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Blind Devotion

Chapter One

"Do you really have to go?"

Nataku gave a soft sigh, turning back to face holding sunken golden eyes. Goku stared at him from the doorway, clad in easy slacks and a t-shirt that was far too big for his lithe frame. His hair was mused, as though he'd just rolled out of bed. Nataku knew better. The boy had been up for hours, helping him pack. They'd had a great time talking and reminiscing through the old boxes that hadn't been touched in years. But now, the pair felt oddly melancholy as they stood facing each other for the last time for the next year. Nataku let his eyes trail down to the final bag clasped loosely in his hands. The rest were already packed tightly in his car.

"Yeah, I do…" he whispered, letting his eyes trail around the ground for a moment. He felt horrible. He'd been waiting to do this for a long time, so it wasn't as though he could skip out, but at the same time he didn't want to desert Goku like this. For as long as he could remember the young brunet had had abandonment issues, relating back to when his parents left him to die in an old abandoned house. He was always clinging to anyone who would stay with him, and for as long as they had been friends Nataku had allowed the boy to latch onto him. That's partly why leaving now was so hard. "But it's only a year, right? I'll be back soon."

Goku let his golden gaze trail down towards the floor again tracing the hardwood with his eyes. "Yeah, I guess," he muttered softly, subconsciously rubbing his arm for comfort. Nataku bit his lip.

"Goku, if you want I can put this off for another year or—"

"No!" Goku snapped loudly, his head whirling up so he could meet Nataku's eye. "You've wanted to travel around Europe for as long as I've known you. Now that we're out of high school this might be your only chance before college," Goku let his tone drop, before smiling encouragingly. "I don't want to take that away from you. The apartment is just going to be a little lonely, that's all."

Nataku glanced up to take in the apartment around him, before turning back to Goku with another smile. "Okay. Just make sure your new roommate doesn't mess up my room completely while I'm gone, okay?" he asked.

Goku laughed softly. "C'mon Nataku, you know I couldn't replace you."

"I'm not saying you should," Nataku added as his gaze trailed back to the living room, over to the open door which led to the kitchen. He wanted to make sure he remembered every piece of it before he left. "But I don't want you working yourself to the bone trying to afford this place yourself."

"Okay…" Goku said, before his gaze fell back to the floor, and the rubbing began again. With a grin, he turned back to his best friend. "Write every day, okay?"

Nataku laughed. "As often as I can."

A moment of silence passed between the boys and in that moment they allowed themselves to speak in a silent language the things that they couldn't say out loud. After a minute, Nataku dropped his bag and the boys pulled each other into a vice-like hug. They stood in the middle of the entryway a moment longer, clinging to each other for dear life. Goku could feel tears stinging the back of his eyes. "M'gonna miss you…"

"I'll miss you too," Nataku replied, burying his face into his friend's shoulder.

After a few more minutes in each other's stranglehold, the pair reluctantly pulled apart. Goku smiled brokenly, wiping his eyes. Nataku laughed, blinking back his own set of tears. "Don't cry now," he said, laughingly.

Goku laughed. "Like you can talk."

The pair broke apart completely, and Nataku grabbed his bag. Turning back, he offered one last smile. "I'll see you, Goku."

"Yeah, real soon Nataku." Goku replied softly, watching as the dark haired boy offered one last smile before turning and letting the door shut behind him.

Slowly, Goku took a shaky breath, before turning to what was left of the apartment behind him. The entire apartment looked oddly big now that he was alone in it. And spacious. The places were Nataku's things had been had been cleared out, leaving the place oddly bare. He wanted nothing more then to go with Nataku to the airport and see him off, but he had to work in an hour. He'd tried to book it off, but his manager had been unable to find a replacement and Nataku had assured him that it really wasn't important. Goku wanted to be there, but he knew it was more important to keep his job. He didn't want to lose his apartment. The apartment he and Nataku loved and shared.

Goku fell to the couch with a sigh, allowing his eyes to slide closed. He wanted nothing more then to keep the apartment just how Nataku had left it, but another part of him didn't think he'd be able to live alone for over a year. He'd saved up more then enough money to support himself, but he was afraid it would be the loneliness that would get him. The nineteen-year-old opened his eyes, looking up towards the ceiling. He knew he had to have a shower, get dressed and go to work. He really didn't want to. He wanted to roll into bed and not get out for several days, but he had to keep up appearances. He didn't want people worrying over him. People tended to do that a lot.

"I don' wanna!" he cried stubbornly, falling into the couch and beating his fists into the pillows. His best friend since fifth grade just left him alone for a year. He didn't want to move or think or speak or do anything. He was just wanted to lie completely still and allow TV to rot his brain.

An image of his redheaded friend flashed to mind, and Goku sighed, pulling himself from the couch and heading towards the bathroom for a shower.


"What's on your mind, tiny?"

Goku glared at the man beside him, but let the comment pass as he cut the potatoes for French fries. Gojyo stood next to him, long red hair tied back, (Gojyo had point blank refused to succumb to a hairnet) with a crimson gaze that scrutinized him as he cut sloppily. Gojyo had been one of Goku's closest friends. He was nowhere as near as close as Nataku, but Goku still thought of the man as an honorary older brother; though he would rather bite through his own tongue then admit it aloud. The pair had worked together at their restaurant for several years. Gojyo had loved flirting with the beautiful waitresses when he could and Goku loved sneaking food whenever he could. Despite their differences they both worked as part-time chefs because they loved the food.

Goku cut another potato sloppily, growling when the knife didn't seem to want to go the way he directed it. "Nothing's on my mind," Goku snapped back, finally growing frustrated and glaring at the knife, as if it were to blame for all his problems. Throwing it aside, he grabbed another and growled when the same problem continued.

Gojyo cocked a brow at this, but continued to skin the chicken in front of him. "Nataku left this morning, didn't he?"

Nataku and Gojyo had never really known each other. They didn't exactly fight, but they weren't the best of friends. They had only met a few times, and the pair found they were too different to synch together.

"Yeah…" Goku muttered, finally giving up and leaning against the counter, watching as Gojyo continued to strip the chicken. "Is it really that obvious?"

"A little," Gojyo replied with a sly grin, his eyes never leaving his task. "The way you almost snapped the knife in two there made me figure you were a little stressed."

Goku frowned, but let the teasing slide. Turning his gaze down towards the ground, he studied it for a moment. "I don't know anymore…" Goku muttered softly. "I have to find a new roommate and all that and what if he messes everything up? Y'know? I'm just worried. This whole 'not having Nataku around' is bugging me."

"Geez, your girlfriend leaves for a year and all you can do is bitch," Goku frowned, about to open his mouth to retort before Gojyo beat him to it. "C'mon, be a man. Me and Hakkai are going out drinking tonight. You should come. It might loosen you up."

Goku took a moment to contemplate going out for a night on the town, before frowning. "I'm broke," he said simply.

Gojyo waved his hand dismissively. "I am too, but Hakkai got a raise at his job, and is all excited about it now. He says he's treatin'. Spouting a bunch of crap like that, he brags a lot you know," Gojyo added as he placed the skinless chicken in a bowl and began washing his hands.

Goku raised a brow in question. "Hakkai? Bragging? That's hard to believe."

Gojyo grinned. "Yeah. You wouldn't believe half the stuff he does. It pays livin' with the guy; I have a lot of things to blackmail him with."

Goku laughed. "Ah, the ever-faithful husband and wife; Gojyo and Hakkai. Tell me, Gojyo, does your wife know how often you flirt so shamelessly with some of the poor waitresses?" he asked in a mock-tone, before snickering.

Gojyo frowned, flicking water in his face. "Shut up you idiot, go cut the potatoes."

Goku wrinkled his nose, grabbing a nearby wash cloth and throwing it towards the redhead. As the man turned around, it hit him in the face with a sloppy splat, and Goku had to suppress a grin. Goku soon found himself being chased all over the kitchen by a spatula-wielding redhead. It wasn't long until their manager caught them and the fun ended all too soon.


The music that boomed through the club vibrated along through the walls, pulsed through the floors like blood pumping to the vital areas of the club. The dance floor was littered with teenagers all jumping and grinding to the music. Waitresses ran back and forth with drinks, wearing barely enough material to cover themselves. People everywhere talked loudly, drinking away the worries of the outside world.

Hakkai, Gojyo and Goku slid into a booth by the wall. Gojyo was grinning like mad, waving to the people he knew and unable to hold back his sheer enjoyment. Hakkai smiled politely while Goku looked around unsure. "Lighten up, shorty," Gojyo said, elbowing him in the side. "It's a club; you're supposed to have fun. Eat, drink and he merry, and all that jazz." Goku frowned deeply at him as the man got to his feet. "I'm gonna grab us some drinks." And then he turned towards the bar.

Goku made a disgusted face as the scent of cigarette smoke began to linger around them. He turned to Hakkai, who had his hands folded on the table and was smiling politely. "How can you stand this stuff, Hakkai?" Goku asked over the pulse of the music. "I don't see how anyone could like all this…"

Hakkai smiled, turning towards him. "You get used to it, I suppose," he answered, waving a cloud of smoke away from him. "Hanging out with Gojyo so long I've become used to bars and clubs like this."

Goku took his time to inspect the people lingering around the club, before shaking his head. Before he could say anything a drink was placed in front of him, and he jumped. Blinking, he turned up towards Gojyo, who just grinned. "C'mon monkey, lighten up."

"Shut up you perverted cockroach," Goku muttered bitterly, sliding the mysterious liquid closer to him. God only knows where the pair had picked up their ridiculous nicknames for each other, but they went as far back as either of them could remember.

"I mean it," Gojyo told him, sliding in the booth next to him and tapping his fingers on the table along with the intoxicating beat of the song. "Just relax tonight, okay? Don't worry about all that other shit."

Goku smirked. "Yeah, yeah," he muttered, before bringing the glass to his lips and drinking down greedily.


He wasn't sure how many hours had passed, nor how many drinks he'd consumed. All he knew was that it was late and he was pissed drunk. Luckily he was doing better then a certain redhead who couldn't even stand on his own two feet anymore. The three of them tumbled out of the club, spilling loud pounding music and the scent liquor out into the night.

Gojyo continued to laugh, strung over Hakkai's shoulder as the brunet smiled politely, not in the least affected by the amount of alcohol he'd drank. Goku leaned back against the wall for support, attempting to stabilize his stomach as Gojyo grinned slyly up at Hakkai. "Yer purdy…" he slurred out. "C'mon… 'Kai. Let's go home. We can ditch th' brat… he won' notice…" Gojyo whispered a little too audibly. "I wanna see you na—"

"Gojyo!" Hakkai barked, his face turning a dark shade of crimson. "Learn to hold your tongue!"

Gojyo whined, his hands sliding up Hakkai's shirt. "But 'Kai…" Goku made a face while Hakkai batted his hands away, still flushing.

"Imma goin' home then," Goku muttered, wobbling on his feet before steadying himself. "If all you two are gonna do is make out."

Hakkai's face suddenly became concerned. "Are you going to be able to make it home all right, Goku?"

Goku nodded. "Yeah… I'll be fine. Besides, you have a pervy cockroach to deal with," Goku added with a snicker as Gojyo's hands began to make their way towards the brunet's pants. "I'll see yah!" Goku called as he turned, preparing to head home.

He heard Gojyo mutter out his goodbyes as well as Hakkai as the teenager attempted to stumble back towards his apartment. It wasn't far, only a few blocks away from the club they were at. Though it seemed a lot father then usual as the drunken teenager made his way home.

The entire night was dark. It must've been around two am, and the streets were barren. Goku frowned questionably. Usually there were a couple of other people on the street, or at least a car or two. It looked like the entire world had gone quiet. The nineteen-year-old smiled at the tranquility, turning a corner and continuing towards his apartment.

That was when out of no where someone crashed into him, and both off them hit the ground. The man had been running, and Goku could feel the wind being knocked from him as he hit the pavement. What the hell…? Was his only coherent thought as he sat upright, looking towards the blond that had knocked him over. The young man could've only been a few years older then himself, and looked absolutely beautiful illuminated by the light of the streetlamp. He cursed softly, sitting up. Suddenly looking panicked, he reached out, collecting the things that he dropped in the collision.

Goku reached out towards a cylinder wrapped in paper, holding out to him. "Here, you dropped this."

The blond looked up at him, and he caught sight of violet eyes that peered at him evenly. He could see emotions and secrets swimming just beneath the surface of liquid velvet. Before he could say anything, the blond snatched the package from his hand, and was running again, gone before Goku could even blink. Goku found himself sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, his palm still turned up from where the package was just a moment ago. Blinking, he regained his composure and stumbled to his feet.

Just as he was about to head home again, three more men tore around the corner, knocking him aside to continue on their way. They seemed like they were in a big hurry. Goku was thrown back against the nearby wall, scowling deeply. "What is it, run over Goku day?" he snapped irritably, but the men were already gone.

Huffing, Goku shoved his hands in his pockets, turning towards his apartment. His mind flashed to the beautiful blond again, and he frowned deeper.

What a crappy day. He hadn't been able to get the blond's name.