The Stranger

Bam! Crash! Two ninja with the sound village symbols on them flew into a tree. A masked person, a teenager, looked at them through goggled eyes. He wore a black stealth suit that covered every part of his body.

He lifted up his foot and smashed it into the ground, sending a piece of it flying up. He struck it with his fist and sent the boulder hurtling towards one of the Ninja.

That unlucky ninja rose too slow and was struck in the face with the boulder, sending blood trailing down.

Five other ninja saw this and threw stars at him.

He stomped down on the ground and rose his hand, making a shield of earth come up to block the stars, which lodged themselves into it.

He then punched the wall of earth and it flew towards the ninja, who dodged it with apparent ease, but still amazed by what the strength of this teen.

He chose the moment that they weren't looking at him to jump in the air, and he swung his foot, sending a wave of wind at one of the airborne ninja, blasting him into a tree and out of consciousness.

The other four, along with the one who woke up next to the one with the crushed face, began to run at him bearing their stars. He put his hands together as if praying,

"That's right, say your prayers!" one of them yelled, then he spread them, as though he were a bird.

At that precise moment, a phoenix rose from him, staring down at the ninja who stopped a gawked at the fiery bird in awe and horror.

It let out an earsplitting scream before charging at the ninja, who couldn't escape the blazing creature and were incinerated.

"Finally, a resting period." He said. He removed his mask to reveal a dark brown bald head and gold eyes, an African American.

He stood in the sun and closed his eyes, looking as though he was enjoying a nice warm bath.

"My, what a pleasant display of power." Came a voice.

He opened his eyes in alarm as a figure approached him.

"I had wondered what was taking you so long to defeat them, but I should know better than to doubt you, Azazel."

"Orochimaru." Azazel said dangerously.

Before either could say another word, Azazel pulled his left hand back, then shot it forward, sending a ball of fire at Orochimaru, who jumped out of the way with ease.

Azazel anticipated that, and jumped after Orochimaru to knock him out the air.

The was a flash of smoke and Azazel found himself leaping at a giant snake.

"Holy Shit!" he yelled, then, as though there was an invisible wall there, he jumped out the air as the giant snake almost made him its afternoon snack.

Azazel landed on the ground with intended force, sending a pillar of earth to strike the snake in the jaw.

"It'll take more than that to stop me Azazel. A simple stone won't work." Orochimaru stated gleefully.

Azazel then spun around and slip his foot in the ground at a good speed that sent a wave of earth flying at the snake.

Apparently that was enough for it wiped the smile off of Orochimaru's face. He dodged the wave with difficulty that ended up with the snake bruised badly.

"You'll pay for that tori no hi." He spat, but because he paid attention to the wave he failed to notice that Azazel had white fire around his hands before shooting a wave of it at him.

The snake dodged it but Orochimaru's clothes and most of the snake was badly singed. (White fire is the hottest fire ever.)

Azazel spun is body and extended his body like fan that sent a wave of air that knocked Orochimaru of the snake.

Azazel leaped at the snake with lightning around his hands. He charged the snake with the lightning that led to it exploding, but because he was too close, the blast radius knocked him back towards the ground.

Azazel rose with quick reflexes and looked around to see Orochimaru glaring at him and about to perform a jutsu on him.

'I'm still weak from releasing the phoenix,' Azazel thought,

'I don't have time for this.'

He spun in a circle with his foot extended, forming a dome made of earth that imploded. Orochimaru walked up to the rubble to find….nothing.

He gave a cynical smile and licked his lips.

Azazel rose from the ground some miles away, but was greeted with the surprised face of Sakura, who struck him repeatedly in the head.

"What the hell!" She yelled giving him one final strike, which Azazel, annoyed, slammed his foot down, making the earth under Sakura catapult her away from him.

She hit the ground and rose back up, rage clear in her face.

"Sakura! What's wrong?" Came Kakashi's alarmed and concerned voice.

He was followed closely by Sasuke and Naruto, who were taking in the alarming fact that they were looking at a dark-skinned person.

"This…..this boozo just knocked me back!" Sakura stated angrily.

"Well this bitch wouldn't stop hitting me!" Azazel said sporting a bruise on his bald head.

"What……did……you…….just…….call……!" Sakura said with anime flames appearing behind her.

"B-I-T-C-H! Bitch! Know, define it, love it!" Azazel said, apparently unaware of the beast he had just awakened.

Sakura charged at Azazel, who got in a stance similar to tai-chi, then extended his hand, sending a push of wind that hit Sakura square in the chest. Because she was so close, it looked as though he had struck her physically.

"Okay that's it!" Naruto yelled, angry that this guy just hit Sakura.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Where there were one, now five Naruto's stood. Azazel stepped back in awe and shock.

'My God!' he thought to himself,

'That's incredible. The perfect illusion.'

The Narutos charged at Azazel, who jumped in the air and stomped on the ground that sent a wall of earth right in front of the Narutos, who all crashed into it, making them disappear.

Naruto had a dazed look on his face and shook it off in clear anger. He ran at Azazel with his kunai drawn.

'Idiot' Sasuke thought, but he was still observing this guy. He was a strange one, he merely stomped the ground and a wall of earth rose.

Azazel looked to his right and saw a pond. He stretched his hand towards it and shot it towards Naruto, who was oblivious to what his opponent just did.

A wave of water shot out at the speed of a geyser and smashed into Naruto, sending him flying into a tree.

Sakura began to make strikes at Azazel, who dodged with apparent ease.

He caught Sakura's hand, then used his palm to merely push Sakura back before sweeping his foot up at her.

Now, everyone saw this, his foot was two feet from her face, but Kakashi and Sasuke saw the nearly invisible line of wind show and knock Sakura back.

Naruto and Sakura rose with insane rage in their faces.

"Naruto, Sakura, that's enough." Kakashi said.

"WHAT!!!" They both cried in unison.

"This is an opponent you two can't win against." Kakashi said calmly.

Naruto and Sakura calmed down, but glared at Azazel angrily, who also sat down, relieved to finally be able to sit. Kakashi approached Azazel, but still stayed at a distance.

"Might I ask what your name is?" Kakashi asked.

"Azazel." He answered.

"Azazel, I like it. That's some jutsu you were doing, what is it?" He asked inquisitively.

"It acts like jutsu, but it's actually mental. Aerokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Geokinesis, and Pyrokinesis. It's all just kinetic energies that flow through me that allow me to manipulate the properties of that element." Azazel said sitting down.

"Your chakra comes back at an incredibly fast rate," Kakashi said looking puzzled,

"How is that?" "Photo kinesis." Azazel said.

"My people were taught how to be absorb the energy of the sun the way plants do. It deals with balancing yourself and keeping all emotions at bay." Azazel answered.

"Well, we're heading to the Hidden Leaf Village for the Chuunin exams, care to join us?" Kakashi asked against the angry protests of Naruto and Sakura.

"Sure." Azazel said, oblivious to the glares of the other three.

'This should be interesting.' Sasuke thought with a smirk.