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Chapter 5:


Ryoma's pov –--

'Where am I?'

I can feel someone shifting beside me.

'What happened?'

"Ryoma, baby, please, open your eyes for me."

'Who is it?'

Someone is holding my hand.

'It's warm...'

"Ryoma, open your eyes, please, I beg you!"

'Mom, is that you?'

I try, but... I can't. I feel like my eyelids are too heavy. Why do I have to wake up? I don't have to go to school; it's Sunday, right...?

Something is covering my mouth; I don't have the strength to lift my arm and move it. I'm so tired that I can't move at all.

'I don't want to...'

end Ryoma's pov----

Fuji's pov---

We've been here for an hour and Ryoma still hasn't woken up from his coma. Ryoma's parents went home to bring some things and they trusted us to take care of him while they were gone. We all decided to come right after school and we even brought him a balloon.

I'm worried about him, but then I look around me and notice that I'm not the only one.

Momo is sitting on the floor, watching Ryoma's chest rise and fall with every breath he takes. He's staring so hard at him as though he believes that, if he concentrates hard enough, Ryoma will wake up. Eiji is whimpering and whining every time he raises his head to look at Ryoma. The rest of the time he's watching his trembling hands. Inui doesn't have a notebook with him; I think that he didn't pick it up yesterday. He's spaced out and he's looking out the window now.

I had never realized how similar Oishi and Taka-san were until this day; they both are sitting in the chairs next to the bed, both watching Ryoma's face anxiously, waiting for any change. Kaidoh is leaning on the wall, staring at the floor and hitting his legs lightly. He really is a nice guy. Tezuka, our captain, is in the corner of the room with his arms crossed and wearing the same expression he always does, but the way his hands are tightly gripping the upper part of his arms betrays his worry.

As for me, here I am, sitting on the sofa, rubbing Eiji's back as he sits next to me looking for comfort. I try to concentrate on the sounds of Ryoma's heartbeats,

I try to concentrate on that steady rhythm to forget the fact that, for the first time, I don't feel like smiling.

end Fuji's pov---


"He's waking up!"

There were eight boys surrounding a bed, waiting for the occupant to finally open his eyes.

The small boy's eyelids trembled, and the next moment they finally opened to reveal a pair of disoriented brown eyes.

"Ryoma! You're awake!"

"We've been so worried!"

"We're so glad Echizen!"

Ryoma lifted his left arm and weakly poked his breathing mask, as if he didn't know what it was. It seemed to bother him.


Suddenly he found himself wrapped in the arms of a very happy Kikumaru.

Ryoma's pov---

"Ochibi! You're awake! Don't ever do something like that again!"

"...do...what...is going...on...?"

'What is going on?'

There's something covering my mouth. I try to take it off, but then I notice that my right arm is in a cast. My ribs hurt when Kikumaru-senpai hugs me. Somehow, I feel that something's wrong... My head hurts...

'...don't ever do something like that again!...'

All at once, I start to remember what happened. The images come like flashes to my mind. The car speeding towards me, someone screaming, the pain...

My hands start shaking; I can't stop them. I can't breath. I try to claw the mask away, but I can't. I'm hyperventilating. I feel panic. I can't stop... I want to stop! My body won't obey me.


"Someone call a doctor!"

I watch from the corner of my eye as Kaidoh-senpai runs out the door. I manage to lower the mask a bit, and I can take big gulps of air. They hurt my ribs, but I need air. I hear a terrified scream and I notice that it's probably mine.

Someone is holding me, but I feel the arms lessen their grip. I clasp my hand on his shirt. I don't want to let go. I'm scared.

end Ryoma's pov----

Eiji's pov----

'Why is he screaming?'

I didn't mean it! I didn't know I couldn't do it! When I tried to let go, Ryoma grabbed my shirt; I think he doesn't want me to.

'What do I do?'

Kaidoh went for the doctor. I hope he doesn't take long.

I see Dr. Shibahime enter through the door along with two nurses. Kaidoh comes in behind them, looking quite scared. I try to pry Ryoma's hand from my shirt for them to do their job.

"Don't let go! It's helping him, believe me."

I hold him tighter. He's still screaming, but knowing that I'm helping him makes me feel stronger. I look around me and notice that the rest of the guys have backed away; the doctor and the nurses are surrounding us. It makes me feel lonely. It's as if it's only Ochibi and me. I feel as though our friends are far away. I unconsciously tighten my grip.

I notice that one of the nurses have taken hold of Ochibi's hand. She takes out a huge syringe without a needle and hooks it to a little tube that has been hanging from his hand attached by a piece of tape. She begins injecting him and Ochibi lets out a sob. It looked painful. I couldn't tear my eyes away, even when I could feel that they were burning.

When she finished, she went out of the room, while the other was writing something on a small board that hung from the wall.

Ochibi's screams were starting to die and only his sobs remained. He seemed to wince every time he took in air. My arms had started to loosen a bit, but he didn't seem to notice.

Dr. Shibahime directed me a painful smile. I couldn't respond.

"That was normal for a person who has suffered an accident of this type. He just went into shock. Normally he would have suffered it right after the accident, but as he fell into a coma, he had it now."

"What do you mean?" I hear Tezuka ask in a tight voice. I had never heard him so shaken.

"Ryoma-kun…you see, he remembered the accident."

I could feel my whole body shake and I jumped when someone put a hand on my shoulder. It was Oishi. My eyes met his and I wondered if I looked as bad as he did, as everyone did. I probably looked worse.

I lowered my gaze again and noticed that Ochibi's eyes were closing.


He closed his eyes and let his weight fall on me. I lowered him slowly onto his pillows and waited until the doctor took off his mask. He didn't need it anymore. Then I took his uninjured hand between mine.

"I'm here Ochibi."

end Eiji's pov----

It had only been two hours since eight shaken boys had left room 478 of the pediatric ward. The halls were empty and there was an apparent calm inside the hospital.

Inside said room, Ryoma lay sleeping, still under the effect of the sedative he had been given. His parents were sitting next to him, watching him.

Moments later, Ryoma opened his eyes. He gazed at his surroundings calmly, a little dizzy, but not in panic anymore.

"Ryoma! Thank God!" his mother cried while she took hold of his hand and smoothed his hair in a loving way.

However, Ryoma didn't notice her. He began to wake up completely and, in doing so, he became aware of his injuries. His heart raced with unknown fear and his breathing became faster.


"Nanjiroh! Push the nurse button!"

He concentrated, he tried, but… '…Why…?'

"Honey, look into my eyes!" his mother tried to call his attention, but she failed.

"Baby, calm down! Please!"


"Nanjiroh do something!"

He began to sweat from the effort and he clenched his fist in the sheets. His eyes began to shimmer and he looked at his mother.


She looked at him with so many emotions rushing through her body, through her eyes...

"Mom...I'm trying, but I can't move them!"

His father turned his head away from him and covered his mouth.

"Mom...I can't feel my legs..."

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