Tittle: Acceptance

Chapter: From yesterday

(Book store)

Olivia sat at a nearby table reading the book that Elliot recommend to her. Who would've though, Elliot a reader...

Olivia smiled at the thought...

As she flipped threw the pages she felt eyes staring at her. She slowly looked up, to see a man peering threw his own book at her. He put his book down and got up walking toward Olivia.

She went back to reading her book, figuring if she ignored him he would get the hint. She saw the guys shoes, signaling that he was beside her.

"So you're a Paulo Coelho fan?" The guy said in a husky voice.

Olivia looked at the guy and smiled. "A friend recommend this book so I decided to read it."

"The alchemist, its good but you should try Eleven minutes its better."

"Thanks for the recommendation."

"No problem, you mind if I sit next to you."

"It's a free country."

"That's what the system wants you to believe." He said sitting down.

"What makes you say that."

"I work for them." He said smiling.

"Really?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah but its top secret."

"Sounds dangerous."

"Should we cut the small talk and right down to the big stuff."

"Excuse me–."

"Why are you holding Mason?"


"While your holding Anthony Mason on some bogus lie from that heroine addict, a murderer is running free."

"How did–."

"I told you, I work for the system, look we need Mason to id. He's the only witness and the only one who can get the murder off the streets."

"You've got nerve to even come up to me like this."

"Give me an answer."

"First off, a girl was raped and beaten we have every right to hold him."

"We have a serial murderer and drug lord on the streets ok, a lot of people have been murdered and your worrying about a girl who cant get her story straight."

"How dare you–."

"Look we cant bring this guy in without Mason, just let him go so he can testify for us."

"Hailey was raped by this guy and beaten–."

"Oh so you know the name of this girl. Don't get to attached."

"Im done talking to you." Olivia said getting up.

The guy got up. "Look detective –."

"No you look, we already have a case, and don't you ever down grade a victim just to get what you want, jerk." Olivia walked away.

The guy sighed...

Ok I know this is short...

More to come!!!!