How I Live Now

8 years later….

I am 24 years old, I still live with my family, and I am now Dr. Evelyn Cullen too. I guess the doctor part makes up for the fact that I still live with my parents, right? Of coarse not! And you know what is sad also? I'm fat! Well, It's not really my fault that I am fat, actually I'm not really fat I'm more like Esme's size only I am about 4 inches shorter, all of the food goes to my boobs which makes me sort of plump, I guess my thoughts on high metabolism was a bunch of crap, the sucky part of being half human. After Wes and Ian left for college Bella was kind of, crazy? Yeah, crazy, she went on a cooking frenzy, I still can't lose the weight. Enough of my ranting! You just want to find out how Wes and Scarlett are doing don't you? Yes, I know you want to. Wes went to college and Scarlett when out to Boston every weekend to visit him, I know that's a long drive from Washington to Boston just for two days but they were in love, they still are in love, actually. I was a bride's maid at their wedding Scarlett looked beautiful too, a long white gown, not puffy (I made sure of that!) but perfect for Scarlett's perfect figure. My big brother looked so proud up at the alter, I'll never forget his smiling face, he winked at me when I arrived at my place behind Scarlett. Ian was Wes's best man, he's still single if your looking ladies. Bella and Edward were holding on to each other for dear life, Bella about to cry, not for all of the reasons a mother-in-law to be cries before her first son's wedding, but the happy cry.

I dream about Alex almost every night, we talk, or I just lay in his arms until my alarm goes off but of coarse it's not the same, he helps me though, gives me good advice. Every once in a while a dream would trigger a vision, I know, I didn't think I could have visions while I was sleeping either! But I can and almost all of the dream visions are about Alex. I would sometimes be talking to him in a dream and we would both be suddenly in a hospital room looking at us when we were teenagers, weird, I know. My family and I now live in Rhodes Island, we have a old house near the coast line away from the public. I looked out the window when I woke up this morning to the sea outside, the salty breeze blowing in my face. I walked slowly over to my old mirror and see the shadow of a happier girl, I still look 16 but I can pass for a young doctor like Carlisle, I have dark shadows under my eyes now, and I think my hair got wilder. My hand goes up automatically to the top of my head to flatten the bronze mess, no more black highlights for me, it might scare my patients, they are only little. Alex's grandmother's ring glitters in the little daylight that shines through my window. I smile, and the white scar almost disappears, almost.

I shuffle to the small bathroom I have and step into the antique shower, widening my eyes in surprise as the water goes from fiery hot to ice cold, I step back and reach for the handle to make the water hotter than before. Sighing as the steam reaches my nose and clears my senses, wake up Evelyn! I make it a little chant in my head, Wake up Evelyn, Wake up Evelyn! Then it just gets annoying and I can't get the damn chant out of my head, like an aggravating pop song, or when your counting in your mind. I washed my hair and shaved my legs and then before I knew it I was applying a little eyeliner and mascara, and I looked at myself for the longest time and thought, Jesus, what the hell happened to me? When did I grow up? Did I miss something? I looked down at my towel covered body, I had cleavage now, thanks to my good friends Ben and Jerry, I sighed, maybe I could go to the gym tommorw or something. I dried my long hair, the hot air burning my neck. When I was done I looked into the small closet for something acceptable to wear for a doctor, even now I still have the hustle and bustle of picking out an outfit. I mean you would think that adults get it easier when they leave school, it's all lies! I love my job though, I believe that helping people is my calling, I really do. Kids, hospital, Mali. Mali, I need to give her a call! I totally forgot! Mali and I talk every week on the phone or email, kids her age are big on email, instant messaging, texting, stuff like that. I learned a few years ago her mother wasn't really around for her much, dates every night, brings home a different man almost every two weeks, Mali is a sweetheart though, she always has been. I ended up picking out a black silk jacket, I wore it over a stretch lace bustier and then paired it with a 1920s French lingerie slip, I re-lined it with silk to be worn as a skirt, one of my favorite outfits, I also had antique shoes from Victorian times to match.

I draped my white doctor's coat over my right arm and was out my bedroom door, my bedroom here was a lot smaller than in Forks or the other two towns we've moved to since I met Alex, I visited him on his birthdays and Christmas Eve. My hair bounced as I walked down the creaky stairs and my heels clanked. "Hey, girl!" Scarlett said when I entered the kitchen, looking up from her morning paper. I smiled, "Good morning, star shine!" I said with a yawn, "Ah, still quoting Willy Wanka I see." Wes chuckled, he kissed his wife's cheek and sat down in one of the wooden chairs Esme found at an auction when we first moved here. "Yes, I have gone back to my old ways, plus, the kids like it." I chuckled a little. After Wes and Scarlett were married Wes asked Edward to change Scarlett, they live happily with us now, Scarlett more beautiful than before, and Wes, well, Wes is half human and it would be weird calling my brother beautiful, not that he got more beautiful, he just looks young. "Where is our dear brother?" I asked pouring myself some orange juice. "Um, I don't know." Wes raised his eyebrows and ruffled his thick reddish brown hair. I frowned, 'I think I saw him out in the garage," Scarlett pointed to the back door, I nodded. The swinging kitchen door opened and my parents entered.

"Oh, morning sweetheart." Bella said happily, patting Wes's shoulder as she passed him and Scarlett at the table. "Morning," I mumbled, "nice outfit." she said eyeing the French slip. "Are you sure the children won't, you know, flip?" I rolled my eyes, "Mama, kids today don't say 'flip'!" I said sarcastically, Bella frowned, "oh," I reached un cool on the adult scale my last birthday and looking as young as I do I have to keep up with the times. "Oh, shit!" Bella said covering her mouth. We all looked at her in shock, she didn't usually swear "Bella?" Edward asked worriedly coming toward her reaching out, she grabbed his large hands in hers. "I'm old!" she was horrified! I'm not even kidding her face was indescribable. "No, Darling, I'm old, your only in your 40s." he chuckled, Bella just looked at him like he was crazy. "Didn't it bother you when you were in your 40s?" she asked? Edward shook his head, "No," he seemed to consider this, "well, maybe, I don't really know." Bella hugged his waist tight. "Well, the good news is that you guys don't look old." Ian came in with a bunch of tools on his hands and he had black grease all over him. Bella smiled, "Thank you." she said appreciatively. "No Problem Madre." Ian said kissing Bella's cheek. "Why are you speaking Spanish?" Wes laughed, Ian shrugged, "I don't know."

I smiled at the loving scene in front of me, draining my orange juice before I said, "well, Carlisle's probably in the car waiting for me to get my ass out of the house and to the car, se you guys tonight." Bella and Edward scowled in my direction, "Bye, Hun!" Bella called to me as I walked out the door. I also heard, "Bye Darlin!" and "Bye-Bye, Evelyn." everyone else who heard me downstairs, "bye everyone!" I called and opened the old screen door and stepped on the big porch. I sighed heavily when I slid into the passenger's side of the Mercedes. "Well, good morning to you too!" Carlisle chuckled, I looked over at him, "morning," I gave him a sweet smile cocking my head to the side. My very young looking grandfather chuckled again and started his car without another word. Carlisle worked in the ER while I worked in the area with sick children, mostly with cancer or other diseases. Carlisle and I were posing as brother and sister, and everyone else at home were his and Esme's adopted children. After we checked in we separated, me going upstairs to the 3rd floor, him to the main floor near the lobby. "Hey, Libby." I said to one of my friends and coworkers. "Hey, kid." The other doctors have taken to calling me 'kid', I grimaced. Libby was taller than me, a lot taller. She had shoulder length red hair and was middle ageish, I don't really know how old she is, I thought it was rude to ask. But she was definitely one of the nicest people I've met since Alex's mother, Anna. "Are you sure your brother doesn't want to leave his wife?" Libby asked not looking up from the file she was reading. I sighed, we went through this every freaking day, "Yes, I'm very sure, he's happily married!" Libby sighed, "Damn he's hot!" I looked at her, "Libby, we're in a children's ward keep your fowl language to yourself!"

Libby chuckled, "your so serious, Evi! Loosen up!" I frowned, who said I wasn't loose? Was I an un cool bitch without even noticing it? I can be loose, I guess. "Hey, who the hell said I wasn't loose?" Libby snorted, "what happened to "keep your fowl language to yourself?" She said with a smile that showed off her dazzling white teeth. I glared at her, "Everybody!" Libby answered my question, throwing her arms in the air. "Oh, yeah? Please explain!" I said, now I was pissed, 'everybody' thought I was too serious? What am I not perky enough for them? Well, they can bite me! "Well, your always sort of alone in the staff room not talking to anyone, and your all uptight, and why won't you tell anyone about that scar on your cheek?" I scowled, I didn't want to talk about the cliff. "Don't get me wrong, Evelyn, but your kind of a bitter bitch, you know?" I scowled at her, "Thanks for telling me that everyone here thinks I'm a bitch." I folded my arms in front of my chest and looked away, totally pissed, I swear steam was coming out of my ears. "I can say your dedicated to your job and the kids love you?" I stared at her, "Well, at least I actually talk to those kids like they're normal people, you just pass them in the halls without a greeting!" I said, Libby sighed, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything, I don't think you're a bitch, I just think you could loosen up a little." I sighed and turned away, "whatever," I muttered and walked to one of my patient's rooms.

She was a cutie pie, with thin light blond hair, a fair completion and little dimples on the side of her cheeks. She had Meningitis, it was an infection of the fluid and tissues that surround the brain and spinal cord. I smiled down at her, and checked her heart monitor results and breathing. "Hey, Hun, you seem to be getting better! Pretty soon you'll probably going home!" The little girl smiled, I chuckled and leaned down on the bars that kept her in the bed. "Then you can see all of your friends and probably go to school really soon!" "Well, I'm looking forward to friends, but not school." I chuckled, the girl's name was Melanie and she told me she collected the shells she found at the beach. I hummed to myself as I looked through more files and charts, then I eventually left the room, I felt bad leaving her there with nothing to do and nobody to talk to but as they say "Duty Calls!" I sighed and thought of my angel, "You're here, aren't you Alex?" I asked him under my breath, I could feel him, he was there always guiding me, that's how I got on most days.

I got home at 5:00 with my feet dragging and my eyes droopy, there's something about hospitals that make me sleepy when I get home. I hung up my black trench coat and doctor's coat and slipped off my heels and dropped my bag near the stairs thinking that I'll take it upstairs when I'll go to bed. I shuffled into the kitchen to find Jasper, Alice, and Emmett arguing about a recent football game. "Guys! The Pats are the best team out there, much better than the Jets!" Emmett growled, "Your so opinionated, Alice! The Jets are so much better!" I sighed and grabbed a coke from the refrigerator. "How are you today?" Jasper asked walking over to me, away from his angry pixy wife and huge brother. I smiled a little, "I had a pretty good day, I guess, if you don't count all of my co-workers thinking that I am a bitter bitch and too serious, but other than that, good!" I nodded my head as I said this. "That's not true." Jasper said softly, patting my back. I looked down at my bare feet, my toes painted dark red. "You are not worthless, Evelyn, or a bitch.." I giggled a little when he lowered his voice when he said "Bitch" the door opened next to us and Rosalie looking beautiful as ever walked in, she was wearing a bikini too. Emmett looked at his wife's body for a minute then said, "Would you like to go upstairs with me, Baby?" to her. Rose rolled her eyes, "I was swimming, but I almost missed "Grey's Anatomy" and I need Evelyn because it wouldn't be the same watching it without her." I smiled at my aunt, I loved "Grey's Anatomy", aside from "Gilmore Girls" it was my favorite show.

"Ah, I forgot all about it!" I said, "Let me go change into something comfortable!" I ran upstairs because I'm just that addicted to the show and changed into a large black Evanescence tee shirt and a pair of sweats. I looked at my boobs in the mirror with distaste. I shook my head, I will go to that gym tommorw! I promised myself, I keep on meaning to go. I skipped downstairs and jumped onto the couch between Alice and Esme, Esme was crocheting something and watching the TV at the same time, I smiled and laid my head on her stone cold shoulder. And in the middle of the big hookup between Meredith and McDreamy the fucking phone rings! "Get that!" Alice yelled to the men that stayed away from us when we were all watching the show, we tended to get violent when it's interrupted. "Evelyn!" Wes called down the stairs, "What?" I asked irritated, "Mali's on the phone, she has important news!" he said, of coarse I got my fat ass up immediately. "Hi, Hello? Mali?" I said grabbing the phone from Wes and shutting myself up in my bedroom.

"Evelyn?" Mali asked, that last time I saw her was last December. "Hey, Hun, what's up?" I asked propping myself up on my elbow laying on the queen size bed. "I have to tell you something!" she said excitedly, "what, tell me! It better be good because I'm missing McDreamy and Meredith hook up!" Mali giggled, "yesterday, I went for my doctor's appointment and they said that the chemo finally worked!" she said, I could hear her crying on the other end of the phone. "The cancer is gone!" my jaw dropped open and I was speechless. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. "Oh, my god!" I said through my tears. "I know, it's gone." "Wow," I said again, the tears of joy flowing effortlessly out of my eyes. "I know," Mali laughed. "HOLY SHIT, MALI, THIS IS AWSOME!" I screamed into the phone, I got off of the bed and ran downstairs. "Everybody! Mali's cancer is gone!" Scarlett tore her eyes away from Mcdreamy and looked at me for a minute, then said, "OH, MY GOD, OH, MY GOD!" over and over again. I laughed and Mali laughed on the other line. "Mali?" I said when I calmed down enough to talk. "Yes?" I had a long weekend off. "I'm coming to Forks!" I announced.

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