Someone needs to write more +Anima fics! It's a crying shame. Such a good manga and it doesn't even have its own section under the Anime/Manga category. Warning: Due to the need of enough +Anima to fill an entire village, OC s are necessary.

Summary: All of our favorite +Anima characters are together because there is nowhere they belong. So they decide to make their own settlement where they can live with no prejudice against them. Will their ideal society run into trouble and fall into ruins?


"Guys, I'm tired. Let's stop for the night." Nana said with a yawn.

Cooro and Husky stopped and looked around at her. Senri, who was walking beside her, silently nodded and started to get firewood.

Husky sighed. "I suppose it is getting dark. But we could still walk farther before we stopped. Girls are such a pain."

"Aww, I was getting kinda tired too Husky." Cooro protested.

"Hmph." Husky said, taking his outer clothes off and walking to the river they had been following and diving in.

"Get some good fish Husky!" Cooro called after him, waving and wearing his usual innocent grin. Husky surfaced just long enough to glare at Cooro before diving again.

After watching Husky catching fish for a while, Nana began to speak. "I wish I could help more. Husky fishes, Senri cooks and can build fires, you can herd fish towards Husky and you always scout ahead too. But my only skills are stealing and domestic skills." Nana pouted.

"Well if we ever find a village that's friendly toward +Anima, we can have a house there and live together. Then we would need your domestic skills." Cooro assured her. A few drops of water fell on him.

"What are you yammering about now?" Husky asked, standing above Cooro, still dripping from his swim in the river. Senri had finished collecting firewood and had a small fire going. He had put the fish that Husky had caught on sticks and set them to cook on the fire.

"Nana was just wishing that we could settle down somewhere." Cooro explained.

"Well, yeah traveling can be a pain in the butt, but it means that any people we meet who hate us because we're +Anima can be easily left behind when we move on. Anywhere we stay, someone has a beef with us. There's no place where we'll be truly welcomed." Husky told them bitterly.

"What about a village made entirely of +Anima?! Wouldn't that be a great place?" Cooro said excitedly.

"Where do you propose we search for such a village?" Husky inquired sarcastically.

"We won't find it, we'll make it." Nana interjected suddenly.

"Huh?" Cooro wondered, being his usual clueless self. The only problem is that he wasn't the only one confused.

"Nana, you aren't making sense." Husky informed her while dismissing her comment.

"No, I mean what if we could make our own village. We could have all the +Anima that we've met, or will meet come and live here. And we would be more than able to protect ourselves with so many friends. Being a +Anima need no longer be a curse to anyone. It will be a blessing." Nana said, and she sounded so hopeful about it.

"Sounds nice." Senri remarked.

"It does. And we could do it too, I'll bet! C'mon Husky, let's give it a try." Cooro pleaded, giving Husky big doe eyes.

Husky was disarmed by his look. "W-Well I suppose…"

"Yay, let's make a village!" Cooro cried, pulling Husky to his side and giving the thumbs up.

"Cooro, you fool, this isn't like playing house. It would take real work to make a village from nothing." Husky scolded him. He seemed uncomfortable with Cooro's arm around him. He quickly shook it off.

"But I think we could do it! I really do. We would just start with a house for us. It could have a vegetable garden, and a nice kitchen, maybe even a good washroom." Nana said dreamily.

"Get real. Even if we could do the work, none of us knows how to build a house. We aren't architects. So how would we build a house?" Husky asked.

"We could look for a carpenter in the nearest village. And we could see how much it cost and get that much money." Senri suggested. Everyone paid attention since he said much more than just his usual two word sentences.

Husky especially was surprised. "You guys are all really serious, aren't you? I mean, if even Senri is discussing a way to build a house out here then you all really want to do this, for real."

"Well, yeah, this sounds like a chance for us to belong to somewhere. And the reason we're together is because we don't belong with anybody else. We could belong to the rest of the world, but since they won't let us, we could belong here." Nana insisted.

"Could we just talk to a carpenter to see about the cost? If it's way too much, then we won't try it. But if we could afford it, I really want to try." Cooro pleaded.

Again, Cooro's eager look disarmed Husky. He paused for a few moments before sighing and saying, "Fine. We'll look into it."

Cooro immediately cheered and hugged Senri and Nana, and at last, Husky. "Hey, no hugging! Get off Cooro!" Husky protested.


"A house? There isn't room for any more houses in this town." the carpenter said the next afternoon when they asked him how much a house would cost depending on size and location.

"Well, we were wanting to live farther away from town then you might think." Husky told him uneasily. Too many lies at this point wouldn't do.

"You four look awful young to be building a house in the middle of nowhere. Where are your parents?" the carpenter asked, sounding a bit suspicious.

"Senri is the oldest!" Cooro volunteered eagerly. He pointed at bear boy but Senri's face remained impassive.

"I had kind of assumed that, but do you mean you have no parents to take care of you?" the old carpenter persisted.

"We take care of us." Cooro said, looking puzzled because this was apparently the most obvious thing in the world.

"What Cooro means is that we are capable of providing for ourselves and supporting ourselves. We don't need parents to do that for us." Husky explained.

"You don't look like you have a lot of money. How would you pay for this house?" the man inquired.

"We thought we would let you tell us the cost, and if we thought we could afford it, we'd find jobs to earn money. If not, we would just move on and keep traveling." Husky told him.

"Actually, I am a little low on workers right now. Maybe we could work out a deal. This week, they are going to tear down city hall, and they want to build a new one made of stone. Now my friend the stone mason is going to build it but they said that I could salvage all the wood and materials I want from it. Only problem is they're giving me two days to take it all away and I wouldn't get much away from there all by myself. So how about you four help me and we'll see how much material we get from it. If it looks like the foundation of a house, we'll work something out. But if you don't feel like it's enough of a head start for you then I'll pay you for your work and you can move on. Sound reasonable?" the carpenter asked.

"Very. You've got yourself some workers." Husky replied, shaking the man's hand.

"Yay! We have jobs and maybe a new home!" Cooro cried with glee.

"Where are you all staying?" the old man inquired.

"Umm…somewhere…probably camping outside." Nana admitted.

"You could sleep in the loft of my barn. All that's in there is supplies, tools, my cart and some horses. Don't worry, it doesn't smell bad. But my house is much too small to fit all four of you." the carpenter informed them.

"Thank you. You're very kind. What's your name?" Nana asked.

"I'm Chuck. Will I be able to get more names than just Senri, who is the oldest?" Chuck wondered with a friendly smile.

"Oh, I'm Nana, the silly boy is Cooro and the grumpy looking pretty boy is Husky." Nana told him.

"Pretty boy?! Nana, I outta-" Husky threatened before Cooro restrained him and covered his mouth.

"Husky, you are really pretty. It's just one of the burdens you'll have to bear." Nana said with a teasing grin. Husky thrashed and tried to escape Cooro's grip but Cooro held him tightly.

"We'll just go outside now." Cooro said with a grin. He dragged Husky to the door.

"Well, just be sure to say goodnight before you go into the barn so I'll know you're in." Chuck told them.

"Okay." Nana promised, following Cooro out.


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