Fangs of Ivory

Disclaimer: I do not own the Legend of Zelda Series at all.

Chapter 1: The Savior

On a snowy peak in the highest area of a realm, was a small white half dead creature lying in the snow during a raging blizzard. Its white fur was steeped with ice and its breathing was shallow…

In the distance came the large crunching sound of snow. An enormous yeti holding a red fish with a horse saddle on its head looked through the blizzard with ease.

"Hmm? What this?" the yeti looked down in the snow and scooped up the barely breathing creature.

"A wolf puppy?"

Low audible growls cut through the howl of the blizzard. The yeti looked around cautiously and spotted 10 no 15 wolfos! Their blazing red eyes and pearly white teeth threatened the yeti.

"Give us the pup and we'll spare your life!" the largest howled. The wolfos looked starving with saliva dripping from their jaws.

The yeti looked at the, about 3 months old, pup in his arms. It was shivering against his fur. The yeti slowly took a few steps back. The wolfos acknowledged the yeti's decision and lunged at him.

The yeti turned fully around and made a run for it. The beasts were hot on his heels. He reached the top of a hill with a tree covered in ice and quickly slapped it. A branch fell down from the tree and landed in front of him. He placed one foot on it and pushed off down the hill.

Where wolfos? He thought and gazed behind him.

Rising from the snow, came the wolfos. They pounced at him with fangs bared. The yeti hastily weaved around them on his makeshift snowboard. One grabbed onto his large tail. The yeti yelped in pain and whacked the wolfo with his red fish. He continued boarding down the slope, jumping over ledges and dodging trees. Finally he saw his destination, an old black stoned mansion in the distance.

"Almost home!" he shouted with joy.

The wolfos, upon hearing this, increased their attack.

"We must not let them escape! If so he'll skin our hides and tack our heads above his fireplace for all of eternity!" the leader shouted and quickened his pace.

The yeti reached the cobblestone entrance and his board broke. The yeti was sent hurling towards the door and quickly opened the door. Just as he was turning the doorknob, the leader leaped at him. The yeti rapidly opened the door and went inside.


The wolfo leader collided with the door.

The other beasts snickered and jeered at their boss.

"Shut up you imbeciles! Do you know what this means?" the leader growled.

His men err… wolfos whimpered in response thinking about the horrors that would befall upon them for their failure.

"YETA! YETA!" the yeti came bursting into the living room of the manor.

A smaller yeti was setting on a chair in front of a fire.

"Yeto?" the smaller yeti looked puzzled at Yeto's entrance.

"Me out hunting, found puppy, wolfos attacked, and came back home!" Yeto said in one breath.

"Calm down." Yeta cooed to her husband.

Yeto took a deep breath and showed Yeta the small white puppy in his arms.

Yeta gasped.

"Set down near fire! Get soup! Hurry!" she told her husband.

Yeto placed the pup down and dashed for the kitchen. Yeta grabbed a blanket and wrapped the pup up. It still had icicles clinging onto its fur and shivering.

Yeto came back into the room with a bottle of superb soup.

He scooped the pup into his arms, tilted its small head back and poured the soup down its tiny throat. The pup awoke in the yeti's arms and stared into the large golden eyes of Yeto. The pup's blue eyes wondered around, surveying its surrounding.

It yelped happily at its saviors.

"Awww…" the yetis said at the same time.

"Let's keep him."

In an enormous and well-guarded castle, the cry of a baby broke the silence. Inside a birthing room, a tall Sheikah midwife stood in awe at the small bundle in the tired queen's arms. The queen looked down at her new born baby and smiled warmly. The maids in the room grinned too at their new princess. But there was one questioned that needed to be asked and answered.

"My queen, what will you name her?" asked the Sheikah midwife.

The queen looked at the Sheikah with half-lidded eyes.

"Her name shall be…Zelda.

The door of the room opened a small crack and a dark green eye peered inside the room.

The owner of the eye grinned widely and thought…

My future bride…