Don't ask why I wrote this. It's just a little ficcy I came up with while visiting my fellow Swat Something – T-Bob, I had a great time over there! I hope we get to meet sometime again soon. ;) I hope you like this little thingy. I wrote it just for you. :P


Dedicated to T-Bob, my fellow partner in crime, insanity and poorly spoken French. May the Force be with you.

Guilty Pleasures

Callie gripped the small pile of papers she'd managed to acquire, hastily – she had no time to actually pause and sort them out. She'd left her office nearly half an hour ago with the promise that she'd be right back, but the documents she needed had been hard to find – Manx's filing cabinets were in a horrible mess.

Making a personal note to have them cleaned out, she rushed off, hoping that the Swat Kats would be still waiting patiently in the office for her.

She shuffled through the papers clumsily, desperately trying to get them in order, when a low – nearly inaudible – sound reached her ears. She frowned as her ears picked up the sound again.

It sounded almost as…a moan.

"What in the world…?" She paused outside of her office, her ears perking up attentively.

"Oh, holy kats!" the groan was soft, so soft she was barely able to distinguish it from the silence in the corridor, and yet…and yet she was certain she knew that voice.

She frowned again, her mind running miles a minute. Razor, she realized suddenly – the voice she was hearing was Razor's!"Mmm… T-Bone, you were right. This…is wonderful." He sighed, sounding as if he was in pure bliss.

"Told ya so," T-Bone paused before emitting a low growl of pleasure. "I wonder what Callie would say if she saw us do this, though…"

"Oh, she'd be disappointed. After all, I think she thought we'd be the last people who'd, do this…and in her office, to top it off." Razor groaned suddenly. "So, she'd be disappointed, all right. Especially in you," he continued cheekily, the amusement in his voice clearly evident.

"Aw, shut up or I'll shove this little baby down your throat!"

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh, wouldn't I?"

Callie stared at the door in disbelief. What on earth were they doing in there?! She pressed her ear closely against the door.

Razor groaned again. "I think that's enough, buddy."

"Just…a little bit more…" he replied huskily

"What if she comes back and sees us?"

"She said she'd be right back and now she's been gone half an hour, buddy."

"But still…" Razor paused. "Aw, all right."

Callie clenched her eyes shut. They couldn't possibly be—

There was a soft rustle of papers.

"Oh, yes!"

The papers rustled again. It almost sounded like…like…

Wrapping paper?

Callie jerked away from the door, her eyes widening in realization. "No…" she whispered before jerking the door open. "You… jerks! That was my last box of Goldivia chocolates!"