Title: Contemplation
Fandom: Pokemon
Ship: RaiSnagshipping (( Ein x Wes ))
Rating: Starts off fluffy, gets more suggestive as the chapters go on...

Authors Notes: I'll be blunt, it's about time I got this up.

Contemplation was originally called Confusion and I started this back in August last year for Chan and Alicia, the former cause she was having a craze over the ship and the latter cause she disliked the low number of fics for this pair. Back then though, I lacked any real ideas with it and left it to rot... until about three weeks ago. Gave it a new name, developed the idea, turned it from an extensive one-shot to a chaptered fic et voila!

This chapter is harmless, except for an odd swear word. As said earlier, any suggestive sex and whatnot will come up in the later chapters.

Flamers can go and put themselves out and anybody else, I hope you like. I'm happier with this fic now that I have improved on it, yet if you have any constructive criticism then let me know. I'm not entriely sure i'm going to get the personas right on this, it has been a very long time since I played Pokemon Collosseum.


"You did it Wes! You did it!" came the enthralled screams of a female in her early teenage years, hands shaking and head bopping to each side as if someone was playing terrible disco music in the background, inviting anyone within a ten metre radius to do the macarena. "You stopped the team that threatened to destroy the region we live in! Every single resident of Orre can now sleep peacefully thanks to you!"

"Cool it Rui, please..." Wes calmly replied, as if somewhat embarrassed at being labelled as a saviour, a hero. "You did help me out a lot, with your ability to identify the Shadow Pokemon..."

"Ah, but who was it that snagged them with a collective ease? Who was it who came up with the ideas of what should be the next plan of action? Who was it who relentlessly battled trainers to purify the Shadow Pokemon to use against Cipher? Who was it? Huh? YOU... and Wes..." Rui sighed slightly before forming a rather disturbing grin. "Look at what you have done!"

With that said Rui turned around at a slight angle and opened out her right arm, treating it as an invitation to get Wes to follow the direction in which the limb was taking. The male with the appearance of a rogue did so with his eyes, watching Rui's arm with some sort of apathy as it finished its short destination... at the screaming, celebrating crowds in the stands of the Colosseum residing in the Realgam Tower. He may have been at a distance, but Wes should still tell what the figures in the stands were up to. There were groups of people hugging each other like they not been in the shared company for a decade. Others had arms linked together and were jigging in circles, ignoring any upcoming dizzy spells and clearly living for the moment. One young girl was doing what Rui did a short while earlier, squealing like a horde of banshees and throwing her arms about in a determination to loosen them from their sockets, all while sitting on the shoulders of her just as jubilant Mother, who was shouting her ecstasy at another woman next to her and dishing out the high fives. Wes watched the events in front of him, still feeling rather apathetic and distracted from it all, but the loud, many decibel cries from a source that resided many metres above him jolted him back to reality.

Moving his shades down over his eyes so he could look up without being blinded by the rays of the powerful Sun, Wes located the source of the calls... a Pokemon with feathers so elegant they could win a beauty contest on their own and so colourful they seemingly gave off miniature rainbows whenever a bolt of light collided with them, a Pokemon with the appearance of a Phoenix and considered such a rarity to be seen that many people dismissed the existence of the creature altogether and a Pokemon who just a mere fifteen minutes ago landed a powerful pillar of fiery violence on the helicopter who was trying to path the escape route of the two people he had battled last. The same two people who desired to take over every square mile of Orre with their dastardly plan. The same two people who were the highest members of the team he despised for as long as he wanted to think. The same two people who took on convincing disguises to trick the population of an entire city, who didn't care how many innocent people they hurt and destroyed and were the creators of a warped idea to control Pokemon by closing their hearts to the outside world, turning them from innocent, playful creatures without a care in the world to heartless robots with no mind of their own.

"How sweet, even Ho-Oh seems to be joining in the celebrations!" Rui practically screeched in Wes's right ear, jolting him from his train of thought and causing him to turn sharply around give a death glare to his travelling companion and partner-in-justice.

"I thought you would have realized by now that I absolutely detest it when i'm disturbed during times that i'm concentrating, Rui. We have been travelling and fighting for this victory for two months now and I honestly thought you would know me well enough by now..."

Rui wrinkled her face up at Wes and his little mini speech of slight frustration. She decided to retaliate with her own slightly longer train of words and hoped that it would drum some sense into the daydreaming male she had to put up with day in, day out for sixty-four groups of twenty-four.

"I don't understand you sometimes, you know. Yes, I know you're a former member of Team Snagem and that you don't like to talk about your time as a member of the bad side and yes, I also know that this entire stop the Shadow Pokemon and Cipher mission was more of a personal vengeance... but surely you should be happy at what has happened? Strangers just a short distance away are chanting your name and praising your very existence. Ignore the fact that I can detect when a creature has a closed heart of shadowy fury, you have saved Orre. Can't you at least smile?"

Wes was clearly taken aback by Rui's little outburst, partly because it wasn't like her to spout off speeches, she was always blunt and to the point and some certain people from Pyrite Town would back that up without a doubt... but mainly cause she was one hundred percent correct.

This entire mission was based on revenge that Wes desired. He joined Team Snagem after wrongly being promised by Gonzap that the plans the group were concocting were for the greater good, little knowing that the side he was on was for the malicious. Team Snagem were really helping out the criminal organisation Cipher by inventing the snag machine for them to use to help control their Shadow Pokemon. Eventually the young male realised this and set about righting everything that had been wronged. Taking the latest Snag Machine that had been constructed, Wes blew up the entire hideout, exposing Team Snagem to the media and setting off to the scenic and peaceful Phenac City on his motorbike, faithful companions and long time friends Espeon and Umbreon in the sidecar. It was in Phenac that he met Rui and after freeing her from her captives and learning of her ability to identify the auras of the demonic Pokemon, teamed up with her to defeat Cipher and being peace to Orre.

Day and weeks passed and the only thing that never strayed from Wes's mind was still that initial thought before leaving Team Snagem, revenge. Armed with his Snag Machine, Espeon and Umbreon to battle every Pokemon belonging to their opponents and Rui cheering from the sidelines when not pointing out when a Pokemon was indeed one with their heart closed by Cipher, Wes was determined to carry out his minds desire. Along the way the quartet gained the trust, friendship and more importantly the help of a certain selection of people who were also mindset in overthrowing the atrocious criminals. Nett and the rest of the Kids Grid provided valuable information to the whereabouts of any Cipher activity and of the Pokemon whose minds were poisoned while Duking promised to keep an eye on things also and even gave Wes some vital help when it was counted on. Vengeance came at a price though; thankfully this price was only paid in the terms of excessive travelling as Wes and Rui found themselves speeding over all stretches of Orre. It would have been Phenac City one day searching for a new lead and then it could have been Pyrite Town in a new dawn after receiving a call from Nett then in a third day it was back to the nature personified village of Agate, listening to the words of Eagun. This never bothered Wes, as long as it got him what he wanted then he was willing.

The mission took an overall total of sixty-four days but it was worth every last second as Wes had got what he ultimately wanted, for Cipher to be defeated in a humiliating fashion and for the Shadow Pokemon to have their hearts purified... so why wasn't he joining in with the celebrating crowds in the stands of the Colosseum? This question bothered him immensely. What he was currently feeling was like nothing he had felt before in all of his seventeen years of mortal existence. These clouded thoughts seemed to have first surfaced when together with Rui, Wes stormed the Realgam Tower in what was to be his final act of justice...

"WES? Hello, are you there?"

Head shook slightly and eyes blinked themselves back to reality as Wes snapped out of his latest little following of thoughts thanks to Rui waving her hands in front of his face and clicking her fingers like it was going to go out of fashion tomorrow. A light sigh escaped his lips as he folded his arms to look at the crowd of people, most of them now having made the decision to leave their seats in the stands and head onto the battle arena of the Colosseum to continue their seemingly endless celebration. Wes watched the scene intently for a few moments and then looked back up into the clear azure sky, where Ho-Oh was still displaying its own delight in delivering the final blow that stopped Cipher. He then turned back to face Rui, who was now somewhat lost in confusion at how Wes was acting. Another sigh emitted itself from Wes and he placed her hands on Rui's shoulders, looking into her eyes.

"I'm sorry... and you're right. This is exactly what I wanted and i'm moping around like a angst-driven prick. I think it's about time I actually showed how grateful I am that those bastards have been defeated, huh?"

"Yeah, I can't celebrate for two, you know!" Rui replied cheerfully, not noticing the slight shudder Wes gave at calling Cipher bastards. Wes nodded and reached for a pair of Pokeballs attached onto his belt. With a confident and deft flick he launched them both high into the air. Stars of shimmering white circled the pair of Pokeballs and after a few moments lights of lime green and the perfect sunshine yellow exploded from them. Upon this both a Pokemon of a pure lavender hue possessing a ruby coloured stone on its forehead and a Pokemon of a jet black hue possessing a set of gold rings on various areas of its body emerged, both letting out cries of happiness at being out again after battling such a short while ego. Wes let out a devious smile as he looked at Rui then nodded at Espeon and Umbreon.

"Well, you can't leave them out of the fun, can you?"

"Can't argue with that Wes, can't argue at all." Rui practically squealed, grabbing Wes's hands and dragging him into the ever growing crowd on the arena floor, Espeon and Umbreon having to dodge out of the way to save themselves from being trampled on.

The celebration continued into the night and it didn't seem to stop at Realgam Tower. The news quickly spread upon Wes's successful mission around Orre's entirety and people from all over the region dropped what they were doing and headed outside of their homes to celebrate. The residents of Phenac City leapt into the magnificent fountain that the city boasted, flinging water around and laughing without a care in the world. Those who lived in Pyrite Town got out the alcohol and got merry around Duel Square, except for Nett and the rest of the Kids Grid who downed many litres of lemonade and dished out the high fives for a job well done on their part. Up in the beautiful village of Agate walking sticks were waved in the air like they were trying to escape from the grips of their owners and many a shoulder was bopping to the side, especially from the wise Eagun, who nodded knowingly at his loyal wife Beluh and his equally faithful Pikachu.

Every person in Orre knew that they were free from the manipulative hands of the enemy and they knew exactly who to thank. With the help of his Pokemon who battled with a determined grit and of a young aura-reading female he now considered a very good friend, this was all down to Wes and everybody knew it, even if he did feel embarrassed at the new hero tag he now received.

As the celebration started to draw itself to a close, everyone who were still up in the mighty white pillar of Realgam Tower slowly made their descent down to the bottom, saying goodbyes to their new found friends and setting off to saviour the ever-present sunset and their new freedom. Wes and Rui were the last to depart from the arena at the top, Espeon and Umbreon still bounding around with relentless energy. The quartet got into the lift together and waited until the doors shut. As the lift made its downfall, Rui turned to Wes, who clearly seemed to be shattered. Partying like he did was completely out of his character and he made a mental vow never to do that again.


"Yeah, Rui?"

"What was on your mind? You know, when you kept having periods of spacing out after just defeating the leader of Cipher himself."

Eyes of a shining amber turned to meet eyes of a hazelnut brown and Wes gave a small reassuring smile to Rui. "Oh, it was nothing... nothing at all. After all, it's all over now. Cipher is no more, I can enjoy freedom and the next time you and I meet up there won't be all this stress. Trust me, it's all good from my part."

Rui nodded, taking in all his words. She then cast her gaze to the outside of the towers transparent lift, enjoying the slightly blurry views there was on offer. Wes watched Rui for a few moments and then leant back on the lift, not moving when Espeon decided that his head would make a nice, comfortable seat... much to Umbreon's slight annoyance as he thought the exact same thing. Eyes of a victor closed and arms were folded, as if to block out everything around him... boy, he knew he was going to regret this party in the morning but it was for a good thing, he convinced himself.

Wes thought that his mission was complete and that he had nothing to worry about as far as encountering the faces of evil were concerned.

Little did he know that the chain of events was only just beginning...