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::: Prologue: Déjà Vu:::…


Obsidian marbles opened wide.

Pain. Searing pain.

That's all the porcelain figure felt. The moon, illuminating the darkened room in the household, was full and high in the sky. It shone through the window and onto the bed where a young teenager gripped the sheets in pain. Where was the pain coming from?

He closed his charcoal eyes tight in an attempt to block out the pain from his head, but the aching kept coming, flaring up from the lower part of his chest. Cold sweat covered his weary body and he decided he could take it no longer. He sat up and pulled back his shirt. His eyes grew wide at the sight.

Three black snakes intertwined with each other, no bigger that his thumb, were slowly weaving a path up his chest. They faintly glowed silver as they slithered on his skin, burning him. Fortunately, they stopped exactly a centimeter from where they had originally been placed, allowing the head of the middle snake to border on the edge of his navel.

It was this mark that had stained him for life. This mark that he had only obtained yesterday was already poisoning his life at everyday at midnight. Was it going to go on like this forever?

"I'll kill you . . ." the boy said silently to the window. He was talking about the person that had given him the mark. And it was only yesterday:

"You are weak."

Sasuke's astonished eyes widened in the darkness of the night.

"Why are you weak?"

The moon's light filtered through the hospital window, creating shadows that snaked along the wall.

"Because you lack . . ."

"Hatred," Sasuke finished in a whisper. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist at the memory. The memory that was his reason for being in the hospital.

"You are not even worth killing."

Was that the reason Itachi hadn't killed him that day? Was that the only reason that Itachi had kept him alive all of these years? Because he was worthless?

Sasuke clenched the white sheets of the bed and pulled them over, rolling onto his side painfully. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't get Itachi's words out of his mind.

"Foolish little brother . . . If you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me . . . and survive in an unsightly way . . ."

"But I already do hate you," Sasuke spoke to himself. He eyed the moon absentmindedly. "I hate you with my life. I don't think I've ever hated something in such a way."

His eyes trailed to the bedside table where a single flower in a glass vase was situated. Sakura had sent it to him. She'd renew it every day with the same unique white flower.

"But why am I still so weak?"

"Run and cling to life."

Sasuke grasped the sheets tighter and sat up, banging his back against the backboard of the bed angrily.

"What have I been doing?!" he demanded. A shadow flickered across his window for an instant. "What have I been training for?! What have I been living for?!"

In a burst of fury, his arm swept the vase off of the table and it went crashing to the floor. He sat there, panting and breathing heavily in fury as he listened to the running footsteps heading his way.

The door opened swiftly and a nurse came running in, a clipboard in one hand and the other on the doorknob.

"What's going on in here, Sasuke-san?" she said, seeing the boy leaning forward with his hand outstretched over the table.

"Nothing," Sasuke gritted out, regaining his composure.

The nurse noticed the broken vase on the floor and put the clues together.

"Honestly, Sasuke-san, you need to learn to control your anger. This pretty flower has gone to waste."

'I don't care,' Sasuke thought as he watched the nurse bend down and pick up the broken pieces. She put the flower back on the table and patted it.

"Hopefully Sakura-san will come in tomorrow with a new one. You're being released tomorrow, did you know that?"

Sasuke stayed silent. He eyed the moon once more. The glow from it mesmerized him, but it soon turned into Itachi's face. In shock, Sasuke put one arm in front his face defensively and took a sharp intake of breath.

"You need rest, Sasuke-san. Go to sleep. And try not to let your hate consume you."

Sasuke's eyes widened as the nurse left. He remembered words similar to what she had said.

"If you let the hate consume you, and depend on the cursed seal's powers . . . you will cease developing and growing. If that happens, you can't defeat Itachi."

Kakashi had said that to him the day he was training his Chidori.

Sasuke grew even more bewildered as he sat back with his hands behind his head and his teeth gritted. Kakashi said that too much hate would make him weaker and unable to defeat Itachi. But Itachi had said that Sasuke was weak because he didn't have enough hate. Who was right?

After finally closing his eyes, he opened them again at a swishing sound. Sitting upright, he realized two figures had made their way into his hospital room.

"What are you doing here?" asked Sasuke harshly.

The figures stepped out of the shadows. One revealed his sallow skin and long, dark hair. He grinned, showing canine teeth longer and larger than natural size. The other's glasses and Sound forehead protector glinted with the moon's glow.

"What are you doing here?!" Sasuke repeated with more force.

"Am I not allowed to visit a person I adore in the hospital?" Orochimaru said smoothly, walking closer. Kabuto followed him, grinning at his master's 'joke'.

"Don't get any closer!" said Sasuke. "What do you want?"

"We want to play a game with you, Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke swiftly took the sheets off of him and got off of the bed. He turned and faced Orochimaru and Kabuto in a fighting stance.

"What if I refuse?" he said coldly.

"Oh, I think you'll like this game."

Before Sasuke had the time to even blink, Kabuto was in front of him and holding his neck with one hand. Sasuke's fingers clawed at them, but they wouldn't let go. Kabuto pinned him to the wall.

With wide-eyed realization, Sasuke noticed that this was the same position Itachi had him in. His right hand snuck to his pouch, but Kabuto was swifter and pinned Sasuke's hand with his own.

"There's no need for that," said Orochimaru, watching from Kabuto's side. Kabuto gripped Sasuke's neck tighter, making Sasuke gasp and try to kick him, which did no damage whatsoever.

"What . . . do you want?" Sasuke repeated from his chokehold, his question directed to Orochimaru.

"Like I said, we want to play a game with you."

"You already have," replied Sasuke, moving his eyes as far as he could to the left so he could examine something on his shoulder. "With that seal of yours, I'm in the worst game you could possibly give."

Kabuto examined the markings on his shoulder as well and smirked. "Oh, but this game is much more entertaining."

He took the hand he was holding and flicked it back swiftly. There was an audible crack, followed by Sasuke's strained screams. He screamed as loudly as he could, and even tried to punch Kabuto with his other hand. Kabuto had broken his left hand.

Using the newly freed hand, Kabuto covered Sasuke's mouth with his eyes wide. "There's no need to bring the nurses in here."

Sasuke's eyes opened wider than before. It was déjà vu all over again. Itachi had done the exact same thing. How could this be happening again?

"We need to go to a more appropriate place so I can explain the rules to you more clearly. Kabuto."

Kabuto smirked once more before hitting Sasuke directly on the head on a vital point with extreme force. The world turned black for Sasuke before he was even let go.

When Sasuke came to, he realized he wasn't in the hospital. He was in a simple room. Looking around painfully, he realized he was on the cold floor of an empty room. It was tinged gray and had neither windows nor doors, which made Sasuke wonder how he and the other two occupants had gotten in.

"Now that you're awake," said Orochimaru, "we can explain the rules to this game of ours."

Sasuke, on his stomach, put his arms in front of him to support him as he tried to stand up. The excruciating pain in his left hand brought him back to the fact that Kabuto had broken it, which ended with him on the floor and grasping his hand.

Kabuto smirked and stepped forward. Sasuke could tell he was about to do something to him, but Orochimaru held him back.

"I don't think he will be standing up for a while," said Orochimaru slyly.

"You're wrong," said Sasuke. He was determined to stand up. But realization dawned onto him. He couldn't move his legs!

"What have you done?!" Sasuke demanded, trying to move his legs, but failing.

"You aren't the one to sit around and listen to an explanation," said Kabuto.

"I'll kill you!" said Sasuke. "I'll kill you both!"

Orochimaru sighed with a grin and said, "As I was saying, I want to explain the rules of this entertaining game."

"I don't want to play your damn game!" shouted Sasuke.

"Oh, but you're the main piece. Kabuto, if you please."

Kabuto took something from his pouch. The light from the single torch hanging on the wall glinted off of the long, thin object in his hand. He approached Sasuke slowly.

"What is that?" demanded Sasuke, staring at the object.

"This is the beginning of the game."

Kabuto took advantage of Sasuke's position and sat on the boy's back. Sasuke, only able to move his hands, tried to reach him, but only failed.

"What are you doing?! Stop! Stop!"

Kabuto took the needle in his hand and inserted it into Sasuke's neck. Sasuke stopped flailing to feel the thin needle insert liquid into his body. Kabuto released it from his neck and put it back into his pouch, getting up.

"What was that?! Tell me!"

"You're never patient, are you? I told you I would explain."

Sasuke didn't think it was a sedative since he wasn't feeling any dizziness or something of the sort. It had to be something else.

"You have 743 hours, 59 minutes, and 58 seconds left to live."

Sasuke's eyes widened. Could it be possible?

"What have you done?!" he demanded, lying flat on the floor.

"Oh, this is the fun of the game. I've injected a slow spreading poison into your body, which will take full effect of killing you in exactly one month. Today is March 1st, so April 1st is your perish date."

"Is that all? You're just going to watch me die?!"

"No, no, that would be too tedious. The fun is watching you search for the antidote. If you look on your chest, you should find a mark. Using only this mark, you have to decipher not only what poison I have injected, but what antidote ingredients are needed. Of course, then there's the task of finding the ingredients, and brewing them, so I will never get weary of watching you."

"There must be a catch," said Sasuke. "It's too easy."

Orochimaru laughed evilly. "But of course," he said in a drawling voice. "You are allowed no help. No one is allowed to know you are poisoned, or help you obtain any ingredients. You may ask them for locations, or for information, but they mustn't know you possess the poison. If they do . . . they will perish with you!"

Sasuke took a sharp intake of breath and clenched his teeth. This couldn't be happening.

"And what if they find out by themselves that I'm poisoned?" he asked.

"I'll personally handle it." Orochimaru was going to turn to Kabuto, but he turned back to Sasuke to add, "Oh yes, and then there's the fact that the antidote will only have an effect on you starting one day before you die, so even if you were to make it at this second, it would be useless."

"What kind of sick and twisted game is this?!" he screamed at Orochimaru.

"I'm a sick and twisted person. It will be entertaining to watch you. Good luck."

Kabuto kicked Sasuke in the gut – hard – and Sasuke let out a yell of agony. Kabuto kicked him in the head this time, and Sasuke saw darkness once more.

And that wasn't the end of things either. Soon after that, he had woken up to the pain of the seal. It burned brightly, embedded into his skin, and he gave an outcry because of it. Tsunade had heard him and he was confronted, also wondering about his absence.

"Where did you go last night?" she had asked. He had replied with a simple lie, telling her that he couldn't sleep and could find nothing better to do than to take a walk. And when she'd asked how he'd broken his hand, he had told her a story of how he had encountered an enemy ninja who had placed him under her illusionary technique. He had to break his hand so that the pain would bring him back to reality. Of course, Tsunade hadn't believed him, but she had said that if something was so important to Sasuke that he would have to lie to her, then she would trust him. And after that, he was released.

Now he was here, in his bed, with a thin layer of sweat coating his body. He had discarded his damp shirt when it became too hot for comfort and so it was visible that his chest was rising and sinking heavily. The pain had been the same as if someone had pushed him across a cliff of scorching hot coals, only to land at the bottom of the cliff where rugged rocks pierced his flesh. If not, it was harsher.

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Chapter 1

He took the hand he was holding and flicked it back swiftly. There was an audible crack, followed by Sasuke's strained screams. He screamed as loudly as he could, and even tried to punch Kabuto with his other hand. Kabuto had broken his left hand.

"You idiot!" – Sasuke.

"What did I do?" – Kabuto.

"Cut!" – Me.

The stage crew turns off the lights. Sakura comes running up to Sasuke. She takes one look at Sasuke's hand and whacks Kabuto in the head.

"You weren't supposed to break his hand! You were supposed to use the soda can for sound effects!" – Sakura.

"So that wasn't a drink Naruto carelessly discarded?" – Kabuto.

Doctors drag Sasuke away on a stretcher.

"Bring in the stunt double!" – Me.

An extremely ugly guy comes in.

"Hi, I'm Sasuke and I like to have sex with everything that walks." – Guy.

Kabuto took the needle in his hand and inserted it into Sasuke's neck. Sasuke stopped flailing to feel the thin needle insert liquid into his body. Kabuto released it from his neck and put it back into his pouch, getting up.

"What . . . what was that?" – Sasuke.

He gets up from the stage and stumbles over to the Girl's Mirror. He takes Sakura's makeup and starts applying it.

"No really, what was that?" – Me.

"Hey Naruto, did anyone ever tell you that you look pretty in red? Here . . . try some of this delicious lipstick." – Sasuke.

Naruto slowly backs away from Sasuke.

"I think someone replaced the empty needle with drugs." – Kabuto.

Sasuke is swaying in front of the mirror as he applies on mascara.

"Does this break easily?" – Sasuke.

He punches the mirror and falls unconscious.

"Bring in the stunt double!" – Me.

"Hi, I'm Sasuke and I like to have sex with everything that walks." – Guy.