-1Spring Parade

Fay tried to fight them of, he really did. But they were just too many to handle all by himself. They where everywhere, surrounding him, all pestering him with questions and smiles. He took some retreating steps only to bump into a policeman who was patrolling his daily route on this particularly sunny day.

"Hi there," the policeman said taking of his hat; a mischievous smile across his lips. Fay knew what was coming and tried to back off once more, this time bumping into the wall of girls standing right behind him.

"Hi to you too," Fay said sheepishly and waved in the hope of the man standing in front of him keeping his distance. No such luck.

"I'm Seishirou," the policeman said smiling. "I haven't seen you around before."

"Oh, that's because I just got here…," Fay grinned and looked around for Kurogane.

"Lucky you met me so early then," Seishirou said, his voice slightly darker than it had been moments before. His locked lips with Fay, wrapping his strong arms around him. Fay pressed his lips firmly shut, this was not as fun as he thought it was going to be. When the policeman released Fay from his grip, the mage was not late to look for a way out of the circle surrounding him. "You're so cute when you're panicking," Seishirou said his voice even darker. "Too bad I already have a boyfriend…," he took on a pair of dark sunglasses before looking up at the sun. "Too bad our time is almost up…," he mumbled before looking down again finding Fay had long since left.

Kurogane held his hand around his sword, sending his death glare to whoever tried to say 'Hi' to him, or be friendly in any kind of way. This world was way to insane for him to handle. 'Stupid world with stupid rules' Kurogane thought, tightening his grip around his sword. The fact that he and Fay was officially a couple in this world made his head ache, his face blush and his hands tremble ever so slightly.

"Time to leave now Kuro-mi!" Fay said enthusiastically wrapping his hands around the ninja, standing behind him.

"Where?" Kurogane growled and quickly brushed the mage's hands away annoyed.

"To the Spring Parade of course," Fay looked around and found was he was looking for, his smile widening. Kurogane turned towards Fay to ask what they exactly was supposed to do there, but he didn't have time. Fay placed his hands behind the other man's head, pressing it downwards, closer to his.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Kurogane yelled and several eyes was attracted towards the noise.

"Kuro-mi, Kuro-mi" Fay said sighing. "I thought you had learned the rules of this world," Fay said, he deciding to increase Kurogane's level of irritation and shook his head. "You never learn do you?" Fay looked up, a serious look on his face. "If you look right behind me now…," Fay paused watching Kurogane's eyes move, searching. "You'll see a policeman. That man is going to throw us in jail of you oppose any of this worlds rules. And we don't want that now do we?" Fay grinned watching the ninja's anger rise in his eyes. "So… I'm sure you noticed I just came here… And now Kuro-mi can tell me, what do people do when they arrive somewhere and meet someone they know?" Kurogane wanted to slice the mage's head off, his hand was so tightly holding his sword at this moment, that he was sure it was the point before the handle would break off. "Kuro-rin doesn't know?" Fay asked grinning knowing very well that he was about to get in serious trouble. It looked like the ninja was going to explode, his eyes was wide open, his breathing came fast, and the knuckles on his hands whitened. Kurogane's first reaction was to get the mage away to avoid any further contact, he then thought of what would be the best way to finish the smiling fool. He considered decapitations his head, but decided that wouldn't be such a pretty sight, after all, Sakura was there too standing with her hands in front of her mouth anxiously beside Syaoran. He glared the 'I'm going to kill you' glares and lifted his sword. Just then he felt someone take hold of his shoulder and he turned around finding a tall man standing behind him, black sunglasses covering his eyes.

"I don't know which world you come from ninja-san, but in this world we don't go around killing each other's boyfriend's," the tall man said, a small smirk playing on his lips. "Ah, hi again," he said looking at Fay.

"Hi again to you too," Fay beamed.

"By the way, I'm Seishirou," the policeman said and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Now if you would be so friendly," Seishirou gestured for the ninja to surrender himself. Kurogane was not sure what to do. He had planned to kill one person this day not two. Oh well, one or two what is the difference, they're both the most irritating persons I have ever met!' the ninja thought, glaring at Seishirou. "Now, I do not really have a choice but to cuff you by force if you don't surrender yourself," Seishirou smiled widened. Kurogane's clenched his teeth together to the point of them almost breaking. This was going too far. He was going to chop this man to pieces before he would have the time to lift a finger!

"Uhm," Sakura piped up. The group turned towards the source of the girly voice. "Fay-san and Kurogane-san just broke up."

"You did? Now that make matters different," Seishirou smirked. "You should have said so! I totally understand it must be hard for you to get dumped by this man, very beautiful man if I may say so myself, so I'll leave you with a warning this time."

"Seishirou-san is so nice!" Fay beamed. "Kuro-rin should be grateful!" Kurogane wondered if being grateful included an urge to finish the man off, but he quickly shrugged this off, he had other problems to worry about.

"But as I expect you are aware of, you have to find new partners right away," another smirk from the policeman followed. Fay's eyes flickered from Seishirou to Kurogane and back again. He had not predicted this. Not at all. He used to be the one in control when it came to things like this, but now he realized, he had ruined it for himself. Kurogane wouldn't be his boyfriend anymore, and he had to find a new one when he had been more than happy with the one he already had.

"Can you just stay away!" a boy's voice said around the corner.

"How can I when you look so cute," another boy said.

"You creep!" the first boy said and seconds later rounded the corner, an angry frown upon his face.

"Perfect!" Seishirou said and strolled over to the boy. "You are?" The boy looked up.

"I… I'm Kudo Kazahaya," the boy said looking slightly taken aback by the sudden question.

"Kazahaya, this is Fay," Seishirou smiled. "Fay, this is Kazahaya."

"Uhm," Fay looked at the boy and suddenly things didn't look so dark anymore. After all, this boy could be the ticket for him to make a certain ninja filled with jealousy.

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