Director's Commentary

This story was an interesting one to write. I wanted a nice long departing sequence, but to get to it I found that I had to give thought to what you have to do to get a large starship ready to depart. This story was also somewhat inspired by my trying to click the "Buy Ship" button only to notice it was grayed out because of licenses.

I really liked the way the giant IDA Frigate can move so smoothly. My idea was even though the Indigo Star is actually a very old ship (a 350 NC IDA Frigate, which places it around 700 years old) it would have been kept up to date over the years, and in the end it is a fairly nice ship.

I figured that once the characters got their ship they could save a ton of money and hassle by simply living on the ship as they continued to get everything ready. There was just something neat about the idea of having your home be on a ship even if that ship wasn't going anywhere for some time.

I introduced Nathan in this story as one of the backup pilots. At this point he only pilots the ship when Lavender is not around. I figure there would probably be at least one more pilot somewhere, but I didn't need him so you never saw him. Introducing Nathan was important because he is the ship's main pilot by the time "A Trap" happens, and Lavender is nowhere to be found. As usual that is explained later.

The section with the Auroran Cruiser was written almost exactly how it happened in game. It was also written to show that the Indigo Star as outfitted for its first journey is not a wimpy ship. Also I wanted to show that the universe is not a very kind place, and that assuming that those you dislike are the only ones committing actions you dislike will get you in trouble with yourself once you see the truth. The section with the pirates was fun because I got to show that the captain isn't opposed to violence, just to violence that is uncalled for. Also that Starbridge really did seem to form up in front of me after I helped it out with the pirates. That was cool.