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"His ass is late." Naruto's previously good mood from actually being able to eat twice in a row was dampened considerably as he had been sitting for the last half hour waiting for his teacher to show up. Ky smacked him in the back of the head.

"Don't become impatient. He's doing this on purpose to try and keep you from thinking during his test. We've been through worse, so relax." Ky hated to give this lecture, mainly because he rarely followed it. Naruto and he were beings of action, meant to perform, not wait. Still, if waiting must be done then they would wait. And wait. And wait. And just for good measure wait some more. Ky internally decided that he would slit this ass's throat for this. From the sun they could tell it was at least ten o' clock. It wasn't till then that a certain silver-haired shinobi decided to show up.

"You're late!" Sakura screamed and Naruto was half tempted to join her, but one look from Ky quickly quashed such thoughts. He heard his teacher give some half-assed excuse for being late but started to pay attention again as he started to explain the test.

"The test is simple. All you have to do is get these bells from me before this clock goes off. It's set to ring at about noon, so that should give you a good two hours to fail." Sasuke looked at the bells and noticed something off.

"There are only two bells." Sakura had voiced exactly the same thought. Kakashi smiled. They were beginning to get it.

"When I said there was less then 66 chance for you to pass, I meant it. If you don't get a bell I'll tie you to one of these posts and you won't get lunch. If you want to get these bells and not be sent back to the Academy, I suggest you use lethal force. Otherwise you will never get these bells." Shock registered in the pink-haired girls face while the boys only smirked. Sakura looked as if she was about to voice some objection when Naruto interrupted her.

"So you're saying we can try and kill you, Hatake-sensei?" The mentioned nin frowned slightly at how he was being addressed. By his surname?

"Yeah, that's what he's saying." Sasuke answered before their sensei had the chance. Naruto grinned.

"This just became interesting." With that, Naruto and Ky disappeared in flashes. Kakashi's revealed eye showed obvious shock at such high speeds, at least from these rookies. They were at least as fast as that moron's favorite student while he was wearing his light weights. It was only thanks to his quick reaction time that he avoided the roundhouse kick aimed for the back of his head and his quick thinking that allowed him to avoid several kunai aimed right at where his head had moved to. His headband was a little scuffed up now, but he was unhurt. He looked at a frowning Naruto and his equally unhappy teammate.

"You came at me planning to kill. I think I'm beginning to like you guys. But next time, wait till I say go." Naruto scoffed. Ky appeared insulted.

"Kit, I want to see you do this alone. Say your lesson."

"Which one?"

"Which one seems appropriate?" Naruto smiled as his blue chakara began to flare up around his body.

"When your enemy's ignorance begs for death, appease it." The chakara sparking around Naruto began to rush towards his right arm. It spun at a high rate, faster and faster until it became a vortex, sucking in all the chakara that Naruto had released into the air. The chakara seemed to visibly solidify, looking like a blue coating on Naruto's right forearm. Ky smiled and sat back; the kit could handle himself.

"Amanojakuna Yoroi (Demonic Armor)." Kakashi's eyes went wide. The blue shape around Naruto's arm seemed to have stopped spinning and had settled into the shape of a fox's claw. Without warning Naruto rushed the dazed Jounin. He almost came back to his senses too late. He barely had the time to use a substitution to avoid the hit. Naruto's chakara covered arm plowed right threw the log that had appeared, leaving a nice, clean hole before the whole log caught fire. Kakashi was debating whether or not he should pull out his Sharingan if his opponent was using demonic jutsus as he heard an approach from his back. He quickly substituted again and once again avoided another blue claw from ripping out his innards. Kakashi looked and saw that Naruto was still trying to get his arm out of his first log. That meant that the one that just attacked him was a clone. If his clones could use that technique, then he was royally screwed. How the hell were these things catching fire?

A low whirring noise that could only be a throw shuriken approached the contemplating nin at a high speed. Not wanting to waste time, he simply grabbed the shuriken Sasuke had so gracelessly given him and threw them straight at Naruto. Not wanting to be seen, he quickly left the area to look for his other students. He doubted Naruto could maintain that claw for long and he had some time to burn 'till then.

"Naruto, you teme. Since when could you do something like that?" Sasuke was pissed. Not only had Naruto used a technique that he had never even heard of, but his lazy ass sensei had used Sasuke's own attack in stride to attack the dobe. By the Uchiha name, he would not be outclassed. By his own name, Uzumaki would rue the day he tried to show him up.

He needed one of those bells. It was clear from Naruto's display that taijutsu was out of the question. He wasn't that fast and didn't have a technique that would give him that much power. He was never good with genjutsu and weapons seemed ineffective as well, which left only ninjutsu. Sasuke smiled.

"My specialty." He knew his sensei had been tailing him, and now that he had found an open area with nowhere to hide, Sasuke began his hand seal formation. As soon as Kakashi revealed himself to the young Uchiha, Sasuke exhaled, creating a massive ball of fire.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire: Great Fireball Technique)." Kakashi was surprised to say the least. Did all these kids know jutsus above their level? At least this one he was familiar with. Performing a quick hand seal, a log was burnt to a crisp and Kakashi had a kunai against Sasuke's throat. The boy dismissed the blade and spun on the balls of his heals, delivering a forceful kick to Kakashi's midsection. His leg was instead met with Kakashi's spare hand, the one not currently holding a kunai. Not to be discouraged, Sasuke threw his fist straight at the man's head. The Jounin pulled back his second hand and blocked the punch with the flat of the blade. Sasuke then lifted his second leg, aiming for the one taboo place on all males. Kakashi deflected this simply by moving his leg over, but this also brought the bells closer to Sasuke's body. He was smiling as he outstretched his remaining limb to try and grab hold of the bell. To his surprise, the man had unceremoniously dropped him to the floor and had leaped back to a safe distance.

Sasuke was picking himself up, slowly but surely. How had he gotten away? He was attacking him on three fronts. He should have been too preoccupied to be able to even think about the bells, much less defend them. Temporary lost in his own train of thought, he didn't notice that his teacher was no longer present. He was quickly reminded of that as his body was pulled completely underground. His sensei's smug looking face was openly displayed in front of him. If he had been able to use his arms, he would definitely make that bastard pay.

"It's called Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth: Groundhog Technique Decapitation). You need to be aware of your surroundings, Sasuke. If you beg me for help, I might just pull you out of there." Kakashi smiled, fully knowing what was coming next.

"An Uchiha beg? I must have hit you harder than I thought. No Uchiha will ever beg, you bastard." Kakashi only shrugged as if it didn't matter. In truth, it didn't. He wasn't planning on pulling him up regardless.

"Just know that I offered." In another flash he was gone, leaving a self-brooding Sasuke.

"Why do I have to be so weak? Damn them! Now, how do I get out?"

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura was in a slight panic. Not only had she seen Naruto perform some abnormal jutsu, but she had lost track of where everyone else was. Needless to say she could tell where Naruto was, but Ky, Kakashi-sensei, and most importantly Sasuke-kun had gone missing. She was franticly looking for Sasuke, thinking that if she helped him they could get bells and send Naruto's ass back to the Academy. She smiled at the thought until a disturbing sight greeted her.

Sasuke was leaning against a tree, eyes wide with pain. A blue hand was sticking through his chest, right where his heart should be. She began to quiver as she saw the dead look in Sasuke's eyes and the pulsating red mussel inside the blue hand. It was still beating in a familiar Bah Bum Bah Bum pattern. Sakura stared in horror as that could only be one thing. She looked over Sasuke's non-moving shoulder and saw the blond genin grinning as he began to crush the heart in is hands. The girl's knees buckled. Her legs gave up on her and she fell to the ground. Sasuke was dead. Sasuke was dead and Naruto had killed him. Naruto had killed Sasuke. She couldn't do a thing about it. Sasuke was…

"Hmm… Maybe I hit her with that genjutsu a little hard." Kakashi rarely second guessed himself, but he had never been known as a good teacher. He shrugged it off.

"If she doesn't come out of it by the time the timer goes off, I'll just have to wake her up."

Naruto's armored arm had long since dispersed. Around twenty copies of him were charging in different directions in the woods, looking for their newly appointed teacher. Ky was standing off to the side with a smug look on his face. Naruto knew what was coming and knew it was unavoidable. Might as well get it over with.

"Go on, say it. 'This is what you get for not being certain to destroy your opponent' or some crap like that."

"Fine. This is what you get for being a baka, kit. Next time, don't miss." Naruto sighed. Deciding that he was wasting time here, he prepared to run off in a random direction. Suddenly, Naruto's mind knew the location of both of his teammates. Sakura was trapped in some genjutsu and Sasuke was trapped underground. Naruto smiled to himself. Bunshins releasing themselves could provide such wonderful information.

"Ky, did you get that?"

"Of course, kit. I like how you dropped the senpie by the way. Who do you want me to go after?"

"You take Sakura-san. I'm sure you don't want to dig up anyone and I still suck with genjutsu."

"Wait, why are we helping them?" Ky inquired. It just seemed against his nature. By all means, they should kill them to insure that they would get bells before them.

"As fodder, Ky. We get them all pissed off and more determined to get the bells then ever and have them attack blindly. Hopefully we'll see some of his techniques and they will wear him down some. If not, then at least we can have some help flushing the bastard out." Ky had to smile at his own self-doubt. He had been afraid that the kid was going soft on him. He should have known better. He was about to agree with Naruto when an idea struck him.

"Right. Nice plan, kit, but I have a better one." Ky began to give an in depth explanation and Naruto could only smile. After receiving a nod from his partner, the black-eyed boy darted off into the woods with the blond boy to his back. Said blond boy decided to move as well, leaping into the woods a few degrees to the side.

Kakashi was looking down with a look of surprise on his face. Naruto and his bunshin were aiding their teammates. This wasn't what he expected. Teamwork, and so early? It seemed beyond what they were capable of. The masked-nin shook his head in exasperation. It looked like they were going to pass after all. He leaped down from his observation spot atop a tree. Time to test this newfound teamwork.
Sakura was seated on the ground next to the boy with a red shirt. She didn't appear to be entirely happy with who saved her, but she seemed to be warming up to him a little.

"I didn't ask you to save me." She spoke as if she was in control of the whole situation even though she was quivering on the forest floor just a moment ago. Ky let loose a dark chuckle.

"No, you didn't. You weren't in a position to be asking anyone for help, were you? I take it genjutsu isn't your strong point." Sakura saw an opportunity to show off a little and took it.

"Actually, I'm a genjutsu specialist." Sakura spoke with an air of confidence that could only be achieved with ignorance about their own abilities or perfection in them. Ky was willing to bet it was the former.

"So you specialize in genjutsu and you still were trapped in one? That says something about your skill level you know." Ky finished with a sly grin. The green-eyed nin flushed a little. How dare he insult her like that? She was not about to be insulted by a damn bunshin. She pulled her fist back to strike when she felt a cold piece of steel touch the back of her neck.

"Move that fist and die." Sakura spun around quickly, only to have the blade move from the back of her neck to bottom of her chin. There were now two Ky's, one of which had pinned her arms behind her and the other with a blade to her throat.

"You're fairly pathetic, you know?" Sakura stared fearlessly into Ky's eyes as he spoke. He gave a dark chuckle again.

"You obviously don't realize I could kill you right now. Do you not realize how easy it would be to shove this right through your neck?" Sakura's eyes widened. He could. If he wanted to he could pierce her neck and leave her body for the woods. All fearlessness gone, she looked more like a beaten puppy than anything. Ky half expected her to start whimpering.

"Don't worry, Haruno-san. I won't kill you. Not if you do exactly as I say… Keep that on! That is not what I meant!"

"Put me back in!"

Sasuke demanded of his rescuer. Naruto was looking the boy was if he was mental, which probably wasn't that far off.

"I just dug you out. Why would I put you back in?"

"I will get out on my own. I don't need your fucking help."

"Well, fuck you too. I'm not going to burry you. Get over yourself, damn it." Naruto was wishing he had gone to help Sakura. He had forgotten that Sasuke had that inferiority complex thingy that caused him to refuse help in any way, shape, or form. Naruto sighed. It seemed like he was doing a lot of that today.

"Look Sasuke-teme. Ky is going to get Sakura-san and I came to get you. The three of us are going after that masked bastard and we plan to pull the bells off his corpse. I think Sakura is pathetic enough to go along with us. If you don't come too, then there won't be a bell left for you to take. If you do come with us, you just need to be faster then Sakura-san. Got it?" Sasuke was pissed, but that didn't mean he couldn't think. Sakura would definitely go with Ky if he threatened her; she had no backbone. Naruto had just displayed his speed and strength and Sasuke had a feeling that Ky was stronger even though he was a bunshin. If they used Sakura as a distraction, they could probably beat their sensei and take the bells. That left one question; what would they do with the second bell? If they gave it to Sakura he could easily take it from her, but if they decided to keep them both…

"I'm in. What's the plan?" Naruto smiled. He had him.

"I'll have to let Ky explain."

"That's the plan?" Sasuke seemed bemused. It was simple to the point of genius. It was so simple that no self-respecting shinobi would ever do it, so no self-respecting shinobi would ever expect to have it happen to them. Sakura seemed was still not sure if their plan was genius or insane. She also felt slightly dirty at the thought of using such a plan.

"It'll work, but we need to move fast. So that's all the money the three of us have, right?" Ky was greeted by three nods.

"Right then. Naruto, get your bunshin over there." A clone of Naruto started to run towards the village. Ky couldn't keep the smile off his face. This was going to work like a charm. Sakura still seemed apprehensive.

"Are you sure this is alright? I mean, this is pretty bad." Sasuke was the one to answer.

"He said anything goes, and I'm certain this falls under 'anything.' We're following the rules, so there is no problem. I am concerned about your take on the test though, Naruto-san. How do you know that he doesn't care who gets the bells if we get them as a team?"

"I don't, but why do you think they put us in cells? I can't help but think he wants us to show teamwork, so as long as we get the bells and don't kill each other, we'll be fine." His reasoning did make sense, but Sasuke was still not sure. He would make sure he did get a bell, just to be safe.

"But what if no one will do it? I mean, this is pretty low."

"Haruno-san, quite your damn whining. We sent 12 000 yen. Someone is bound to take that money. If I was a chick I would."

"Have you no shame Ky?"

"Not really, no." Naruto coved a laugh and Sasuke looked amused. Sakura was shocked. A boy without shame. What could he have done when he rescued her?

"Ky, did you do anything to me while I was in the genjutsu?" She spoke with a menacing voice, making it clear that if the answer was not to her liking she would begin tearing off heads. Which heads were not exactly specified, but their necks weren't the main targets, if you catch my drift. (If you didn't get that joke, you shouldn't be watching anything above PG-13 movies.) Ky brushed her off before answering.

"Why would I grope a freak in her sleep? I may have no shame, but I do have self respect." Sakura snapped. How dare he? With ungodly speed and strength the pissed girl drove her fist deep into Ky's stomach. The bunshin was left spitting blood and gasping for breath. He was considering releasing himself, but his chakra boosted bunshin body didn't release automatically and he wasn't sure he wanted to disgrace himself by doing it himself.

"A freak, huh?" Ky's nose was introduced to a vicious amount of pain as the still pissed girl drove her fist straight into his face. Blood was gushing down his face and an excruciating amount of pain was shooting across his face.

"Call me a freak again, why don't you? Do it, you bastard!" Sakura was pulling her arm back, preparing a finishing punch strait at Ky's lower (and arguably more important) head. It was at this point that Naruto took pity on his friend and released the jutsu for him and recreating him behind Sasuke. Sakura's punch went through a cloud of smoke and carried itself halfway into the stone Ky had been sitting on. The girl's anger seemed to be lessening little by little, draining itself out of her body. She didn't see Ky again until her anger had been removed entirely. The three boys looked in shock. They had no idea that this girl could be so strong. Sakura looked up and saw the looks the three boys were giving her.


"You just drove your fist halfway through a bolder without using chakara. Why the hell couldn't you do that back at the Academy?" Sakura blushed.

"It's something I picked up from my mom. Whenever I get really mad or upset I tend to become a little, well, violent." Ky nodded in complete agreement. The three of them made a conscious note to never piss Sakura off more then they had to. Suddenly, an orange and black blur appeared in between the three of them.

"I got someone!" Naruto's bunshin began telling everyone exactly what he had done. All present began to smile, even Sakura.

"Let's go get good seats."

Kakashi discovered with shock that he couldn't feel his student's presence. It was amazing for a genin to hide their presence completely, but these kids seemed to be full of surprises. Next thing you know they'll be summoning something.

Kakashi was looking aroundwith a calm demeanor. They were the ones being timed, not him. They probably had less then ten minutes now and they hadn't attacked in the last hour. He could only guess they were setting up traps somewhere.

The silver-haired nin pulled out an orange book and began to read as he ran back to the logs. He figured that would be where they would show up after the timer went off. As he reached the logs, he heard a splashing sound coming from the river. He shook his head. Not very discreet, were they? He ran off in the direction of the noise. What he saw stopped him in his tracks.

A beautiful woman was naked, bathing in the river. Her back was to him, but Kakashi could tell that her chest was rather, well, large. She had her dark hair up in some kind of band at the back of her head. Her skin was glistening in the water, making it look very smooth and succulent…

Kakashi shook such thoughts from his head. He was testing his genin team. He shouldn't be spying on a young, beautiful, and naked woman bathing in a river, rubbing herself to get clean, maybe touching herself a little... The women turned a little and revealed a black patch on her left shoulder. Was it a tattoo? Suddenly, Kakashi knew who was in that stream and decided it was time to get the heck out of Dodge. He had to get away very quietly, or else he was screwed. One step back, two steps back, a third step back.


Kakashi winced as he stepped on a dry twig, making a distinct loud noise. The instance the sound went off, Anko's neck spun fast enough to snap a lesser man or woman's. As her eyes fell on the orange-book reading shinobi, Anko silted her eyes. Kakashi began to walk back at a faster pace now closing his eyes and rubbing the back of his head. He was trying to give the impression that he was a simple victim of happenstance and from Anko's growing rage and aggressive steps forward, it appeared to be failing.

"Kakashi-kun, why exactly were you watching me as I was taking a bath?" Her voice sounded sweet and innocent, but held undertones that showed her as a vicious, cold blooded killer. Only two words were being held in the man's mind: Oh Shit!

"Ano… I wasn't watching you, Anko-chan. I was just testing my genin team here and I heard you so I thought you might be one of my students so I came over and… Ano… Well… I saw you so I tried to leave… But as I was leaving I stepped on this twig and… Ano…" Anko had almost walked completely out of the water, revealing more than any decent woman should. Kakashi was having a hard time keeping his eye on her face as he tried to get his explanation out. His eyes seemed to naturally gravitate further and further down her body each time before he could stop himself. He did see that Anko's grin was getting wider with every look he stole. That couldn't be good.

"So, your team is out here somewhere and you lost track of them. While you were trying to find them, you accidentally found me bathing here, completely naked. Does that sound about right, Kakashi-kun?" The sweet way she was saying his name made Kakashi feel even more nervous. He knew running meant instant death and staying could very well mean death as well. He was up that proverbial creek without a paddle.

"Yes, that sounds right Anko-chan. That's exactly what happ… oufff!" Kakashi was cut off as the woman's forearm smashed against his windpipe. He was pinned to a tree by the neck and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. Anko's grin had grown into a full-fledged sadistic smile. If not for his training in ANBU he might have shat himself. As it was, he was only quite moist around his crotch.

"Gee, that's to bad Kakashi-kun. I would hate to have to kill you because of a mistake." Her knee had found its way straight between Kakashi's legs. To the man's credit he didn't utter a word of pain. Instead, his visible eye just rolled up into the back of his head and he fell to the ground. Still smiling, Anko went to pick up her clothes by the side of the stream. As she was getting dressed she saw four young shinobi searching the fallen body for something.

"You kids find them yet?" Anko inquired as she pulled her coat on. The boy with orange sleeves that she had spoken to earlier waved back happily.

"Yeah! Thanks a bunch, Anko-sensei!" The woman smiled. She had thoroughly enjoyed scaring the living hell out of Konoha's famous Copy-Nin. It was the small pleasures in life that made it worth living. Now she'd just wait and see if Kakashi was going to wake up before she went and spent her newly earned 12 000 yen on some fresh dango. Not bad for ten minutes work.

"Oi, if you didn't get the bells, what was he going to do to you guys?" Anko suddenly had a very dark idea. True, she had planned for him to see her naked, but she still felt like hurting him for the view.

"He said he would tie us to a training log and we wouldn't be able to eat lunch." Sakura explained as simply as she could. That ruthless attack had somehow excited her. To see a kunoichi beat such a strong man so easily was something worth idolization. The Jounin began to explain her evil idea completely unaware she had just become a hero in the eyes of a young girl.

"You kids probably don't know this, but this guy is a bit of a pervert. He reads this orange porno book all the time. In fact, he never goes anywhere without it. Listen up, because this is what we're goin' to do…"

It was a dizzying feeling, not entirely unlike the morning after a rather large drinking session. His head was groggy and he didn't think he could move his arms. The bright light hurt his uncovered eye. Squinting, Kakashi began to take in his surroundings. Oddly enough, the only things he could see were two bright balls, reflecting light straight into his eye. Squinting even harder, he began to make out those balls as bells or more specifically his bells. Looking down he saw that he couldn't move his arms because they were tied to the log. It was expertly done. There was no way he was going to be able to untie himself.

"Why am I tied to a training log?" He directed this voice to the four standing in front of him. Naruto and Ky were holding one bell and Sakura and Sasuke were holding the other. So it was with reasonable surprise as the answer came from the back of the log.

"You're tied down because you don't have a bell, Kakashi-kun." The masked nin paled visibly. He knew that voice. As if to confirm it, Anko jumped on top of the log and bent over Kakashi's head, smiling upside-down into his face.

"So, do we pass, Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke spoke with what seemed an almost unconcerned voice. In fact, he almost didn't care anymore. Seeing this woman beat the living shit out of his sensei had been worth going back to the Academy for a little longer.

"Ano… I'm not sure. The test was supposed to test your teamwork. Instead, I chanced upon Anko and you used the opportunity to take the bells from my unconscious body."

"No teamwork? None of us had the money to pay Anko-sensei on our own! We had to pool our money! Don't you dare say that wasn't teamwork!" Naruto's words caused Kakashi to start a little.

"Wait, they paid you to fight me?" Anko smiled treacherously.

"Yep. They paid a nice amount, too. Sorry, but a job is a job." Kakashi sighed. If his students were willing to work together to bring in a third party, then that was enough teamwork for him. Evil bastards.

"I guess you all pass then."

"Yatta!" Naruto and Sakura both leaped into the air in exhilaration. Ky and Sasuke were content with showing smug grins. Both were mentally enjoying the beating Kakashi had received. Sakura stopped cheering and ran up to Anko. She tried to dust herself off and make herself look as dignified as possible before asking her question hopefully.

"Ano, Anko-sensei? Do you think you could become our team sensei, too?" All present were a little astonished at the question and all had mixed feelings about it. Naruto and the boys seemed thrilled. Not only would they be working with a beautiful woman, but she could easily keep their lazier sensei in check. Kakashi was a little frightened. If she became his partner, who knew what kind of problems would arise in the future. As for Anko herself, she was simply stunned. She had never considered becoming a teacher, especially after remembering her own. But for some reason this girl seemed hopeful to be working under her. It was a new experience, being admired, and not an unpleasant one at all.

"Sakura-chan, I'm sure Anko-chan has lots of her own work to do, so it would be unfair for us to ask so much of her…"

"Sure, I'm in. Kakashi and I will have to talk to the Hokage tonight to make it official, but I say that it sounds like a plan." Kakashi's jaw dropped, or at least it appeared to drop behind his mask. This was too much.

"Listen Anko-chan. I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I really think that a team of five might be too big."

"A team of five is little different from a team of four. I said I'm in and nothing is going to change my mind. Besides, this will give me a constant paycheck. My dango supply has been running low recently, so I could use the money. I would hate for you to get in between me and my dango, Kakashi-kun." The masked nin began to panic.

"No, no. That's fine with me if it's fine with Hokage-sama." Anko smiled.

"I thought you would see it my way." Anko and the newly appointed genin turned and began to walk away.

"Excuse me. I believe you all forgot to untie me." Anko turned her head back, grinning. The same two words range through Kakashi's head as last time: Oh Shit.

"Didn't I tell you, Kakashi-kun? You didn't keep a bell, so you're all tied up. But, I figured you already ate, so I left your punishment on stone in front of you." Unsure of what she meant, Kakashi look in front of him. A look of pure terror shot across his face.

"Why is my Icha Icha Paradise book on fire?!" Anko let out a laugh as she began to run. Her new students began to follow. Ky was the first to speak.

"This could prove to be interesting." Naruto smiled and nodded in agreement. This could be very, very interesting. He listened to Kakashi's long stream of death threats muffled by Anko's perverse laughing. These could prove to be very interesting times.