Fangs of Ivory

Chapter 11: First Steps

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That was all the white wolf could feel as his consciousness slowly came back to him. Where am I? His sapphire eyes cracked sluggishly open before closing once again after the sun snuck into them. Moving other parts of his body first, he got his footing. He seemed to be resting against something alive as an object behind him was emitting tranquil amounts of heat. The object also had a gentle touch as its hand swept across the wolf's body, relaxing him considerably. The white wolf rotated his head to look up at a goddess…

"Pleased to see you once again, little white wolf." A soothing voice whispered. The same voice had been humming a tune, a lullaby.

Swiveling his ears to listen more intently to her, the white wolf forced his body to rise only to tumble back down. Either he was really sore or his body had forgotten how to function. Trying once more only to be pushed back down, the wolf growled slightly at the princess's actions which she giggled in response to.

"Rest now. You still haven't fully recovered or is your rump ready for another piercing?" Zelda asked sarcastically.

The wolf turned his head. Indeed, his hide had been bandaged up nicely, explaining why he had a hard time standing up. Huffing at his predicament, the beast laid his head back down and watched as her majesty moved away from him to fetch some water.

"You must be parched. Take a drink." She offered and held the bowl to his muzzle. Lapping like it was the last drop in Hyrule, the wolf finished the drink in a few seconds.

"Thank you, I needed that." He responded and shook his shoulders to wake his mangled body.

"So… I wasn't hallucinating. You really can speak Hylian. Amazing. How did you ever learn how? Are there others like you? Or you the only one who can?" Zelda questioned growing more and more excited by the second.

The white wolf put his paw up to stop the babbling young lady. She shushed her mouth. Yawning a bit, the wolf got off what seemed to be her bed and landed on the ground with a thump. He sat down in front of her.

"From a yeti, I am not sure and probably." He answered, looking around the large bedroom.

It was furnished so lavishly that the word royalty had to be printed on one of the walls. Zelda, still amazed kneeled down to the wolf's level. He seemed more comfortable that they could meet eye-to-eye without either having to strain their necks. She gazed at more making the wolf cough to break her out a daze. Her highness blushed slightly from embarrassment then remembered her manners.

"Would you like something to eat?" She questioned and pointed to a tray of cucco legs and steak.

Without giving her an answer, the white wolf sprinted to the tray and began wolfing down the meal. Zelda looked at the beast wide eyed for a moment then broke out laughing. The canine paid her no mind as his tail wagged furiously at the fact his stomach was being filled.

"I'll take that as a yes. Don't eat to fast or you'll cho- Too late." Zelda sighed as the wolf began hacking back up part of its food that had become lodged in his throat.

The poor thing began to dry heave until the piece of bone from the steak shot out. It landed into a waste bin that led to a garbage pile.

"Nice aim." She commented and patted the mongrel's back while he glared at her. Now that he was full, the wolf yawned. The wolf looked to the ceiling as if he was in deep thought. Acting like a fish, he opened up his mouth then close it quickly, trying to find the right words to start. Maybe I should… Naw… Or could I? No… I got it!

Just as he was about to begin, the door burst open with a thud. A woman wrapped in black clothing with a shawl over her head, allowing her bright orange hair to tussle down in front marched in. She did not seem pleased at all. Midna has been looking all over the place for Zelda. She asked several guards, almost ran into a donkey and nearly fell into a fountain during her search. Apparently, the young princess had ventured around for medicine to heal canine specific wounds. It wasn't until Midna found a clue of the dog tracks and some white fur up the stairs to Zelda's room did she finally arrive. The Twili princess glared ruthlessly at Zelda whom tried to cower behind the white beast that looked at Midna puzzled.

"Do you know… what I went through… trying to track you down?" Midna exhaled and pointed an aggravated finger at the princess.

Zelda raised her hands defensively before placing a slender pale finger against her lips and directed to their furry guest. Midna raised an eyebrow at the beast before turning back to the princess.

"Nice pet. Now as I was saying…" Midna began once more enraged.

"I am not her pet and could you keep it down? I have sensitive ears." The white wolf huffed, slightly irritated and hopped back on to the bed sloppily due to his bandages.

The Twili cut off her tirade to gawk at the beast slightly then turned to Zelda for reassurance. Her friend merely nodded at her before trying to settle the older woman down. Midna pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Did that mutt just talk?" She asked.

"Is the sky blue, are cuccos white and are you not deaf?" The wolf mumbled and rested his head on a pillow.

"Smart mouth. I like him." Midna voiced and moved over to rub the canine behind the ear, earning her a shaking leg and flopped out tongue.

"Now that you two have grown acquainted with each other, was there something you wanted to say?" Zelda questioned and removed the flame haired girl's hand so the beast could speak without sounding as if he had smelled too much keg powder.

He whined slightly from the loss of touch before clearing his throat and stood on his feet. The window behind him let in a dazzling sun which brightened his coat, giving it a holy halo across each fine white hair. The wolf sucked in some air and howled to the heavens above a deep ethereal note, sending Midna's and Zelda's minds spinning.

Then there was darkness.

Listen. Breath. Feel.

Groggily, the girls rose from their places on the transparent ground. The smoky atmosphere surprisingly cleared their aching heads as the world came back into view. They were located in some large forest clearing with only a stump stuck deeply into the earth before them. The croaking, murmurs, buzzing, and bellows of the woods flooded their ears, compelling a serene expression on their faces. How did they…?

Emerging from the brush came the white wolf. His piercing blue eyes brightened the shadows in which he had appeared from. He took his place next to the stump and let out once more a howl. This one seemed to be calling someone.

A stream of wind twisted into a small tornado on the stump. It quelled and fled, leaving a tall green haired woman in jade robes in its place. She cleared her throat and gazed warmly at the princesses.

"Princess of Destiny. Princess of Fate. I am glad we have this chance to finally meet before your journey begins." She began and bowed.

Zelda stared wide eyed before remembering she was in the presence of someone ethereal and bowed. Midna did the same also spellbound by what had happened. The white wolf let his sapphire gaze wash over them before taking his place between the princesses.

"The prophecy has been announced. You must begin this quest or face a world heralding for demise." Farore warned.

"What prophecy?" Midna spoke up and sent Zelda a questioning look.

The wolf quickly repeated it to not waste time, making Midna freeze for a moment.

"I've heard of that… We have a similar tale in the Twilight except instead of fangs they are tears and it is a hero not a mangy mutt." The Twili informed, causing the wolf huff at being insulted.

"The translation from Hylian to Twili is a little… rough, but nonetheless, it needs to be fulfilled. There is darkness and shadow all around you. Be careful and stay together for only as one can evil be vanquished." The Goddess of Courage finished and outstretched her hand, waving it across.

She brought them back to the darkness it which they had entered.

Zelda and Midna rewoke in the Hylian's room with a jerk and a gasp. They felt reality settle in slowly and quickly glanced at each other, asking whether or not that really just happened.

"It did." The wolf broke them out of their stupor and "Are you two, okay? I remember going through that the first time and almost wanting to barf afterwards…"

"We're fine, we're fine. Just… how can we do this? I mean seriously, you're a wolf, we're two busy princesses and the world's future has landed heavily on our shoulders'?" Midna asked bluntly and stood up.

"I know it sounds too unreal, but I've been having dreams of our friend here and I think this was bound to happen whether we like it or not." Zelda quipped in to levitate the Twili's growing frustration.

"It may be sound farfetched. It may have been something in the water. I believe though this is all true, we have a duty to uphold… and we need each others' help to complete it." He encouraged and gave a toothy smile.

The princesses merely nodded at his small but motivating speech and kneeled down to his level for more. Now that they had their moral up, maybe they could begin. The wolf rummaged around the room for some of the items he had brought and found them sitting in a corner. He picked up his old map and unraveled it for them to see.

"Alright… we should begin as soon as possible. Tonight if you can. The first location of these fangs is…"knotted in an ancient tree" He refreshed and tried to find such a thing on the scroll.

"Knotted in an ancient tree… I believe they're talking about the Great Deku Tree." Zelda guessed.

"The Great Deku Tree? That giant oak is a myth to scare children from entering the Lost Woods. Its eyes see all that enter its lair. Its children shall lead you to your doom and whatnot." Midna dismissed the notion.

"Myth or not I think it's our only option right now and it makes sense. That myth is ancient I'm guessing? Well, there can't be two ancient trees in Hyrule." The wolf retorted.

As they were beginning to plan out a strategy, the wolf heard loud footsteps coming toward the bedroom. "Quickly! Hide everything!"

Midna grabbed a quill and dipped it in ink then circle the Lost Woods on the map. Zelda rolled it up and placed the parchment back with the wolf's stuff then slid his items under her bed. The canine scrambled to the princess's closet while Midna and Zelda jumped on to the bed, trying to look as calm and poised as their titles demanded of them. Rolen and 10 guards from his Tri Squad barged into the room, scanning over every nook and cranny.

"We've received reports of a large white dog around these halls. That wolf from last night could still be wandering around the castle and his royal highness has asked the 1st Tri Squad to keep you and your guest safe, your majesty." Rolen announced and appointed four of his men to watch the hallway, two posted at the door and the rest were spread out across the entire floor.

Rolen had given himself the "hardest" task of directly watching the princesses in their confines. Zelda glared while Midna let loose a cheeky smile and sauntered over to the brave knight.

"Oh~ I feel much more secure already. Don't you Zelda?" The Twili sent a wink at the Hylian princess out of Rolen's vision.

"I know~ Rolen is so courageous and strong. I doubt that mean ol' wolf will step one foot on this floor with him around." Zelda jumped in and stood close to the bumbling bodyguard.

Being assaulted by two luscious and beautiful women was something the idiot could only dream of. He flexed his muscles despite them being covered by silver armor. The white wolf poked his black nose to see what was going on then felt like falling over and dying. What for Nayru's sake are they doing? He question and continued to watch.

"Don't you think being cooped up with us is a little excessive? I think you're men need you to show them how to be true hero than to waste your time with us~" Zelda added in and began cajoling the moron towards the door.

Rolen was becoming more and more flustered by the millisecond as each princess trailed a delicate and lithe hand across his chest and arms. Outwardly, they seemed enthralled by their savior. Inwardly, they wanted to take a bath full of cleansing tonic 1000 times a day for a year. The white wolf involuntarily let out a growl when Rolen's right hand began to trail too low for comfort near Zelda's rump. He tested his luck and gave it a tight squeeze. The fair haired princess let out a screech, not expecting that and pulled back a gloved hand to smack the fool across the face.

She was beaten to it as the wolf rushed from his hiding place and pinned the bodyguard to the ground.

"W-What? YOU! Men! I've found him! He's in here!" Rolen called out and soon his men rushed into the room with swords and spears pointed to white wolf's neck.

The beast had his fangs position directly over the young man's throat ready to end his life with a single muscle movement. He glanced at Zelda, asking her just to give the signal. She shook her head in response. The wolf reluctantly pulled back his fangs and was seized from the squad leader. His legs, mouth and body were immediately bound to prevent escape.

"Sir, what should we do with him?" One guard asked.

"Bind his legs with the sturdiest chains and throw him into the dungeon. Do not give him food or water until I order it." Rolen commanded and rubbed his neck, glowering at the mongrel.

The wolf let out a deep growl and lunged forward at Rolen before being transported to his new home. Gaining back his lost composure, the bodyguard approached Zelda and took her by the right hand. He rubbed his thumb along the back of it as if to soothe her.

"Do not worry your highness. That beast shall be made into a fine winter coat for you with matching boots if we stretch his hi-"


Zelda retracted her now reddening hand and gazed coldly upon Rolen. Midna held the same expression except hers blazed with an unmatched fury. He gulped before them and quickly exited the bedroom, confused at what had just transpired. Zelda and Midna turned to each other with faces full of worry.

What were they going to do now?