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Sasuke looked up at the night sky. Billions of tiny lights shined on his pale skin. He looked down from the tree he was perched on. Six jounin laid beneath him.

Judging by the position of the moon, he had about another two hours on look-out duty.

But Sasuke's mind was not on the mission or the time. It was on a certain porcelain skinned, indigo haired, lavender eyed haired girl back in Konoha.

Kakashi stirred in his sleeping bag. He opened his eyes slowly as he gathered his thoughts. He looked above him to see his former student gazing off in the sky. His eyes very far away, along with his thoughts.

Kakashi grinned under his mask. He had been waiting years for Sasuke to have a problem so that he could be the "righteous" sensei.

"Yo" Kakashi said crouching on a branch next to Sasuke.

Sasuke nearly fell off the tree.

"…" He pouted about almost falling as Kakashi laughed.

"You have a chick back home, your on your first S rank mission, your about to be promoted and your pouting." Kakashi spoke.

"She doesn't like me" Sasuke said into the gentle breeze.

"Your married"


"Sasuke, you did not."

"Shit. Why the hell would you do that? A fake marriage contract? Just to get the girl you want? Oh if Naruto found out--"

"Naruto's not finding anything out, Kakashi." Sasuke spoke coldly before continuing. "She might be dead by the time I come home."

"Is it about…Naruto and Ino?"

Sasuke nodded "She's been a wreck. I don't know what to do" He put his face in his hands.

"She has had no one really love her in her life, Sasuke, be patient. Think. You remember what it's like to be wanted and loved. Hinata hasn't she's been pushed around all her life. Then she sees Naruto. What he's done. What he's overcome even with all the hatred. It's first love. I believe this is the first time you've felt love too. Towards another person"

Sasuke frowned knowing Kakashi was right.

"You two are the same. You both have the same feelings for different people. Hinata has it for Naruto, Naruto has it for Ino, Ino you know has it towards you and you have it towards Hinata. It will work it's self ou-

" I god damn don't want to be second in her heart." Sasuke said interrupting Kakashi for the second time.

Kakashi chuckled. "You never did like second. First is the only place for you"

"Feh." Sasuke punched the tree. "Whatever"

"You need to focus on the mission everything will work it's self out. Go to bed Sasuke, I'll take it over from here"

Sasuke jumped down from the tree and laid in his sleeping bag. This was going to be a long week.


Hinata smiled as she walked down the streets of Konoha's shops.

She had recovered well about last night's discoveries and emotions.

Did she like Naruto? Did she like Sasuke?

She knew the answers to both questions and proud of herself for doing so.


Hinata whirled around to see a flash of blonde hair.


"Hey! Let's go get some ramen!" He said smiling.

"O-Okay" Hinata said. Shopping could wait till after ramen.

The walked in a awkward silence to the ramen stand.

"So Hinata, I heard you got married to Sasuke, how's that been?" Naruto asked as he sat down at a stool.

"I-Interesting" She said. "He's helped me a lot"

"Well I'm happy for you, If he gets to be a bastard just call me" Naruto smiled.

"Thank you. I will"

"ehh? You got new - pork ramen please!- Clothes too?" He asked while ordering.

"Miso ramen, please. Yes I-I have"

"They look nice"

Hinata blushed.


After ramen Hinata walked towards the shops with Naruto in tow.

"So Hinata-chan, what are you buying?" Naruto asked

"Just a few t-things, f-for around the house"

"You don't mind me coming right?"

"No N-Naruto, I d-don't. I'm glad that you would want to c-come"

"Awesome, I get to spend the day with the cutest girl in Konoha!" Naruto to belted.

"OH? What would that make me, Naruto? The ugliest?"

"I-I-I-Ino, No! I think you're the-"

"The what Naruto?" Ino screamed. Hinata was starting to feel really uncomfortable.

"The most beautiful" Naruto finished nervously.

"…hm…Oh Hinata, I'm not mad at you, Just blockhead over there" Ino said pointing when she noticed Hinata's dashy eyes.

"O-Okay" Hinata said. "I should g-go now"
Ino nodded and Hinata walked down the street. She could here the distant yells of Ino and wining of Naruto.

Yes. Today would prove to be interesting.


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