Hello everyone, this is my first story for Twilight, but second story for Fanfiction. Please don't be harsh with my story, if you have any opinions or ideas, or questions go ahead and ask. I could use the help. I want to give a thank you shout out to SilverSickle. Thanks so much. I know the names are weird, but the have a meaning so I thought they were cool.

The Reason I wear Red Lipstick

Fifteen years have past. I'm no longer the Bella Swan from the past, I don't even look like Bella Swan. My hole appearance changed fourteen years ago, my hair is no longer brown and waist length, it's now jet black, glossy black, coal black, black as the midnight sky, black as Edward's eyes, my hair is short about chin length.

My eyes are burgundy, red like, but I wear contacts so no one can see my eyes. I don't always wear contacts, sometimes I leave my eyes burgundy, but sometimes they're emerald green. My skin is no longer ivory, but chalky white, my body is thinner and has more curves, I'm no longer Bella Swan, but I am Sky Marie Cull Bell. "Sky hurry up", Thanos said. Thanos is Greek, his name means death, ironic. Thanos is seventeen and acts like my twin brother, he's tall and has blond hair that sways to the side of his face, covering his right green blood color eye. He was born in Athens, Greece, in the year 1572. He was a only seventeen when our father changed him.

There was a reason why he was changed, from what I remember hearing, the reason was that Thanos was going to be killed, Otieno was his friend and saved him. Otieno Kishi Lot Candid is our father his name means born in night and his last name means hidden, he saved Thanos and the others, but I was not saved by him.

"Hurry up Sky, your going to be later", this time my father called. "I'm coming", I yelled back. Unlike my sibling I can sleep, I have powers that no other vampire in this world has...but I also have not just one power, but many. "I don't want to go", I hated school, it was all the same. We live in Juneau, Alaska, it's hardy ever sunny and it's always cold.

"Hello", my siblings and I were enrolled in a new school, Amarante Academic. Oh joy, a new school, new people staring at us, new life once again. "Oh, h-hello", the women in the desk stumble as she tried to get up. My siblings giggled, I didn't, "we're the Lot Candid's", I told the women who seemed to be nice, but as always she liked my brothers and thought we were all beautiful.

"Here you go, these are your schedules and if you need anything please come and ask", she smiled sweetly, but it was mostly all show. Thanos and I were Juniors, Kerry aka dark prince and Lycoris aka Twilight are seniors, Naranbaatar aka sun hero, but we call him Nar, he's a sophomore and the youngest of the Lot Candid's was Artemis aka moon goddess.

"Well, here we go", I left with Thanos to our first class, that probably already started. "Sky, wait", Thanos called. "There's others here", he said and I smiled wickedly at him. "Yes I know, I could sense them miles away", my eyes glowed red. "Let the fun begin", Thanos grinned was wolf like.

We enter our first class and as we entered the class sudden stopped, like time was stopped. "May I help you", the teacher said. "Students coming in later, oh god, what has the world gotten into, but so beautiful", I read Mr.Shad's thoughts. "Sorry for being late, we got lost...we're the Lot Candid's", my brother informed him. I could feel everyone staring at us, it was so annoying.

"I see, better late then never", he said to us. I looked around as he filled out our slips. I saw the same thing every time, but when I looked at a boy who was staring at a window I froze. He whipped his head around and stared at me, as I did him.

I glared at him, his topaz color eyes, his chalky pale skin, his boyish frame, his flawless features, I hated him all. I turned around and whispered to my brother, telling him I hated this place already and wanted to leave. "We can't you now that", I glared at him and looked away. Once again that boy was staring at me, I glared at him.

"Your seat is over there...next to Edward Cullen", oh no...no please save me.