Director's Commentary

This story is probably the saddest in the series. When it ends many of the captains friends have been killed. His first dream ship has been destroyed, and he is leaving behind one of the people he truly cares about. While he has a new ship and new crew he still hasn't really gotten past the events had had happened. But don't worry, things get better!

The pirate's attempt to take the ship and how the captain defended his ship was very fun to write. I was very careful to make sure everything sounded fairly realistic. I did drawings of an IDA Frigate in order to break it up into multiple decks and to figure out where various things on the ship would be located. The reason I had the pirates do so well when boarding the ship was my realization that people who had made a life attacking other ships must have gotten pretty good at or else they would have been killed a long time ago.

The destruction of the Indigo Star by a Vell-os Javelin actually happened to me in game. I really like the idea that the various Vell-os weapons would actually have some physical effects beyond simply cutting through a ship. The Winter Tempest was the most obvious choice. When it cut through the Indigo Star the places it didn't totally destroyed were left near freezing with a layer of ice covering everything. I suppose if I had described the other attacks there would have been flowers or petals left everywhere, but that just isn't as deadly sounding as bitter cold.

In earlier versions I actually had the original Indigo Star towed back to Mars where it spent a year being rebuilt, but somehow I just didn't think that would be possible. For one thing transporting a ship like that through hyperspace would have been very hard. Then repairing the kind of damage the ship took would have basically meant taking the Indigo Star, cutting off the front and back, and gluing on the undamaged sections sliced off from another IDA Frigate. It was far more true to the EV series to buy a new ship than to magically resurrect the old one. Plus these stories are inspired by in game events, and in game I did buy a new ship.