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Yo! I have, yet again, another story out… I have so many ideas that I either never get to, or start and never finish… Well! I have this one planned out… well… I know how it'll start and how it'll end and I have a bit of ideas about how the middle will go… This was originally a one-shot but I changed my mind.

Summary: When in love, one must learn to be faithful. Sasuke is going to learn the hard way, that one must always choose love over lust.

Warning(s): Yes… there will be multiple lemons in this story… I'm not sure how in debt they will be or how juicy they will be but they'll be there… Um… Yaoi and Het pairings… and OOC characters.

Note(s): Okay, there are SasuNaru pairings and SasuSaku, so YES there is YAOI! Okay? Also, SasuSaku isn't my favorite pairing… (Or something I'd write normally) but I think those two would fit this story much better.

Another thing… I had an urge to make this an AU… where the gang only worked together but I change my mind…

Everyone (meaning the Genin) is in the 20-22 age range. This is after the story line of Naruto©, and Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, Hinata, Tenten, and Lee are ANBU. Ino is Ibiki's second in command interrogator of the Konoha Black Ops, Torture and Interrogation Corps Unit. Kiba and Shino are Jounin, along with Choji.

Naruto is already selected to be the Sixth Hokage when Tsunade retires.

Umm… What else… I won't be making my other chapters be filled with such long notes but this is only for the first chapter.

If I forgot anything I'll include it in the next chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto© since it belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. Remember that…


The sound of heavy breathing and moans filled the otherwise silent night air. A pale skinned male's body could be seen thrusting heatedly into the body of his Fuck Buddy (for lack of better terms) who was writhing below the male's lean form. Pale yet creamy hands ran through soft locks, gripping them as a shudder rippled throughout his body. The one below him arched their back, letting out a throaty moan as the Raven above them thrust harder into their passage.

"Sa…Sasu…Ke… Nn…"

A string of inaudible words flew from the mouth of the Raven's lover, melting into his ear, causing him to go faster than before.

It wouldn't have seemed possible at first but their moans were getting louder. One would wonder just how no one found them with all the noise that they were making. It was filled with lust and satisfaction… the satisfaction of being fucked (or fucking) by the other once again. The Raven's hands grabbed at the one under him, lacing their fingers together. He brought his lips down and captured the other in a heated kiss, feeling heat pool in the pit of his stomach.

The one below him bucked dangerously, knowing that they too, were reaching their end. Tearing their mouth away from the mesmerizing raven above them, the person let out a long, juicy moan, which sounded relatively close to a scream, as they finally reached their climax. The sound of their voice only dragged their lover to his untimely end, spilling his seed into his lovers highly abused cavern.

Coming down from their high, the two lied lazily on the ground next to the river bank, their legs dangling in the water of the river. The Raven bit his lip as he pulled out of his lover, placing another kiss on the other's lips.

"Nn… Sasu…"

"Shh… Don't…"

With that, the Raven stood, letting water drip from his firm muscles, as he walked over to his clothes. With his back turned, he managed to miss the pain that flashed in his lover's already dying eyes.

Act of Frustration


A small sigh erupted from the Raven's pale lips as he lied down on the bed he shared with his Special Person. His hair was matted down against his forehead due to that night's activities. He could always count on that person when he needed wild, hot sex… That one person could always complete him the way his 'Soul Mate' couldn't. His Fuck Buddy was always there with him… They were always around and able to cheer him up in ways that his Soul Mate could never even hope to accomplish…

The man let a small sigh escape his lips as he let his head drop to the side loosely. His shady black eyes landed on the photo next to his bed. Both his Fuck Buddy and his Soul Mate was on that picture… His eyes landed on the one he loved, trailing his gaze along to curves of their young features. They were the last person he'd ever thought he'd fall in love with. It had started out so rocky before… It was almost as if he couldn't deal with them. But after 3 years of being together, he didn't think he could leave them.

His eyes trailed to the other person in his life. It was actually them he thought he would be getting with. He had started out hating them… (He hated his Soul Mate too… He was just one hateful little boy…) yet their relationship grew. He didn't know why he chose his Soul Mate over the other… but he was a bit glad he did. The only regret he had is that his Lover couldn't complete him in bed… Yes they were okay… and their moans were really sexy… but the other was able to make him experience mind blowing orgasms that left him high hours later.

He sighed deeply, looking back to the ceiling. His Lover should be returning soon… They were on a mission with a couple other ANBU members. The mission was scheduled to end that day…


"Ung.. Ah.. Sasu… Ahh… Harder..."


He closed his eyes, the voice of his secret fuck buddy ringing in his ears. It was making him hard all over again. He bit his lips, trying to will the sound away but the memory only came back at full force.


"Ah… Ahh… Shit… faster…"


He rolled on to his stomach, feeling his renewed erection pressing against his stomach. Man he wished that his Lover would hurry up and get home… He was sure they'd be in the mood tonight… They always were whenever they were away from him too long.


"Sa…sa… I'm co-coming…!"

Skin slapped against skin as breaths mingled into one.



A moan escaped the lips of the Uchiha lying on his bed, his erection throbbing with renewed need. His breaths were coming out in uneven pants as he prayed for his lover to return.

Luckily enough, his prayers were answered. His senses picked up the familiar chakra pattern of the person he was hoping for. Only minutes later did he ear the door crack open, followed by a cheerful voice.

"I'm back, Sas- Omf!"

The words never got to leave their mouth before they were slammed up against the door, getting ravished by soft, hungry lips. A squeak escaped their lips just before Sasuke kissed them. Their body melted in his arms causing a low moan to sound in their throat. It wasn't long before things had gotten just as heated as Sasuke wanted.

With his lover now writhing against him, Sasuke proceeded to pound his lover into door, thrusting in and out of their body. Their moans echoed throughout the silent room, getting more frantic as time went on. As soon as it was over, both participants were spent.

Sasuke sighed, lying on the bed with his sweaty partner curled by his side.

"Wow… If I had known that you missed me so much, I would have gone on even more missions."

"Why is that?" Sasuke smiled a genuine smile, rolling on his side to wrap his arms around them.

"Because… You're such a monster when I leave you… I don't think I'll be able to walk straight for a while."

Sasuke chuckled, earning a half hearted glare from his partner. "Love you, too"


Well, that was the prologue of this story… How do you like it so far? Hm? Well, I know I also didn't give much hints as to who is the one in the relationship with Sasuke and who he's screwing around with… (Well I mean you know who the two are but you don't know which one is doing which… anyways, I did that because I want you to tell me in your reviews who you think is doing what! It should be pretty easy… There are only two choices soo… It shouldn't be hard! Okay! Have fun.

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