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A couple of months later . . .

The priest cleared his throat and began.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to celebrate the bonding of Allen Walker and Linali Lee in the sacrament of holy matrimony." The clergyman cleared his throat once more. "Does anyone object as to why these two cannot be wed?"

"It's a good thing Komui isn't here." River whispered to Johnny.
"Yeah, how did they get Komui to agree anyway?"
"Long story, I'll tell you later."
"Isn't Komui not here?" Johnny asked, looking around,
"He's probably sulking at HQ." River finished.

Rabi then came up to the alter holding the two rings on a lovely, red velvet cushion. He bowed then held the cushion infront of the priest. The priest accepted it and Rabi sat back down. The priest picked up a ring, then handed it to Allen.

"Repeat after me." Allen did as he was told,
"Linali Lee do you take this ring as a of my love, and undying loyalty?"
"I do." Linali responded as Allen placed the ring on her finger.
"Allen Walker do you take this ring as a of my love, and undying loyalty?"
"I do." Linali put a ring on Allen's finger.

Allen and Linali then turned to the priest. He began to speak.

"Do you Allen Walker take Linali Lee to be your lawfully wedded wife? Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health? Will you love and honor her all the days of your life, till death do you part?"
"I do." Allen responded,

"Do you Linali Lee take Allen Walker to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health? Will you love and honor him all the days of your life, till death do you part?"
"I do." She replied,

"I pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest said with a smile to Allen; Allen smiled back as he lifted Linali's veil.

Allen passionately kissed Linali on the lips, while the congregation cheered and clapped for the newly wed couple. After they parted from their kiss, the couple began to exit the church, as an organ began to play.

"Congrats Allen!"
"Good luck."
"Thank you."
"Oi! Allen!" Rabi called,
"How's it feel buddy?" Asked Rabi, putting his arm over Allen's shoulders, Allen smiled thoughtfully.
"Even Yuu-chan came." Rabi said pointing to Kanda.

Kanda, came surprisingly. Everyone in the Black Order attended except Komui and Cross. But it was optional, oddly Kanda came. Kanda still called Allen "moyashi," Allen was much taller now, compared to when he was fifteen; but Kanda was still taller.

Through many partnerships with Allen, developed a neutral friendship and rivalry could be Kanda's reason for attending. Or Kanda's love for . . . cheesecake?

"Kanda's eating cheesecake . . . " Allen's voice trailed off,
"I know, who would have figured. The great Yuu-chan had a fetish for cheesecake." Rabi said while laughing. Be it a bad pun, or Rabi learnt a new word, Allen merely twitched.


"Your so lucky, Linali! Allen-kun is so handsome!"
"Marrying a general! Wow!"
"Thank you."
"You're so lucky to be married!" Miranda began to sob, while hugging Linali; Linali nervously laughed.
"There, there Miranda. Let's get something to eat okay?" Linali said dragging her long cherry blossom pink chinese style wedding dress, to the banquet table. Linali still had her bouquet of bright orange fire lilies.

At the banquet table, Miranda got many sweet foods to eat, while Linali stood in utter disbelief as she watched Kanda eat a piece of devil's food cake.

Kanda refused to move from his spot, near the wedding cake. It was as if Kanda was waiting for the couple to cut the cake.

"What is it Linali?" Asked Allen looking distressed at his new wife,
"Kanda he's . . . "
"What's wrong with Kanda?!" Asked both Allen and Rabi frantically,
"He's . . . "
"Eating cake . . . " Allen and Rabi fell silent,
"We saw Yuu-chan eat cheesecake awhile ago." Said Rabi,
"But he's eating . . . devil's food cake."

Allen and Rabi's mouths dropped down. Cheesecake was one thing but devil's food bake was a whole other thing. It meant that Kanda; Yuu Kanda, loved cake.

"I think I need to lie down." Linali said fanning herself from the shock.
"Why don't you throw the bouquet, Linali?" "And may we never bring this topic up ever again." Allen quickly added, Linali agreed.


After all the women were gathered. They all surrounded Linali; Linali threw her bouquet of fire lilies. Miranda watched as all the women tried to catch the bouquet, unknown to Miranda, the bouquet landed in her arms.

Miranda gasped, she caught the bouquet, she was going to get married! Allen and Linali smiled, while Miranda began to cry again, because she was so happy.

"Do you want to cut the cake?" Asked Linali.

Before Allen could answer, his stomach started to growl. Allen laughed nervously, while Linali giggled, it was a clear "yes"; yes they should cut the cake.


Linali and Allen held the knife to cute the cake, Kanda watched with anticipation. Just as the knife barly glazed the cake. A loud scream was heard, and the cake suddenly exploded! Allen, Linali, and Rabi jumped out of the way in time. Poor Kanda was too concentrated on the cake, and got icing all over him. Awkwardly, he never got angry.

"What the heck?" Said Rabi.

Emerging from the cake, clean and icing-free was . . . Komui!

"Nii-san?! That was the cake!" Linali cried, as Jerry began to cry in the corner. Jerry's hopes and dreams of Allen eating the whole cake, was crushed.

"What were you doing in there Nii-san?" Asked Allen,
"That's Komui to you, brother-in-law." Komui eyed Allen; Allen nodded nervously.
"I thought you weren't coming." Asked Allen,
"I decided to make a surprise entrance." Komui said proudly,
"Your 'surprise entrance' made Jerry cry Nii-san!" Linali said bluntly.

Komui cleared his throat nervously, "I'll apologize to Jerry later but- "
"And look at Kanda!" Linali quickly cut her brother off. Komui turned his head to Kanda's direction.

Kanda was covered with icing, from his head to his shoulders, a neutral look upon his face. That was the closest thing to bliss for the closet cake lover.

"Um, if I apologize to Kanda, I'm not sure if he'll thank me or kill me." Komui thought to himself sarcastically.

"I've come to deliver a message to my new brother-in-law." Rabi and River moved in closer as soon as they heard this.
"For me?" Questioned Allen,
"Nii-san I hope you're not scolding Allen-kun!" Linali said.

Komui simply grabbed Allen and began to whisper in his ear. When Komui finished Allen was bright red. "Ko-Komui-san, I." Allen was too stunned to say anything, Komui smiled deviantly,
"yes, Allen. You what?"

Allen quickly whispered in Komui's ear, Komui nodded. Then glared slightly at Allen,
"Allen-kun, what did Nii-san say?" Asked Linali, Allen instantly turned red, Rabi raised his eyebrows and smirked.
"What did he say?" Allen was speechless.
"I know what he said." Said Rabi,
"What?" Rabi whispered in Linali's ear, Linali blushed furiously, then she slapped Rabi in the face, Rabi just chuckled.
"What did he really say?" Insisted Linali, Allen quickly whispered in his wife's ear, even as red as he was, he just blushed deeper.

After Allen finished, Linali then stomped towards Komui, Allen went after her.

"She believes Allen and not me. Her long time friend." Rabi said with a hint of sadness.
"She is married to him." River said stating the obvious.


"Nii-san!" Linali called, full of rage.
"Yes?" Komui said, his mouth stuffed with cake,
"Why did you say that to Allen-kun?!" Yelled Linali,
"Um, Linali its okay." Allen quietly said.

Too bad for Allen, Linali didn't listen and began yelling at Komui. In the end, it turned out to be a wonderful wedding, and Allen lived to seal his vows. Komui on the other hand might not, after what Linali might do to him. But that's another story, all that remains is, how will they be able to wake up Komui now?

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