dead, Felix - we know the war with the Wraith is over."

"I just ... wanted to come by and tell you myself," a blush creeped up over the man's cheeks. "And let you know that Eva's getting married in a few months. She wants you both there - in all your glowing, ascended glory."

Janet smiled, "I love you, Felix. Tell your sister we'll be there."

"I love you, too, Mom."

"Many have died in this war. Most so sure that it would never end. But after decades of fighting, it has," President Samantha O'Neill spoke to the large crowd, her voice amplified by Asgard technology. She was the first of many planned speakers at this first memorial for all the fallen in the bloodiest of wars.

"Hundreds of planets were destroyed during the reign of the Goa'uld, and the terror brought by the Replicators and the Ori. Millions of people were forced to leave their homeworlds during this time, as well." Her eyes scanned the audience, never dwelling on any one face for too long. "Don't let it be for nothing. Too many good men and women of all races have died. Too many children left without parents." Her eyes flickered back to her right, where her husband waited with the next speaker - Ishta. "Too many spouses have been left alone after the deaths of their wives and husbands. Too many. Don't let their loss be for nothing."

Her blue eyes went back to the people of her world and of other worlds as she ended by saying, "I was among the few people who opened up the Tauri link to other worlds and galaxies. I can still remember the heavy weight that comes upon you after losing a battle to the ruthless enemy. I can still remember how it felt to go through the Stargate that first time, knowing that it defied all the laws of physics that the Tauri put so much time into defending. In the past thirty years we've learned a great deal about this universe of ours, but there's still so much left to learn. That's why these men and women died: so we could teach others how to live free."

Tears came, unbidden into her eyes as she thought of her friend, Teal'c, who had died peacefully in his sleep three years before, "Let us live, therefore, and live in peace."

The applause that followed her was defining. Her speach had been short, but none expected differently from the wife of Jack O'Neill. And she didn't mind being known as that: for as much as she was called "Jack O'Neill's wife" he was called "Sam Carter's husband". That made it okay.

"The Wraith have been successfully contained in their area of space. We can all live now in peace and security," General Hailey told the reporters who had traveled to Prometheus to hear the news. It was a few days after the memorial service and now many of the galactic leaders were there for the news.

"General Hailey!" one of the reporters called out, "As you look back on the past twenty-five years to when you were first introduced to the Stargate Program, do you ever think that if you could do it again you'd do it differently?"

"Was it worth it?" another reporter tagged on.

Jennifer nodded after a few seconds of pondering the questions, "There are a few things that I would do differently if given the chance. A man I loved but was too afraid to let him know before it was too late. But overall this entire experiance has been worth it. More than that ... if I could do it all over again I'd still correct the mistake I saw that brought me face-to-face with one Major Samantha Carter ... and a moon."

"What about you, General O'Connor?" the attention of the reporters turned to Jeff O'Connor, still an active Major General.

"I don't believe in regrets," he replied, "If it hadn't been for the Stargate Program I wouldn't have met my wife, or had the opertunity to see any of my children. That makes all the loss we suffered during the wars worth it in my book."

"Would you have done anything differently, General O'Neill?"

"I would have eaten more pie," Jack replied with a smirk that caused many of the reporters to laugh.

"President O'Neill?" the same reporter questioned.

Sam looked at her husband then back at the reporters before them, "I would have gone fishing sooner."

"Dad, did you take the fish off the grill?" Joel asked as his father came back into the living room where his family was all gathered, playing board games and talking.

"It's not done yet," Jack replied, taking a swig of the beer in his hand.

"Hey, hey, hey, Uncle Jack, what have I told you about drinking too much beer?" Amy asked her great-uncle with that look on her face that reminded everyone of Janet in a snit.

Jack furrowed his brow, "Don't do it?"

"Very good. Now give me the bottle."

"No," he replied, dancing lightly out of her reach.

"Doctor's orders, Uncle Jack. If you want a drink with dinner, give me that now."

Kristie and Sam watched from the open doorway out to the deck and pond while their family bickered over inconsiquential things like beer and fish. "We should have done this years ago, you know," Krisitie told her aunt as they got back to untangling the fishing lines.

Sam nodded with a smile, "Let's not dwell."


A/N: There you have it. The end. Did it live up to your expectations? I really hope you liked Sam's speech. It was kinda hard to write all that emotion. Just so you know that this is really the end remember what was said in episode '200' "After that, anything else would seem pointless."