Director's Commentary

This story was written the day after "So Much For Impartiality", after the silly encounter with the two Pegasus' in game. This story was mainly made to introduce the other crew members, and give their backgrounds. If you read the later stories you'll notice some of the characters aren't mentioned here, and some are here that don't appear later. For instance Lavender who plays a key monetary and social role in this story is "replaced" by Nathan later on. Don't worry a this will be explained in due time. As for Shelton, I figured I needed an engineer. The stories set after this one will all be brought into line to mention these characters when its appropriate, There & Back Again's big rewrite will definitely add in some about these two new characters.

The reason I didn't fill the Asteroid Miner's last two crew members with characters who actually had names is because there was simply no room for them, either in this story or in any of the future stories. Is it possible that one of them could come back, even with a name? Sure, but not all that likely.

The way I view the Asteroid Miner is that it seems like its basically a big flying cargo bay with the scooping arms attached to the outside. I envision the bridge as more vertically structured that most starship bridges. The captain's chair and sensor / com station would be on an upper level side by side. Each station would have its user facing towards their side of the ship (left or right) not towards the front. In between them on the same level would be a entry hatch, which would normally be closed until access to or from the bridge is needed. Out forward and down a few feet from the two upper stations would be the pilot's station. The pilot would be situated right in front of a small space window so they could still pilot visually if needed. Right above that window would be the ship's main view screen. The pilot would have to look up to see it but would still have a pretty good view, the captain and com officer would be able to look out to the side of their station and have a dead on view of the screen. A short ladder would assist the pilot in getting down to their station.

I liked that in this story not only did the crew realize that they could never really win against the Pegasus, the captain at one point even considers running away outright. In the end he has a crew of five, and a 100,000+ Credit ship that he has to protect. While he wouldn't like having to leave the friendly Pegasus behind, he would have considered it worth it if it had protected his ship and crew. Obviously finding a way to protect both ships was his first choice though.

Finally I like how years later even the captain's vaguely heroic actions have somehow been spun into one of the grand stories he dislikes. I figure the excited nameless crew member had a hand in that.