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Warning: It will probably turn out to be a Momo/Ryoma, with some other male/male pairing.

Chapter one:


"Ochibi!! Let's go to your house!" Eiji said in an apparent cheerful manner, well, it wasn't cheerful at all, he seemed nervous and jumpy; but he had a reason for being this way, ever since he woke up, he had this bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, and when he has this sensations, something bad happened, he was never wrong about this hunches; his family always listened to him when he said something felt wrong, he had proved this ability of his a couple of times before.

"But Eiji-sempai! We are going to go eat hamburgers! You know that, we always go after practice" Momo said, and after seeing the kind of desperate face the acrobatic player made he added "you can come if you want to".

"Don't I have any say in the matter?, I'm hungry! Let's go!" with those irritated words, the 'ochibi' of the starters made his way out of the clubhouse.

"Wait, Echizen!, I'm not buying you anything if you don't wait for me!" Momo yelled while he ran after the freshman.

Eiji was feeling kind of anxious, 'What do I do?' ...

"Wait for me! I want to go too!!"

When Eiji made his way to school that morning, he was worried, the feeling wouldn't go away, but when he looked at the members of his family, he didn't get the pang he usually felt; like when he woke up one morning to the strange feeling that his grandfather was in danger, the feeling wouldn't go away, and some days later his grandfather was diagnosed cancer. His family started believing him since then.

He walked calmly towards the courts, but he felt tense and sweaty. He kept looking around him, trying to identify the reason of his discomfort.

He was so entrapped in his own world that he ran into someone,

"Kikumaru-sempai!! Be careful, you scared me!!"

Eiji looked down in order to apologize to the person he was crushing under his weight, but... when he looked into those cat-like eyes he felt shivers run down his spine, it was Ryoma, he was the one that was making him feel uneasy.

"Kikumaru-sempai?, could you please get up?, you are hurting me..." He said in his usual tone, "Kikumaru-sempai?, Kikumaru-sempai!, stop staring at me!!"

Eiji came out of his stupor when he realized that he had been staring, he stood up quickly and helped Ryoma up, "Gomen!! I wasn't paying attention!..., well, see ya!" he said and he ran the rest of the way to the courts. He rested his back on the wall of the clubhouse and focused on bringing his rapid breathing to normal patterns. 'It's Ryoma!, what do I do?... I'll follow him and make sure he's all right! I'll take him home after school... yeah I'll do that and he'll be fine!'

"Is something wrong Eiji?" he heard a voice calling him, he blinked and focused his eyes on Oishi, "No!" he said a little too quickly, "No, nothing's wrong" yet.

"Kikumaru-sempai, why have you been following me the whole day?" Ryoma asked, right to the point as always. "I've noticed you've been outside my classroom watching me, and in the recess, and in practice... It's annoying!"

Momo turned to look at Eiji too, quite interested. "Yeah, I saw you too, why?"

Eiji felt their stares and fidgeted, "I...I... can't tell you!, I won't do it again!" his cheeks were burning, he couldn't exactly tell him that he was watching him because he had a hunch.

Ryoma didn't push the matter, he didn't really car, he just wanted it to stop; but Momo kept nagging all the time, until Ryoma said "stop it Momo!, you are annoying me!, and if you are going to speak, at least do it when your mouth is empty! It's disgusting!"

Eiji didn't exactly know how things started, but when he realized, they were fighting.

"Disgusting?!, you brat think I'm disgusting?!, let me remind you that I invited you here!, I payed!, so shut the hell up!!" Momo said enraged, "Just because you invited means that you have manners, it's always the same!!"

"Hey, guys, calm down, people are starting to stare!" Eiji tried to reason, but they didn't listen.

"I don't know why do I put up with you! You are rude, mean, you don't respect anybody! You are the one who is annoying!" Momo yelled, Eiji watched from ajar with a scared look on his face, he glanced towards Ryoma and saw the childish shine in his eyes disappear, he didn't know, but he wouldn't see it for a long time...

"Well, if I'm so evil that you can't stand me, why do you talk to me?!" Eiji noticed that Ryoma's eyes were brimming with tears, he saw him grab his backpack and with a crackly voice he added before storming off , "I thought you were my friend"

Eiji blinked after everything had happened, he felt bad for Momo and Ryoma, because he knew that they didn't mean what they said, they were best friends, ever since Ryoma stepped on Seishun Gakuen (can't remember if that's the name) there was a connection between them, just like he shared one with Oishi. But he couldn't help to fell relieved that nothing more serious had happened, he truly believed that his hunch was about this fight, right?

But the feeling was still there.

"I'm sorry that you had to see that Eiji-sempai, but that Echizen! He's such a brat! And he didn't eat his hamburger!" Momo said still quite angry.

"But Momo! You insulted him!, you practically said you hated him!, you didn't notice, but you really hurt him" Eiji said still quite shaken.

"You are right, It's just that, he made me so angry, I didn't mean to hurt him, he's my best mate, I'll apologize" Momo said while he stood up to throw his things to the trash can.

Eiji heard the siren of an ambulance pass outside the restaurant and felt a shiver run through his body.

"Momo, I'll go with you"

They started walking in the direction o Ryoma's house, both sumerged on their own thoughts.

When they reached the corner of a certain street they herd lots of noise, and many people were circling a specific area at the end of the street, they saw a police car parked near the area and on the other side of the group of people they could see the upper part of an ambulance.

Eiji heard a woman whisper that someone had been run over, he shivered.

Both of them being curious, got close to the area and managed to get to the front of people, what they saw would be burned on their minds for the rest of their lives,

Ryoma Echizen lay in the middle of the street on a pool of his own blood, his eyes were closed. They could see that one of his arms was in a strange angle, just like one of his legs, he had a huge gash on the side of his head and his bag and cap had been thrown close to him and they were splattered with blood.

The paramedics had already arrived and were working on him, they were trying to get him on a stretcher without moving him too much. One of them was taking his pulse.

"...Pulse very faint!..." they had managed to get him on the stretcher and lifted him into the ambulance, "He's stopped breathing! Let's hurry people" the doors were closed and the ambulance sped off towards the nearest hospital.

The crowd began to disperse, but two boys were standing there in the middle of the street, not quite believing what had happened. Eiji reacted first and he realized that he had been crying the whole time, he turned to his right to see Momo.

"Momo!, let's go ask to which hospital they're taking him!, Momo?, Momo!" he started shaking him, Momo blinked and let out a shaky breath, Eiji realized he was trembling.

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