I am not normally the type to do Author's Notes as chapters, but people seem to be confused. For this, I apologize. I'm not really the type of writer who comes out and says things directly and this can work for or against me. So I am putting a full summary here.

SUMMARY: Edward and Bella lived in Forks. They were both human. They got married after high school and had a daughter. World War Two hit and Edward got drafted. They missed each other a lot and were waiting for the war to end so he could go home. Carlisle was the army camp doctor, and he got to know Edward a little. They talked and generally liked each other. Then Edward was out and a bomb went off near him. He was seriously injured and was going to die. Carlisle changed him. Five years later and we will find out where he is soon. Bella is still in Forks in a situation similar to New Moon. She's trying to move ahead, Jacob is a good friend to her, and she's glad to have her daughter, but she's depressed and really misses Edward. We will find out more about why this is going on soon.

Hope I cleared things up. Update coming soon.

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