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Regrets 2

Puzzle Pieces

Sae returned to school in a couple of days after her time in the hospital, which surprised Momo. Sae was sick and tired of her parents scolding her for her choices that she decided to return to school. Sae's parents pressed charges against Ryo, regardless of Sae's pleas. Toji volunteered to speak to the police and offer any information that could bust Ryo for good. Because some of Ryo's employees were in the police force, they were able to swindle him out of trouble.

Kiley wrote to the owners of the soba restaurant he used to work at. He explained that Momo was coming to work there for a weekend and would probably need some advice. They were quite happy to learn that Momo would be coming to see them. Momo was excited herself. She remembered how Kiley seemed before he left for his soul-searching quest. He was still a bit confused, but he was ready to do what he did to find out what it was he wanted. He was so focused, so dedicated. Momo had to have that same drive. She had to be willing to do whatever it took to make her decision: Kiley or Toji?

"Toothbrush…check…sunscreen…check…clothes...check..." Momo packed all her belongings into her backpack and pulled it onto her shoulders. Dressed in a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt and a black baseball cap, she walked up to the door ready to begin her "quest." Just as she pulled the door opened, there stood Sae Kashiwagi who was about to knock.

"Oh good, you're all ready!" Sae exclaimed. She also was dressed fit for a hike, with her own backpack.

"Sae, what're you doing here?" Momo asked.

"You're going to that Soba restaurant, right?" Sae inquired, pulling on Momo's arm. "Well it's dangerous for you to walk all by yourself so I'm going to go with you."

""Sae, I…"Momo began and Sae cut her off.

"Yes, I know, you can take care of yourself," Sae said. "But you can never be too careful. I mean, you could just be sitting in the park minding your own business and you can be jumped by a bunch of punks with baseball bats."

Momo furrowed her brow. She couldn't believe how Sae could have said it with such a straight face, after she had been in that very same predicament. Momo shrugged and sighed.

"Yeah, I guess you can come," Momo said, closing the door behind her and walking through the gate. She put her hands in her pockets and with her talkative traveling companion, Momo began her journey. A few miles later, Sae complained about the heat and the distance.

"Where's this soba restaurant?" she groaned. "Are you sure Kiley gave you the right directions?"

"He told me it was far," Momo replied. "He walked all this way himself."

"He walked a lot of miles for you, didn't he Momo?" Sae asked.

"Huh?" Momo stopped and looked at her.

"I know about the day of the typhoon," Sae said simply. "Because Kiley asked me to help look for you."

"He asked you for help?" Momo gasped. 'Why didn't Kiley tell me this?' Momo thought to herself.

"Hey, don't' say it like that," Sae muttered. "Anyway, I told him how much you were looking forward to this trip. Then the train stopped and we had to split. I had to see how Ryo was."

"Yeah," said Momo.

"So you feel stuck between Toji and Kiley," said Sae, "and you think taking a leaf from Kiley's book will help you?"

"He said it worked for him," said Momo, "I'm sure it'll work for me. I've got to try."

"Well, with whatever choice you make" said Sae a matter-of-factly, "you'll have a guy that cares about you. That's all you really want, is it?"

Momo nodded. Both Toji and Kiley were very good to her. Toji broke up with Momo to protect her from Sae's blackmail. He saved her life, twice. First when she nearly fell out of the window and when she was nearly hit by a train. She was so crazy and reckless sometimes, but Toji put up with it. When she was waiting for Kiley to show up, Toji waited with her. Then the two of them…

Momo tightened her left hand around the strap of her backpack. What was she thinking, giving herself to Toji that way? Even if they had both cared for each other, it was still wrong. She was still in love with Kiley when she slept with Toji. Momo never expected her to regret her first time.

"C'mon, let's go," said Momo, getting back to her trek.

"Okay," Sae raised her hands then folded them behind her head. An hour or so later, the girls finally made it to the soba restaurant. Once Sae and Momo introduced themselves, the chef made them something to eat..

"You girls must be hungry," said Sanae , the chef's wife as she gave the two girls plates of soba "So you're Momo. It's so good to finally meet you."

Momo smiled back, unable to speak. She wasn't sure what to say now that she was here. How much did Kiley tell the chef and his wife about their relationship?

Sanae looked at Sae. "I thought Momo was coming alone. Are you Momo's friend?" Sanae asked.

"yeah, we're best friends!" replied Sae happily. "I came with Momo so she wouldn't be alone."

"That's so good of you," said Sanae, "a young lady shouldn't travel all on her own."

After eating, Sanae showed the girls where they would be sleeping. Though Sae wanted to take a nap, Momo wanted to get to work right away.

"You can rest a while," Sanae told Momo. "You must be tired."

"No, I'd like to get started," Momo insisted. "I'll sleep later."

The fact was Momo couldn't sleep. Sleep was difficult for her since her talk with Kiley. Perhaps after a hard day's work, sleep would come easy for her.

"All right," said Sanae. "Come with me."

Sanae gave Momo a uniform to work in as Sae took a nap. Momo started with bussing tables and washing dishes. With her hands busy, she was able to let her mind think. The work wasn't too difficult to occupy her mind. She thought more about Kiley and Toji. As she worked, Sanae spoke to her about Kiley. She told her how he was a good worker and always happy to help and so lively. Sanae never would've guessed that Kiley was searching for answers unless she told her.

"So, what is your story, Momo?" Sanae asked Momo. "Kiley told us that you were seeking answers."

"Yeah, I am," Momo said as she dunked a few dirty dishes into soapy dishwasher. "I guess you can say I'm in the same boat as Kiley when he was here. I'm torn between two people and I have to choose who I want to be with."

"I see," said Sanae. "And is Kiley one of them?"

Momo nodded. "Yes and the other is another boyfriend. Toji. I was seeing him during the summer and I only just broke things off. Temporarily, you know, until I decide who I want to be with."

"Yes, that would make your decision easier," agreed Sanae.

"Kiley told me you helped him with his love problems," Momo said with a shy smile. "He told me how your husband told him about number one soba and then gave him expired store bought soba."

Sanae chuckled. "Yes, I wish he had used another lesson on Kiley instead."

"Well, whatever lessons in love you can give me would be great," Momo admitted as she rubbed a plate with a soggy washcloth. "I'd like to get this figured out as soon as I can."

Sanae paused for a minute, thinking. "All right. I'll do whatever I can to help."


After Momo finished with the dishes, Sanae brought her dinner. She laid a Zaru with several types of cold soba and a plate with different types of hot soba.. Momo looked at the food and then at Sanae with confusion. "You want me to eat all this?" Momo asked.

"Oh, no no." Sanae answered. "I want you to pick your two favorites."


"We'll have an experiment," said Sanae. "You eat one favorite all day and then another the next. When you decide which of the two is your favorite, the one you wish to have your whole life if you had to, then maybe you can decide which boy you want to stay with."

"Deciding between Kiley and Toji with food?" Momo asked, taking her chopsticks.

"Yes, may sound rather strange," Sanae said. "But many of our longtime customers only order the same thing. They say they love it so much that they can eat it forever if they could."

Momo took a bite of each sample. She liked them all and it was hard to pick her favorites. She went back to take a second thoughtful bite of the samples and finally picked her favorite two. "I like this one…and this one."

She pointed at a soup of noodles with egg on top and then a glob of cold noodles with seaweed that was sitting on the zaru tray.

"Ah, the Tsukimi soba and the zaru soba," said Sanae. "Those are both very good. Now I want you to eat nothing but Zaru soba tomorrow and then the next day you will eat nothing but the Tsukimi soba.. You'll switch between both sobas until the end of your visit. Then you choose which one you like the best. Perhaps by the end of your stay, you will be able to make your decision between Kiley and…"

"Toji," said Momo.


Momo pushed a piece of seaweed with her chopsticks. "That's a great idea…but um…what if you had too much of a good thing?"

"What do you mean?"

Momo sighed. "Well, like cake I guess. You see your perfect type of cake just sitting in the bakery and finally, you get to tatse it It's just so wonderful that you can help yourself and you end up eating the whole thing.." Momo smiled, blushed then frowned. "Then you get the worst stomach ache when it's all over."

Sanae's eyes grew wide and she gasped. "Oh…oh yes…I see."

"It was so stupid," said Momo, putting both elbows on the table, interlocking her fingers as she clasped her hands. "Why, why did I do it? I was waiting for Kiley. It was our special day but Toji was there and…why?"

Momo brought her arms down onto the table and buried her face into her arms. Sanae pulled back on the food and patted Momo's back. "Momo, don't worry. It will work out. Why…there have been many girls in your place before. In fact…I was one of them."

"Huh?" Momo lifted her tearstained face. "Really?"

Sanae nodded. "Yes, I was about your age. I fell in love with someone…I thought he loved me too but…well…I grew up and I found someone to love me back." She looked over to her husband, working diligently on cutting vegetables. Sanae smiled and looked back at Momo. "You'll find someone to love you too, I know it."

"Yes," said Momo. "Both Toji and Kiley love me…Kiley doesn't' care that I've slept with Toji. He's still willing to be with me, but I don't know if it's right to gt back with im after what I've done."

"Yes, Kiley was confused what he should do when he first got here too," said Sanae. "But he knew that you're the one he wanted to be with. You'll get your answers too. I just hope you won't have to learn it the way Kiley had to."

"What do you mean?" Momo questioned.

"He didn't tell you?" said Sanae. "Kiley got really sick when he was with us. He was on the verge of pneumonia."

"What?" Momo exclaimed. "Pneumonia! He didn't tell me anything about this!"

Sanae smiled once again. "I can say I'm not surprised. Kiley obviously didn't want to worry you."

"Idiot, why didn't he call me?" Momo grunted. "I would've come right over!"

Though Momo was angry about the information that Sanae had given her, it helped Momo with making her decision. She wasn't sure exactly who she wanted to be with, but she took the time to go her relationship with both guys, counting the good and bad times. She switched between the two soba dishes. She had fun with Sae and the bonded stronger with pillow fights and girl talk. Momo was actually happy that she came along. It had been three nights but Momo was still non the wiser who she wanted to be with. The weekend was nearly over. Could she return home now without any answers?

After the store closed the third day, Sae and Momo had dinner and then walked around the store with tea for a nightcap.

"You know, I really am going to miss this place," said Sae. "The food was great; there were some really cute guys and the work wasn't too hard either."

"You hardly even worked," Momo said.

"Not true!" Sae exclaimed. "I worked as much as you!"

"Shh!" Momo hissed, putting her finger to her lips and pointing at a partly open door ahead of them.

"Yes!" shouted the chef's voice.

"We finally finished it!" Sanae exclaimed.

"Huh?" Sae mumbled, rubbing her head.. "Are they having sex in there?"

"SAE!" Momo grunted and walked up to the door. She nocked on it gently as she pushed it openly slowly. "Hey, what's going on?"

"Hi Momo," said Sanae. "Sorry if we frightened you. We just finished our puzzle. We've been working on it for over a month."

"A puzzle huh?" Momo walked over to the table they were working to peak at the puzzle. It was completely white. "What? There's nothing on it."

"Yes, Kiley gave this to us before he left," the chef explained. "He knew we both enjoyed puzzles. He said after we finish this puzzle, we can put whatever we want on it."

"What are you thinking of putting on it?" Momo questioned.

"We're not sure," replied the chef. "We were focusing on just finishing the puzzle. We have some pictures we can enlarge to put on here. Maybe our wedding photo, or the picture when we first opened this place."

"That's so cool you were able to finish a puzzle without a picture to guide you," said Momo. "I never could've done that."

"Well, life's the same way, isn't it Momo?" Sanae questioned. "You don't always have a picture to guide you. You have to find the pieces that fit and when the puzzle is completed, you decide what to make it."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Momo said with a shy smile. "Thanks. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, dear," said Sanae.

Momo had a strange dream when she fell asleep. She dreamed of puzzle pieces. Her surroundings, even herself, were made up of puzzle pieces. When she spoke, her words were shaped as puzzle pieces. She walked along a path and then she found she could go no further. There were no pieces left to the path.

"Where are the pieces?" Momo wondered, looking around her.

She couldn't find them anywhere. How was she able to follow this path if she could not find the pieces? She wanted to see where the path led.

"I'll help you find them, Momo," said a familiar voice.

Momo turned around to see a young man walking toward her. His body was made up of puzzle pieces but she was able to make him out. He had dark hair and eyes and a gorgeous smile. It was…



Momo's eyes opened but she remained laying in bed, thinking of the bizarre dream. Why would she dream of puzzle pieces? What was at the end of the trail? And why the heck was Kiley in there and not Toji? Surely Toji would offer to help her, wouldn't he?

Momo sat up and rubbed her head. She might as well get ready for the day. She glanced at Sae, who was still sound asleep. Sae was lying on her back, with her foot stretched out. Sae looked so comical that Momo had to suppress her laughter. Momo got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. She had known her way around the kitchen enough to make her own soba. She made herself Zaru soba and went to to the dining room to eat it. It became her favorite. About an hour later, Sanae came down.

"Zaru soba is now your favorite?" she asked Momo.

"Yes," Momo replied.

Sanae smiled. "I remember Kiley ordered this the first time he ate here. I think it was his favorite too."

Momo paused, thinking about her strange dream and everything that happened since she came to stay with the chef and Sanae. Sanae gave Momo plenty of advice and told her what happened when Kiley used tow ork for them.

"I think I know who I want to be with now," Momo whispered. "I love Kiley and I love Toji. But I found myself thinking more about Kiley than Toji the whole time I was here. I just wanted to get to kmow Toji more and I wanted to be his girl…and I've done that. But…Kiley is so special to me. He's always been there." Momo took a bite of her zaru soba. "And I can't picture life without him. I think…I think I've finally decided who I want to be with."

"I'm glad you were able to figure things out, Momo," said Sanae.

Momo finished her breakfast and then she left the restaurant, saying she'd be back. She just wanted to buy a present for Kiley. She found the perfect thing: a puzzle. Not a completely white puzzle, but a simple one hundred piece puzzle of a path in the woods, much like the one in her dream. Momo thanked Sanae and the chef, and she left the restaurant with Sae. Instead of walking back to home, they took a bus. Kiley and Toji were to wait for Momo at the bus station. Neither of the guys knew Sae would be with Momo and they were both surprised to see Sae with her.

"Did you know that Sae went with Momo?" Toji asked Kiley.

"No," replied Kiley. "Did you?"


"Hi Toji!" Sae said, waving at the two guys. "Hi Kiley! I hope you weren't worried about us."

Momo walked behind Sae and stopped, looking at Toji and Kiley. She had made her decision now but how was she supposed to say it? Sae, Toji and Kiley looked expectantly at Momo.

"Well, Momo," said Sae, "tell them what you've got to say."

Momo swallowed, tightened her hands and looked at just Toji and Kiley. She smiled then hugged them both at the same time. "I missed you two."

"We missed you too, Mo," said Kiley.

"Did you figure things out?" Toji questioned.

"Yes," said Momo, stepping back. "I love you two a lot. You have both been very good to me. Now I've decided that…that I want to be with Kiley."

"Really?" Kiley gasped.

Momo nodded and Kiley hugged her. Toji stepped to the side.

"That's great, Momo," he said. "I'm glad you were able to find answers."

"Toji…" murmured Momo.

"Don't worry," said Toji with a smile. "I'll be fine."

"Oh, Kiley let's go somewhere," said Momo. "I got you a present!"

Kiley's face lit up. "You got me something? What is it? What is it?"

Toji and Sae stood next to each other, watching Momo and Kiley leave.

"Momo looks so happy," said Sae.

"Yeah, she does," agreed Toji.

"Do you regret anything?" Sae asked him.

Toji smiled. "No, everything worked out. I just want Momo to be happy."

"That's good," said Sae. "She's a good person. She deserves to be happy."

They were quet for a while and Sae announced she was going home. As she started walking away, Toji called after her.

"Hey, Sae!"

"What?" she asked.

"You want to go get something to eat?"

Sae grinned and walked back to Toji. "Ah, I know what this is about!"


"You're not over me, aren't you?" she asked, pointing at Toji and giggling.

Toji gasped and blushed slightly. "No I…"

"Silly Toji…we weren't even really dating. I blackmailed you after all…but you miss me, don't you? Don't you?"

"I just…thought you'd want to go somewhere," said Toji.

Sae playfully punched him in the arm then hooked her arm through it. "Sure, Toji. I'd love to."

Toji smiled. "All right, let's go."

"A puzzle?" Kiley said once he took the wrapping off the box. "Wow!"

"Yes, the chef and his wife just finished the puzzle you got them," said Momo. "And I thought we could start working on puzzles together."

"So quickly?" Kiley said, glancing over the box at Momo. "They are good."

They were sitting in the park, talking about Momo's trip and their relationship.

"So how were you able to make up your mind?" Kiley asked.

Momo shrugged. "A few things. But I think what really helped was a dream I had last night. I saw everything in puzzle pieces. I wanted to go somewhere, but the puzzle wasn't finished. Then I saw you. You said you'd help me find the rest of the pieces."

"I wish my decision came that easy," said Kiley. "I had to get sick."

"Sanae told me about that," Momo muttered. "Why didn't you tell me about that?"

"I dunno," said Kiley. "Guess I didn't want to worry you."

"Augh, Kiley, you dummy," said Momo.

"It's all right," said Kiley putting his arm around her. "I'm all right now. I'm here with you."

Kiley kissed her and with that kiss, Momo regretted nothing. In the end, she got the one she wanted. Her past regrets was what caused her to make her decision. She wanted someone to love and take care of her and just as Kiley had promised, he took care of her.