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Uchiha Sasuke was no fool. The minute after Itachi killed his clan off he knew that he was the only one that could restore his clan.

Itachi left the impression on Sasuke that he was not interested in neither boys OR girls. The youngest Uchiha knew that he had to pick a mate or the clan would die out with his death. So for the last ten years Sasuke had gone through and picked the girl worthy of being a Uchiha and bearing his child.

Sakura was a choice he thought about for about five seconds, but when she opened her mouth it ruined it.


God. That still made his blood run cold. Sakura's strength would have been nice, and she was okay looking but her personality was bland and her voice resembling that of a cat getting kicked.

Yamanaka Ino was another choice, she was pretty and strong, but really high matinence and was known for her cheating ways. Her reputation was not looked upon with a keen eye. Also half of a brain would be good but unfortunately, Ino was lacking in the smarts' department.

Tenten was, no. She had no last name and to be honest, Sasuke thought she and Neji were together. And Tenten just plainly creeped him out.

Temari was pretty and very strong but she was the sister to that red haired Kazekage which meant that Gaara would see right through why he was 'dating/pawning' for her. And Temari was married to Shikamaru (not that that would have stopped him).

The last of the girls was Hyuuga Hinata. She came from a noble clan, had a strong heart, and was pretty but not a overbearing way.

Yes. She was the one. Hinata seemed always to have compassion, and was a very smart girl. Sasuke had even overheard from Tsunade that she almost out beat Neji in home school studies when she was younger.

Hinata was perfect. Yet how do you get a girl who was in love with his best friend?

And he had double zero on his scoreboard because he had just gotten back from Orochimaru's hideout a year ago and some civilians and clans didn't trust him. The Hyuuga's were one of them.

But Sasuke had been planning this since he was ten. He knew that Hiashi wanted to get rid of the 'week' first born daughter of his and get Hinabi or Neji as the heir. He also knew that Hiashi was very particular about contracts, ancient bonds and unspoken agreements.

A marriage contract was one of them.


Hinata smiled as the sun hit her face. It was a beautiful morning in Konoha's forests. Kurenai had cancelled training all week because of a A-rank mission.

A political threat between two of the smaller provinces of Konoha. This would usually be a minor threat and a C or D rank mission but the guy paid (extra) for and insisted on it being a A-rank so a A-rank it was. Tsunade probably spent the extra money on sake or gambling again.

Not that Hinata was upset or complaining. A day off was nice. Especially since her father was called for official Clan business and was away for a day this meant that Hinata could wear her new sundress Hinabi bought her without a disapproving look from her Father or the Elders.

The sundress was a pretty lavender colour that matched her eyes and was cut just under her knees. It was perfect for gathering medical herbs in the forest.

Hinata smiled barley able to contain her happiness. She walked on deeper and deeper into the forest stopping once in a while for either a break or to gather a herb or two.


Another reason to pick Hinata as his mate was because of her hips. Yes they were nice, although it was hard to tell with the baggy pants she wore. Also because they were shaped a bit wider than Sakura, Ino, Tenten's and yes, even Temari's. This means that the birthing process would go easier.

Sasuke also noticed that Hinata volunteered at the hospital three days a week in the birthing and maternity ward. Hinata would know how to care and manage a child or two.

Sasuke stopped as soon as he saw the Hyuuga Manor. He rang the bell.

"Please state your name and your business here" The voice in the speaker sounded bored and very pissed.

"Uchiha Sasuke. I have a appointment with Hiashi" Sasuke said.

"Oh. Please hold sir!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the fake politeness. It was almost sickening.

"This way" A servant said snapping Sasuke out of his thoughts. Sasuke nodded and followed.

The servant led Sasuke to a wide room and asked him to wait.

"He should be with you in a moment!" She said before scampering off. A moment later a women offered Sasuke tea, which he gladly excepted.

Sasuke sat and moved his tea around for the next ten minute before Hiashi came in.

"Uchiha Sasuke?" Hiashi said as he entered.


"You requested my presence which I so graciously gave to you. Now speak." He said haughtily.

Sasuke refrained from glaring. 'Tch. Asshole'

" I have a contract you might be interested in" Hiashi just nodded, somewhat interested.

"I found it going through some old documents. It's a marriage contract, for the Uchiha heir to marry the Hyuuga heir. This means-"

"I know what it means, I am not a damn simpleton." Hiashi said. "The Uchiha heir? Itachi? No. Hinata is not marrying a S-class rouge ninja."

"Hiashi, if you would get off your high horse for a minute you would see I am no way implying that. In my eyes Itachi is dead. I am the only Uchiha. I could take Hinata off of your hands, Hinabi could be the clan leader. Hinata is strong and would do well bearing my offspring. This is a contract. You can't back out of it." Sasuke finished sliding the paper towards Hiashi.

Hiashi laughed harshly. "You didn't need one. I would have given you her anyway." He said but still reached for the scroll mumbling some nonsense about Hinata and a contract.

'Marrying her to a Uchiha? Hm… That would be good. She gets a noble place, no disgrace to my clan. Hinabi takes over…. Yes.' Hiashi thought.

"Uchiha, you have a deal." Hiashi said he signaled to a women to get some sake to celebrate.

"Hinabi would be taking over in Hinata's place?" Sasuke asked as another servant came and took his cold untouched tea.

"Yes. I might marry her to Neji. They both would be great leaders of the clan." Hiashi said.

"Oh? I thought Neji was with Tenten." Sasuke thought aloud selling Neji out. Any points he could score with this man the better.

"Her? That one named girl on his team? Defiantly not. Now about your wedding preparations…" Hiashi said fading off.


Hinata known something was off the minute she walked into her room, back from her walk.

Hinabi was sitting on her bed.


Hinabi was unresponsive at first just sitting silently.

"Hinabi, What's wrong? Is it father again?" Hinata tried again. This was odd. Nothing got Hinabi so weird like this.

This time Hinabi looked up.

"I heard father talking to your fiancée!" Hinabi spat out the word like it was venom.

"W-what? I don't have- h-huh?" Hinata stuttered more than usual.

"He wants us down, now" Hinabi said suddenly getting up.

She put on her emotionless mask again, the one that scared Hinata.

"Hinabi, what's going on?" Hinata asked nervously.

Hinabi went back to being unresponsive and pulled Hinata down the stairs to the room were the elders usually sat and drank. Meanwhile Hinata's mind was roaring with the possibilities.

"Ah. Hinata and Hinabi! Sit." Hiashi said with fake emotion.

The room was a large four walled western room, with a huge table in the middle. Neji was sitting to the left of her father who was at the end of the table. Hinabi took the seat to the right of him.

Hinata looked to see who was the guest. Uchiha Sasuke?


"Hinata!" Hiashi thundered breaking her out of her thoughts. Hinata realized she was still standing and staring at Sasuke with her mouth open.

Hinata blushed and took a seat next to Hinabi.

"Hinata, Neji and Hinabi , you are all of age now. Hinata you are seventeen, Neji you are eighteen and Hinabi you are almost thirteen." Hiashi said. "Hinata, You are engaged to Sasuke, your wedding will be in a week or so"

Hinata froze. "W-what? Engaged? A a-a- arranged marr- marriage?"

"Yes. You and Sasuke. A fine match, and he will take care of you"

'Not that you would care. You just want me out of this clan so Hinabi can become the heir. You couldn't give a rat's ass on what he would do to me.' Hinata thought bitterly. The only person who could make her want to curdle milk was her father. He had always favored Hinabi over Hinata.

'Hinabi this, Hinabi that, be more like Hinabi.'

Not that Hinata hated Hinabi. They got along really well. It's her father that they had both come to have a grudge against. Hinabi just wanted to own her own Doujo or become a teacher of some sort. Once her father found out he had bought out and shut down all of the doujo's near the Hyuuga Manor side of Konoha.

"Neji." Hinata looked up. If they were all called down here then they all would suffer. This room also was known as the punishment room for the three. Anytime they did something wrong they would be sent here and dealt with by the elders and sometimes Hiashi directly.

"You are to marry Hinabi, in a year of course. She is still too young." Hiashi said looking at Neji and Hinabi daring them to object.

Hinabi's face faltered for a minute but then went back to her mask. Neji just looked as impassive as ever.

"Hinata, pack a suit case worth of clothing and I will sent the rest of your stuff over to the Uchiha Manor tomorrow." Hiashi took a breath.

"Now, the last step" Hiashi took out the scroll Sasuke had given him. "Blood seal." he said as he bit his thumb and stamped it on the scroll. He passed it to Sasuke, who had been silent through this whole ordeal.

Sasuke did the same then passed it to Hinata, who just sat their staring at it.

"Oh. For God's sake.." Hiashi took Hinata's hand and bit it then pressed it down on the scroll. Hinata sat limp and started to cry.

"Hinata! Your disgracing the clan, go pack and regain your self." Hiashi roared. "Hinabi help her!"

Hinabi took Hinata by the hand gently and led her out side of the room and up the stairs.

They started to pack, the only noise was Hinata's soft sobs racking her body.


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