Chapter One: Telling the Teacher and Lover

Sitting on the floor of her apartment Sakura ran her finger through Itachi hair. Wondering if she should tell him about her little test. Sakura had found out two days ago she would be having Itachi's child. Not wanting to keep it a secret from Itachi any longer, Sakura had to let him know.



Sakura turned her head away to look at the fire

"what would you think of a family"

"why do you wanna know"

"just wondering that's all." asked Sakura. Sakura turned her body around as to warm up by the fire. Itachi just looked at her. Wanting to know where the hell it came from. Sakura notice this and went to the balcony of her home. Leaning over the rail she watched as the moon came from behind the clouds. Itachi on the other hand wanted to know why she asked the question. Coming up from behind Sakura he placed his arms around her waist and laid them on her stomach

"you gonna tell me why you asked" Itachi held a little tighter then what he had on the floor. Not letting her go until she answered his question. Sakura knew he would do this, but wasn't telling him anything. Leaning back into his hold Sakura wouldn't answered. Although they were not alone outside.

Kisame had to retrieve Itachi for a mission in the village of rain. Kisame wasn't looking forward to this. Itachi also notice Kisame

"we have to go now" spoke Itachi

Kisame came from his hidden spot.

"yep" was all he answered

"meet me at the gates in five minutes" spoke Itachi. Sakura knew it had to be now or never. Noticing Itachi hold on her had loosen she turned them both around.

"you have to go" asked Sakura

"yes I do. I'll be back ASAP" spoke Itachi placing a sweet kiss on her forehead. Turning around he was about to leave but Sakura stop him.

"what is it" asked Itachi looking at her

"You better come back. How else can I raise our child without you" Sakura spoke looking at the ground. At hearing this Itachi turned around again to look at Sakura. He was speechless. Like that wasn't hard

"our child" asked Itachi

"yeah, our child. You and me. No one else" spoke Sakura still looking away from Itachi. Itachi didn't know what to say, but hearing this made it clear in his mind about her other question. He understood now. Whether or not he aloud it, Sakura would have this child, and raise the child.

"depends, can I have both my wife and my child come and live at the Akatsuki with me." asked Itachi

"your wife?" Sakura looked at him confused

"that's the only way I can have you and our son in the Akatsuki" spoke Itachi. At this Sakura looked at Itachi and saw that he had shut the sharingan eyes off.

"can we leave when I know his in danger from others. And what makes you so sure it a male" asked Sakura

"as you wish. But that dose mean I will be looking in on him and you. You know this Sakura, and cause I think it will be" spoke Itachi holding her face in his hands. Making her look at him "can you really do this"

"I broke you didn't I" Sakura spoke wrapping two of her hands on the right hand of Itachi. Itachi looked at Sakura.

"you didn't brake me, just gave me a reason to live for. Besides killing" Itachi held Sakura with all his might. "be safe Sakura" speaking this Itachi was gone

"the both of us will be" spoke Sakura knowing Itachi would hear her.

Itachi meet Kisame at the gates

"what took you" asked Kisame.

"hn" was the replay, before disappearing into the night.

It would be another year before Itachi could see Sakura again. Expect next year he would also be seeing his son or daughter. Really in a way he didn't care. All he knew is that Sakura would take care of their child.

For Sakura thought, she had one more job to do. Tell Tsunade about her late night visit from Itachi and about their child.

"tomorrow will be a fantastic day" whispered Sakura going to bed. However she failed to see the second pair of sharingan eyes that just showed up. Sasuke was not the happiest right now. All he saw was a male hold her and ask her question then he left. He would find out who he was, after her child was born. He would do no harm to Sakura, while the child was developing inside of her.

"I will find my answers Sakura. And you will give them to me." Sasuke spoke going to his old apartment.

Sakura walked to the hokage tower. Not really wanting to do this, but she knew she had to. Good thing she had a lesson today. Or else she would have been in bigger trouble.
'so not going to be fun' thought Sakura still walking.

When arriving at the tower Sakura was stopped in her tracks. In front of her was Tsunade drunk and looking herself out of the tower once again.

'this would make it the fifth time all ready' thought Sakura

"hello Tsunade" spoke Sakura

"Sakura, come on up. I have something to tell you about something. I just can't remember" spoke Tsunade

"I have things to tell you to Tsunade" spoke Sakura, helping Tsunade open the tower.

After about another half an hour Tsunade and Sakura where sitting down in her office. Tsunade was to drunk to train with Sakura, but that would soon change.

"so Sakura tell me your news first" spoke Tsunade

"it's a funny story really. I been dating Itachi Uchiha for a while and now I'm carrying his child." Sakura laughed. Tsunade on the other hand had sober up right after hearing Itachi Uchiha.


For the next hour Sakura went through everything. Her meeting Itachi and how they became to love each other. Sakura was almost finished when Tsunade cut in.

"let me get this straight. He would come here, spent nights with you, and not once went after Naruto." Asked Tsunade

"Tsunade not again, I've already answered this question about 100 times already." Spoke a frustrated Sakura.

"ok then. I'll allow you to raise the child in the village. But what about danger to him" asked Tsunade

"if our baby come into danger, I'll be moving into the Akatsuki with Itachi. We already agreed to this" spoke Sakura.

"the let's kept him out of trouble" answered Tsunade, not really wanting to loose one of the villages most well trained and qualified medical nin. Sakura walked over to Tsunade and gave her a hug.

"you're the best Tsunade" spoke Sakura.

From then on Tsunade would train with Sakura in child birth, besides training in her medical skills. Though the though of Sakura having to become a mission nin, so her child could survive, always made Tsunade push Sakura to learn as much as she could. Even if Sakura had to leave, she would make sure she was useful to the Akatsuki.

"that's all for today Sakura" spoke Tsunade sitting on the ground. Sakura joined her. Sakura was now eight and a half mouths pregnant and was showing to.

To counter the village finding out bout Itachi being the father, Sakura and Tsunade decided to lie. Before they started the lie, Sakura sent a letter to Itachi explaining everything. The replay was simple but said yes you can. The village didn't believe it as first but understood that a one night stand was a one night stand.

To help Itachi to know when to come to the village Tsunade and Sakura would write letter explaining where and when. Knowing Sakura was in safe hands Itachi would always come when he could. Somehow seeing Sakura taking care of herself, was one thing he would die to protect.

However Sasuke was still waiting for the child to be born. After woods he had sworn to himself that Sakura would give him the answers he needed to hear. And one was the roomer that was spread around the village.