Killing By Moonlight

I had led my new Norge friend back into my little shed, and explained everything to him. The chopper that flew by the base, the dog, the kennels, and all the other assorted un-belivable crap that had gone on afterwards. I was hard to believe anyway, but the fact that he hardly understood a word of what I was saying meant the norge was more than a little un-convinced. He shook his head at me, and pulled the shed door open and waded of through the snow. Fucking idiot. He wouldnt last two minuits on his own out there, especialy if he ran into Nauls. He hadnt even left me anything to protect myself, so I was still left with my blunt knife. Yippie ki-ai. I stood, somewhat dazed for a few moments, as I decided what the hell I should do. One of those things was on the lose and my only hope of backup thought I was insane. The product of my thoughts was to take another swig of whiskey. That would be the last swig id take. As I walked outside into the blizzard, I closed the door to the shed. By now it had recived a boot and a norwigeans face, so it was rocking on its hinges. Just as I was about to wade further out into the snow it fell on me with a crash."SHIT!" was all I could manage to say as I fell into the snow, the old wooden door perched on top of me like some kind of large square backpack. Well alright it just looked like a door squashing some sorry assed guy in the middle of a blizzard. I managed to push the door off of me and rolled over on my back. I stumbled up and felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I put my hand down the front of my coat and felt somthing wet. I brought my hand back up to my face and saw it was covered in a brownish liquid. Then it ocurred to me that I had all my whiskey shoved down my coat.


After mourning over the loss of my whiskey I moved back along the light buoys, until I reached the shell of the building that I started of in. Maybe i'd find Nauls or that norge there, as it was one of the few landmarks that stood out in the blanket of snow. The fire that had started had died, a large area of ash now in its place. I sat down on some of the blackened wood. Then after a few minuits I realised somthing was missing. Childs body... It wasnt slumped against the wall like it was when I left it. Just then I heard somthing behind me. It was a scream... or somthing I can only describe as a scream. It was like someone with a bad chest hacking up his guts while trying to speak. Trying to shout. Half of me wanted to spin around and see what had made the noise, but the other half already knew what it was and just wanted it to finish me off. I obeyed the first half. I spun around on my ass and came face to face with Childs mutated body. His face was a twisted visage of a number of different people, things, that I hardly recognised. The rest of his body... I cant even begin to describe. It was covered in open sores and scars. Faces jutted out where his chest should have been. Limbs kicked out of him in all directions. Of course I hardly had any time at all to observe much else as he tried to rip my face of with one of his limbs. I caught it with my hand and pulled my knife out. It took my about twenty seconds to do all this, by which time another limb was already flying in my direction. I ducked it, still holding on to the other limb. Then I started sawing at the limb in my hand with my blunt knife. Understandbly Childs, or rather what used to be Childs didnt appreciate my half assed atempt to mutalate him. He let out another scream/gurgle and let one of his other limbs fly at me. This time I didnt duck, and it hit me squarley in the face. I fell to the floor, loosing my grib on both the limb I had hold of and my knife. The knife scitered across the wood and deep into the snow. I rolled out of the way of another attack and got back onto my feet. Childs lined up for another attack, and then I suddenly had an idea. Hell it was a long shot, but it was my only shot too. I crammed my hand down my coat and pulled out a shard of glass from the broken whiskey bottles that were still inside my coat. I held the shard point first and charged into Childs. My attack had left a gaping hole in his 'chest'. It spurted a bit of greenish blood and then gushed it. But, suprise, suprise, that was all my little shard of glass had done. Childs or... whatever the hell you want to call him was still screaming and gurgling at me, seeming no more worse for wear than when I first saw him.

"Screw this!" I shouted and ducked backwards and started running through the snow. I kept on running until I couldnt even hear the blizzard over my own heartbeat. Then I stopped and looked back. I couldnt see a frigging thing, so I must have run at least a few hundred yards away from Childs. Great now I can freeze to death instead of being ripped apart quickly...