Elle felt nervous as she walked through the crowds and out of the cold. She looked round the large hall and joined the queue. The tall woman in a fleece and had an earpeiece in her ear took her ticket. She meerly glanced at Elle and ushered her forward. Elle started to walk towards the door to the arena but she felt a hand pull her inanother direction. Elle whipped round and glared at her best friend.

"Come on Elles. It'll only be a support act. Get merch." She pleaded. "Pleaseums."

"Ok." Elle shrugged following her to the crowd around the hatch near the door. Amy struggled to stay in one place with all the pushing and shoving and made sure she kept an eye out for Elle incase she lost her in the crowd.

"Ready Ames." Elle said half an hour later. She was decked out in a t-shirt and a hat. She had a programme under her arm and was attaching the keyring to her keys.

"How much did all that cost?" Elle asked slightly amused.

"um" Amy paused a grin spreading across her lips. "£48"

"48." Elle repeated in shock. "You're an idiot."

"Thanks." Amy laughed and rearranged her floaty hair that was caught under her blue beanie. "Right come on you. Show must go on."

Elle had to agree that they were good seats. Row 9 was as close as she'd ever been to the stage and it was amazing. Of course it would have been nice to be front row but Amy could only get these. Elle felt a dead weight in her stomach. The heat and the sound making her head go funny. She listened to the band and watched Amy scream like a teenie. All About You started and Amy sighed beside her. Elle really didn't like this song but Amy adored it. She stood up on her tippy toes to get a good view and raised her hand. And squeesed.

The first thing Dougie noticed was that suddenly there was only one guitar strumming. He tore his eyes away from the crowd and the blinding lights to look over at his bandmates. He felt his breath catch in his throat as he watched Danny sway on the stage. Dougie broke into a run and grabbed him as he fell. He looked into Dougie's eyes. All Dougie could see was pain and shock mingled with fear. He felt Danny's grip on his arm as he struggled to stay standing. His nails scraping into his skin.

"Doug" Danny rasped. "Dou-"

"Danny" Dougie screamed as Danny's eyes rolled and he collapsed into Dougie's chest pulling them to Dougies knees. By this stage Tom and Harry were at Dougie's side. Lights were coming up and it wasn't so dark anymore. People were talking hurriedly around him but he couldn't hear anything apart from Danny rasping his name over and over in his head. Somebody touched his shoulder and he looked up to see Harry by him. Behind him paramedics pushing through to get to Danny. Dougie scrambled to his feet and stood beside Harry who had his hand now at his elbow. He felt his elbow go cold as Harry moved his arm to round his shoulders pulling him into a hug. Dougie breathed deeply and realised he was crying. He couldn't remember crying it just occured to him. Dougie suddenly felt embarassed at crying he tried to pull away but Harry just pulled him back again. Dougie relaxed as Harry squeesed him tight.

"Doug it's gonna be fine." Harry whispered. "Danny'll be fine."