Director's Commentary

This was the first story I wrote for what became the "Real Life EVN Series" and even though I think there are better stories in the series, I think this one is the truest to the original concept of taking an in game event that happens to everyone, and filling it out.

I like the end sections of this story because it shows how a ship in Nova might really be slowed down by ionization, and it also shows, if only a little bit, that damage a ship takes isn't just magically fixed at the next port. All sorts of things would have to be fixed after even minor hull damage was taken. The part about the acceleration of an IDA Frigate comes out of the IDA's shipyard description, and from a post pipeline (one of EVN's creators) once made about the IDA's sometimes overly forceful engines.

Finally this story is in need of a minor rewrite to make it fit better into the rest of the "Real Life EVN" series, but that won't come until I finish the ongoing rewrite of "There & Back Again, An IDA Frigate's Tale"