From the desk of the Author: Isla de Ochenta

In all the worlds there are few things more fascinating than a simple circle. Artists, poets and musicians have used this geometric marvel for thousands of years as a constant source of inspiration. It is perfectly round, beautifully balanced…but by far the most fascinating fact about a circle is that no matter where you start you have to end in the same place. You could go around and around a hundred billion times and you would still end where you began. Try it: Pull a piece of paper and a pen out and draw a circle. Now place your finger on one point and try to find the end. Interesting, isn't it?

Now you may be asking yourself, "Why is he telling me this?", "What is the point of this random geometry lesson in the place of the usual fan fiction?"

Look at that circle again. Remember that shape. Everything about this story revolves around a circle. Life often follows patterns and chances that were once called "Once-in-a-lifetime" have a habit of coming back around. Déjà vu may become more and more common until it feels like the past has come back to life again.

And when you reach the end, you might just find that you have come full circle.


The Author