Flames of the Past

The figure that walked up to them gave an inhuman growl, and shot a ball of white fire at them. Everyone moved out of the way as it came, but even though it missed everyone, they all still felt their skin burn a little.

What? Kakashi though looking at his arm, which showed some red. Of course! White fire is the fire of the sun.

"Listen everyone!" He yelled, "Steer clear of him and his attacks until we can figure out a way to get past his defenses."

"Do you have any ideas?" Kurenai asked.

"Not yet." He answered.

Hizazel sent a ray of white fire through the ground towards them. They all jumped out the way, but where still caught by the extreme heat. He doesn't even aim for us, but if we're close enough he can still catch us. Kakashi thought. Even though that's a flaw, there's still the fact that we can't approach him without getting hit. Wait!

"Rock Lee! Sasuke!" Kakashi yelled. They turned their heads in acknowledgement. "Use your speed to get up to him! If you're quick enough, his fire won't catch you!"

"All right! Ready Sasuke?" Rock Lee asked.


"Let's go!"

The both ran behind Hizazel, then, in the blink of an eye, ran up to his back and both of them delivered their knees to the back of his head. Hizazel fell forward, then disappeared. White fire appeared behind Sasuke and Rock Lee, followed by a wave of white flames. They both jumped up quickly, but Rock Lee's foot was burnt in the process. Sasuke threw four shuriken at Hizazel, but each one was incinerated three feet from him.

Okay Kakshi though, We know that speed is a factor, but we also need to find a way to take him down. Rock Lee and Sasuke won't be able to keep up hitting him without his retaliation taking its toll on them. His chakra levels are through the roof though. It's gonna be hell taking him down.

While Rock Lee and Naruto were making failed attempts to hit the now aware Hizazel, Sasuke was powering up for Chidori. He ran at Hizazel and pierced him in the heart, but leapt back screaming in agony. His arm was now red from being too close to Hizazel.

Hizazel, now leaking a kind of orangish-white blood, sank to his knees. His glowing eyes began to go dim when an all too familiar voice sounded.

"Azazel. Azaaaaaaaazeeeeeeeeeeel. Are you giving in to your mortal weaknesses? Remember what they did to you? What they did to me and your mother? How they banished me, then raped and killed her? Are you going to die here, and let the murderers get away?"

This did the trick, for the sky turned a blood red, and the sun began to shine brighter. Hizazel, eyes blazing with yellow fire, rose to his feet, looking at everyone with new found hatred.

He raised his right arm as energy began to form in it.

"Sensei, is he collecting energy from around here?" Sakura asked.

"Yes Sakura, I believe he is."

Rock Lee and Neji attempted to run up and hit him, but, the energy in his hand, now a glowing ball of white energy, lifted them up, and began to steal their energy. Hinata and Tenten quickly ran up and snatched them down. The ball of energy was now the sid of a truck wheel. Hizazel jumped twenty feet in the air, then quickly came down. But before he hit the ground he yelled, "FIRE LAND JUTSU:ATOMIC BOMB!!!"

There was a flash of light and everyone covered their eyes. There was a sound of thunder, then, nothing. Naruto, holding Hinata, who likewise closed her eyes, opened his and saw, another Azazel. This one though, wore white, and had white wings. He too sported Byakugan with Mangekyo sharingan, and he was blocking them from the blast. After that, the white Azazel charged at Hizazel, and with one good left hook knocked him into the air, then flew away.

Everyone looked stunned, half because of what they just saw, half because they were spared from the blast. When they looked at Hizazel, he wasn't surrounded by white fire, it was now orange, and they didn't feel heat.

So that's it. Kakashi observed. Using that Atomic Bomb Jutsu drained almost all his energy. We shouldn't have that much of a problem now. But upon the observation, that when Rock Lee tried to quickly hit him, he interupted Rock Lee's kick with a lightning fast flying punch. Or maybe not.

What was now clear was that he was now going to fight with his fists, and he was lightning fast. Neji and Hinata were using Byakugan to catch him when he attacked them, as he was too. They blocked every attack he made, but the fire covering him still had punishing effects. Shuriken still worked, for when they threw it at him, they pierced him. The bad effect of that was that they melted five seconds after piercing him.

After enough hits and stabs, he was once again on his knees. The same voice that came before said, "Azazel, do you surrender yourself to the weakness of mortality? Do the abilities of these humans overpower you? Are you that weak as to die before them?"

"Hey! How 'bout you come down here and I show you what a weak human can do!" Naruto yelled.

The ground under Naruto suddenly lifted up from underneath him, sending him flying into Sasuke. This left them easy prey for the now healed and once again angry Hizazel. Now glowing with blue fire, he was much faster than before. He quickly rammed Sasuke and Naruto into the remains of a house. It burst into flames when they hit it. Sakura, Hinata and Ino, each angry at Hizazel, all ran up and delivered a three-way punch ot his face. To Hizazel's and everyone else's surprise, that sent him flying into a dead tree. It burst into flames, but it didn't phase him.

His breathing became heavy as his jumped into the air. Moments later, he came down, surrounded by fire, with his feet in front of him.


He smashed into the ground, senting a wave of fire at everyone. (The Atomic Bomb Jutsu caused the ground to burst into flames, further increasing his power.) Everyone was knocked off their feet. Some found their footing, others were thrown into flammable debri.

Naruto bit his thumb until it bled. "SUMMONING JUTSU!"

A giant frog appeared right in front of Naruto.

"What do you want child?" It asked a little annoyed.

"Take this sucker down!" Naruto said pointing at Hizazel, who looked as though he didn't care about the giant frog.

"Are you serious? Call me when I need to take down something more serious." The frog said, then disappeared.

"What! Come back!" Naruto said with anime tears.

Hizazel, with a look of being lost, recovered and sent a wave of blue fire at them. It hit Naruto square in the back, and he fell. When Hizazel walked up to him, he saw him smiling.

"What is so funny?"

"Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!"


Neji ran at Hizazal.

"Two Palms!"

"Four Palms!"

"Eight Palms!"

"Sixteen Palms!"

"Thirty-Two Palms!"

"Sixty-Four Palms!"

Hizazel hit the ground, then rose again, his fire a dim orange. At that moment, Kakashi came up behind him with lightning blade as Sasuke came from the side with Chidori. The combined thrusts caused Hizazel to glow for a minute. His eyes went dim and then his body exploded with a force that sent everyone flying. Where his body just was there was an orange, yellow, red orb floating in the air.