Unwavering Gaze

Pairing(s): Sasuke + Naruto

Warnings: Yaoi, future lemon(possibly…we'll see where it goes), seriousness, possible oocness, angst, humor…etc.

POV: Naruto (POV will change ever seven chapters from Naruto to Sasuke)

Setting: Konoha (doesn't necessarily follow the exact lines of the manga/anime…)

Description: The cold eyes that stared…that held no emotion… Maybe some people were cold even to those they cared deeply for…

--- denotes time skip or flashback

I turned over about to leave when fingers encircled my wrist and midnight eyes focused on my shadowed blue.

"Keep me warm."

"I need to piss," I lied.

"Hold it."

I slid against him effortlessly and nestled my head into the crook of his shoulder. I complied too easily to his demands…he had me twisted around his finger, and he knew I would do anything since that day…


"Why do you hopelessly trail behind every step I take?"

No reply...

"Why do you feel the need to save what doesn't want saving?"

No reply could forge its way up my throat and over my vocal chords.

"Why put yourself in the path of my destruction?"

A reply came. "Teme…" I clenched my right fist and caught his unwavering gaze, "I would die…" I managed through gritted teeth, "to prove how much you mean to me."

"Then… your death will be meaningless."

I lowered my gaze and shook my head, "No, that's not true." Irises raised back to capture that cold stare. "Even if you managed to kill me, I would remain imprinted in your memories. My cold dead eyes would haunt you..." Just like the ones of your clan-the ones you see everyday, every night in your dreams...


Such strong true words rang through the ears of all those around, but in my eyes it was just me and Sasuke. Everything around us faded as our emotions were stripped bare…but even though he remained the same…even though he chose to undo the wrongs of his past, he was still Uchiha Sasuke.

I stayed awake nestled against him as he snoozed softly. If I were to move he'd be awake in an instant, therefore I stay stock-still against him.

My eyes were closed, but my mind remained rampant with thoughts of how to change the present for the good of the future. Even though I was known as an idiot, I knew Sasuke still had some growing to do before he reached adulthood. It seemed he struggled with all his might to figure out who he truly was, by training, by seeking revenge, by seeking power… Running ever forward in the wrong direction he was misled straight into the arms of Orochimaru.

I let out a strained breath with that thought causing Sasuke to tense. I relaxed my throat and breathed normally to continue my thoughts. Some how I had broken through one layer of his exterior only to reach another blockade affronted by the Uchiha. A double edged sword between depression and challenge coursed through my veins. Who knew what lie beyond THAT layer, possibly another tougher layer than the last-thus set in depression, but naturally I accepted the unvoiced challenge Sasuke threw my way, with pleasure.

Not to mean that we had sex, we decided against it, or rather HE did…without voicing his opinion to my unvoiced question. There was no affection directed to me from Sasuke, as to anyone. His back to my chest under a sheet and a blanket was about as close as it was going to get to be affection from the dark headed young adult.

At first I was confused at the invitation to his living quarters, then even more so the first time he summoned me to his bed. Since then I had become lax with the situation, but the more it happened the more I wondered about Sasuke… but more about what he wants.

I know what I want, but he doesn't seem too keen to accept what I have to offer. Instead, I let him do as he will, and do whatever deeds he calls unto me to perform. Which, isn't much…

After a while I couldn't sleep in the same bed as he, my mind often wandering as it was now… Wondering: Where will this path lead us?

I let out a curt breath of air with a soft smile, it didn't really matter…as long as I kept my promise.


I had drifted for a while until the sound of running water jarred me fully aware of my surroundings. I looked directly in front of me to find no Sasuke present.

"Ne, Sasuke! You're too loud in the morning!" I bellowed turning to lay on my back and to throw an arm over my eyes to block out rays of sunshine peeking through the windows.

The running water stopped and soft padding of feet sounded faintly against the floor. The creaking of wood from a door jamb alerted me that he was leaning against it and watching me from a distance while I lay sprawled on his unkempt bed.

"Hm, Naruto?"

"Yeah?" I lifted my arm to view the expression on Sasuke's face, but I already knew it would be his normal stoic expression.

"You're usually gone by now…"

I removed my arm totally and looked thoughtfully to him a small smirk gracing my features, "I figured maybe I'd get some breakfast out of you."

"Good luck," he said turning to walk back the way he came.

"Nani?!? I'm hungry!" I jolted forward into a sitting position to watch him walk away, dismissing me.

"Go find food somewhere else."

Cold bastard… I glared after his retreating back, but he was out of sight from my view point.

I yawned loudly and scratched the flesh above my navel, then got up from the comfy mattress that belonged to Sasuke. I already wore my regular clothes, so with that I made my exit soundlessly.

Maybe he kept me close while sleeping because that was all he could afford to allow…