Title: Christmas Day
Summary: Christmas Day is always such a special day for family and friends...
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A/N: Yeah yeah yeah…it's March and I'm writing a Christmas fic (note: not Xmas xP take that political correctness freaks!!! Muahahaha) … (but no offense meant to those that don't celebrate Christmas). Get over it. Take it as proof I'm still alive…or something. xD


Chapter Title: Santa Always Wins

I felt her stir in the bed beside me. I rolled over in bed and nudged my body closer to her. I nuzzled her neck and wrapped my arm around her middle.

"Good morning," I mumbled as she rolled towards me and soothingly wound her fingers through my hair. I kissed her on the cheek.

She smiled and kissed me back, "Good morning, Naruto." She opened her eyes slightly drowsy and looked at me. She had changed a lot since our childhood; she wasn't nearly as timid and shy as she used to be. She was strong and sure of herself now. Neji had told me on our wedding day that he thought it mostly had to do with me. I disagreed, and told him I had noticed the biggest change in her after they had finally come to terms with each other. He wasn't able to say much to that comment as Hinata then joined us, dragging a slightly pink TenTen behind her. She quickly proceeded to practically throw the two together and towards the dance floor. As she shooed them off, Neji had simply smirked and raised his eyebrows, reminding me (as a good 'older brother' should) of our agreement years ago when I had first began dating Hinata seriously: if I should ever make her unhappy that he would kill me as slowly and painfully as possible.

The thought crossed my mind fleetingly of what he was planning for the Christmas dinner Sakura was holding later that night. I smiled at the thought of what a nervous wreck the poor ninja was going to be all day. He deserved it for as much as he had mocked me and the state I was in before the night I proposed to Hinata.

Hinata looked at me quizzically and kissed me again. "What are you thinking about?" she asked running her fingers through my hair.

I answered simply, "Revenge…" Her look of confusion deepened and I laughed lightly. "You can't tell me you can't wait to spoil our 'nieces' and 'nephews' just like Neji spoils his."

She shook her head and laughed softly. "And it's about time too!" she smiled, "They've been dating long enough!"

It was true, the very next day after our wedding Neji and TenTen were out on a date. It had been a little over six years since then, and in everyone's opinion that was much too long. It was also true about him spoiling the cute little runts. Uncle Neji was undoubtedly the favorite of our children…

Suddenly, the door burst open and our three beautiful, yellow-haired, currently shrieking children burst through the door, shouting and demanding why we were still abed when it was Christmas and Santa had come.

"MOMMY!" our youngest, two-year-old son squealed. "UP, UP, UP! SANTA…PRESENTS!"

"PLEASE; let's open them now! Mom, Dad?" our five-year-old daughter pleaded.

"DADDY!" our twin four-year-old daughters squealed in unison. "Can we? Can we open Santa's presents!?"

"Mommy, Daddy! UP! PRESENTS!"


"Can we open them now!?"

…but of course Santa always beats Uncle Neji by a long run.



So…I might update this with what happens with Neji/TenTen…or Sakura (and…whichever guy I wanna stick her with for this fic) getting ready for the party. Or I might not. (consider who is saying this. Yeah, thought that might answer your question.)

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