Hi everyone. I've had this story done for a while now, and i've posted it on other sites and people seem to enjoy it. The beginning chapters are in first person, as told by their sister, Madison.But mid way through the story it changes to a more narrative outline. (i don't know what person tense that would be...never was any good at grammer!!! haha)

The idea for the story is how Sam and Dean save their sister from a life of drugs, alcohol, and abuse...and of course...a lil supernatrual thrown in there as well!!! Please review and let me know if it's worth posting more, that's why this first chapter is so short. Enjoy!



I'll never forget the say my brother's rescued me. Our father, John Winchester, got my mother pregnant. Growing up I never knew John Winchester, but my mother always said he was a great man and he loved us. I never believed her. When I was seven, I came home from school and found my mother, dead. My father never came to claim me, and my mother had no family, so I was put into foster care. I was bounced around from state to state for numerous years, and when I was 13, I landed in the worse foster care house ever.

It was an older couple who took me in, and they did it for the money. Mr. Johnson liked to beat the tar out of me on numerous occasions and Mrs. Johnson completely ignored me. I was so lost and alone I turned to the one thing that made me forget; drugs and alcohol, which wasn't hard because the Johnson's were addicts themselves. But for once my life would cut me a break, the day my brother's found me. I was home by myself, nursing a hangover and my bruises when there was a knock. I opened the door to find two young men staring at me.

"What do you want?"

"I'm sorry to bother you. But we're looking for a Madison Winchester. Are you her?" the younger of the two asked. He was tall and had shaggy hair. The other was stand-offish, but good-looking.

"It depends who's looking for her."

"Are you Madison Winchester?" The older one asked.

"Maybe…now what the hell do you want? I owe you money or something?"

"Well, I'm Dean and this is Sam. We're your brothers."

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