Anti-Cosmo, an anti-fairy, an evil anti-fairy, the most important anti-fairy in all anti-fairy world. Why? Because his counterpart was the less important fairy in Fairy World. He had all anti-fairies respect, but something was missing, something very important, something that every fairy and anti-fairy had to find someday. Love.


Anti-Cosmo left his room and went to the kitchen. He founded his mom eating a sandwich. Anti-Cosmo just ignored her and took a little cup, then he filled it with tea.

Anti-Mama Cosma, she couldn't care less of her son, sat in the living room, she turned o the TV and poofed a big hamburger and started to eat it.

"I bought an apartment" said Anti-Cosmo with a British accent "I'm finally getting out of this…house of yours"

"Okay" said Anti-Mama Cosma

"Good bye mother" said Anti-Cosmo leaving the house

"Bye" said Anti-Mama Cosma

Anti-Cosmo floated trought the Anti-Fairy World. It was awful! Anti-Fairy World was also the opposite of Fairy World. Every anti-fairy wanted to get out of that world because of that, it was awful, dirty, dark, and with a very bad smell.

Anti-Cosmo poofed in an apartment. It was awful! But he preferred living there than living with his careless mom. Anti-Cosmo started cleaning the room.

After a few hours, the apartment was…'clean'. Anti-Cosmo drank a cup of tea.

He then heard a scream outside his window. He rushed to it and saw a pink eyed anti-fairy and a similar anti-fairy at her side, she wa also pink eyed.

"Hey, would you two be quiet?" said Anti-Cosmo

"Why?" said one of the anti-fairies

"Obviously, because we are bothering him" said the other anti-fairy "We are so sorry sir"

"Well then, go away" said Anti-Cosmo

"But we live here, sir" she said

"Well, would you please stop screaming?"

"Well, I am not the one screaming here" she said "It's my stupid sister"

"I'm not stupid" said the other one

"Please, stop it now!" said Anti Cosmo floating out of his room

"We are not going anywhere" she said

"But I want to go" said the other "I'm hungry"

"I am Anti-Blonda" she said "And she is my stupid sister, Anti-Wanda"

"I said I was not stupid"

"Please ladies, calm down, you shouldn't be insulting your sister"

"I'm just saying the truth" said Anti-Blonda

"Now, I just wanted you two to stop screaming"

"Well, I screamed because Anti-Blonda pulled my hair" said Anti-Wanda

"Because you called me fat"

"So?" said Anti-Wanda "You called me Anti-Wanda"

"Because that's your name!"

"Ladies, please!" said Anti-Cosmo "Stop fighting"

"See? She IS stupid"

"I not am"

"See? She said I not am!" said Anti-Blonda

"Please ladies, stop fighting" said Anti-Cosmo "Why are you with her if you can't satnd her?"

"Because my mom told me to, and my dad hates us! So he doesn't want to be with us."

"I am hungry" said Anti-Wanda

"You take care of her" said Anti-Blonda "I am leaving, I am going to the library"

"To the library?" said Anti-Wanda

"Oh yeah, you don't know what's a library" said Anti-Blonda "Well, then you are not going to be there. Bye!"

"I am not a babysitter" said Anti-Cosmo

Anti-Blonda disappeared and Anti-Cosmo stared at Anti-Wanda.

"Good bye" said Anti-Cosmo

"But my sister told you to take care of me"

"And I said no"

"I can't stay alone"

"Yes, you can, you are a grown up and you can stay by your own now"

"No I can't" said Anti-Wanda grabbing Anti-Cosmo's leg

"Please leave me alone" said Anti-Cosmo "It's tea time"

"What's tea?"

"IT's a drink, now let me go!"


"Let me go you…NOW!"

"Can I go with you?"


"Please! I'll make you tea"

"You don't even know what's tea"

"Yes, It's a drink"

"Correct! Now let me go!"


Anti-Cosmo raised his wand and appeared in his apartment room. He sighted with relief, he poofed a tea cup in his hand and started drinking it. He then spotted Anti-Wanda in front of him. He spilled the tea.



"Leave me alone!" Anti-Cosmo kicked her out of him apartment and shut the door. When he turned he saw Anti-Wanda there.


"Stop using magic" said Anti-cosmo

"Oh yeah! I have magic" said Anti-Wanda poofing her wand in her hand

"You weren't using….? Leave me alone!"

"No, I can't be alone!"

"Where's your mother?"

"She's working" said Anti-Wanda

"Well, then go with your sister"

"What's a library?"

"Go find it yourself"

"But I can't"

Anti-Cosmo's hand clock started bipping

"You made me miss my tea!"

Anti-Wanda poofed a little cup of tea and gave it to Anti-Cosmo. He grab it and drank it.

"It's good" said Anti-Cosmo "I thought you didn't know what was tea"

"Is that tea?" said Anti-Wanda "I thought it was coffee"

"Now please, go and nag someone else"

"Am I nagging you?"

"Yes" said Anti-Cosmo "I want to be alone, by myself"


"So I can concentrate and make a plan to go to Fairy World and then to Earth, then I shall rule the Earth and all the Anti-Fairies will be free!"

"And you? Will you stay alone?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you don't want to have friends, then when you rule the Earth, you are going to be alone"

"I like to be alone"


"Because I don't want any anti-fairy nagging me!"

"I don't want to go"

"Well, I do" said Anti-Cosmo "Now, go to your house and make a drawing, or something"

Anti-Wanda poofed away.

"Finally!" said Anti-Cosmo finishing his cup of tea "This is really good"