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There were four ways to describe physical intimacy. Each instance differed and offered its distinct pros and cons, from a rational perspective.

Kakashi was not a rational being. His moves were precise, calculated and well thought out, but completely spontaneous, illogical, and irrational.

That was why he had to try and test each method.

The first was just called having sex. Sex without a purpose. Sex for the sake of being called sex. The derivation of the other concepts in the perverse field. The act of gratification without acknowledgement.

Not everyone was capable of just having sex.

Sex without any intention was freedom and hedonism merging in an orgasm.

There was no foreplay, words or kisses, only pants and moans. There was no touching, only bodies, connecting and fulfilling.

Kakashi had only done this once, for the sake of experimentation.

Everyone was different and every method, unique to its definition.

He didn't know the girl or even talked to her. There was pleasure but even lust didn't exist in sex. There was no yeaning but only release.

Then, there was screwing. Kakashi did that often. Screwing was sex but the level beyond. It was still primitive, but fueled by lust. The other participant was just as horny as he.

The gender did not matter; they still came to the same zenith conclusion.

When you were horny and actively searched for a similar partner, you were screwing.

The sex was more passionate. There was a build up, whether by physical touching, or suggestive words, screwing was beneficial for both parties.

Everyone got what they came for.

There were awkward morning encounters but Kakashi was used to them. It was always the same game. You got laid and felt much better the next day.

There was fucking, too. The term is harsh because the sex is rough. Fucking progresses from screwing and evolves sex into something of dominance and pleasure for one.

Kakashi had fucked people before. It was unbridled, raw, and overwhelming with testosterone.

He found someone to dominate over and fucked them. He did not think of the next morning, or about the other person, whatever the gender. He released all his frustrations into the careless fuck, indulged while the other grit their teeth, and bared it.

Those nights didn't happen too often.

After all the non-committal relations, countless people and gratification, there was still another way to express physical intimacy.

It took time to reach this new and pure level, but Kakashi was a patient man. He had yet to make love to someone, whom he would kiss, care for and continue a relationship with, in the morning.

But he would.

He whispered a genuine, I love you, and the words were returned.

After all the lusty, indulgent nights, Kakashi yearned for something tender. There was more to sex than just erratic physicality; there were emotions, relationships, and love.

Kakashi loved Iruka and the best sex of his life was when they made love.