Amanda: This story, like Fears of Blue, also came randomly. I've began asking my friends to say random words to give me inspiration. This word was 'fish'.

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Chapter 1: Intro/Incessant Ranting

Ienzo's POV

Do you know what's really annoying? Hearing the words 'hearts' and 'darkness' being drummed in your head day after day after day. Do you know what's even more annoying? It's when you hear them in the exact same lectures every single day. I should know. When you're so used to the same conversations, the same routine every day, when something exciting finally happens, all hell brakes loose. Problem is, when the cause of the chaos is gone, you miss it terribly. I should know.

3 Months Earlier

Ansem.will.not.shut up.

"Now, remember: these creatures originated from the darkness, and they seem to be after human hearts, so you must be careful when working with them. They may attempt to take your hearts, so you must make sure you keep your hearts from the darkness."

Ugh. I really don't know how much longer I can sit through this crap and retain my sanity. As much as I respect my mentor, he just talks way too much.

"-so observe from a distance tomorrow. Any questions?"

"…" Ansem looked a bit disappointed when not a single hand went up. Humph, he must have wanted to talk more. Figures. He sighed.

"Well then… the information I have collected is in the folder over there." He gestured to the large bookcase which was empty except for a single folder, "…you are dismissed." There was a small roar of squeaking chairs, and the room was left with only Ansem and a bookcase with one less folder. Not that I'd be reading it.

I'm starting to think the only place I can really calm down is the beach. It is a small, unknown area of Hallow Bastion, so it is very peaceful… especially since there is no even to bug me and no Ansem to lecture me. I ran a few fingers through the water and sighed. Ansem's incessant ranting makes sense, but quite frankly, I am really sick of hearing it.


My head shot up. I looked around, spotted a small ripple in the water, and chuckled to my self. What am I so worried about? It was probably just a fish. I'm a little jumpy when it's quiet, but that's-


My head shot up again, only to catch a glimpse of a huge fish tail and a pair of eyes.

Human eyes.

"What the hell was that?!" I stared bewildered at the rippling water, and when nothing else happened, I shook my head.

"Maybe all the salt is getting to me…" I muttered quietly. "I need to lie down…" I whispered to myself, getting up and heading back to the base. At the time, I was completely unaware of the wide, curious, cerulean eyes watching me leave.

To be continued

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