Okies, I thought I would try something a litttttle different here. I also want to say that I got the idea for this story from an Inuyasha fanfic called I Dare You by Wolf Blossom. The plot is completely mine, but I Dare You inspired me to write this. So I thought I would just say that and give the credit for this idea where it belongs, because honestly if I hadn't read I Dare You I would not have started this story.

Ok, so anyway this plot is something I thought up.. like an hour ago and I'll tell you the age's since I didn't put them.

Kagome, Sango, Miroku: 17

Inuyasha: 18

Naraku: 23

Ryoichi: 2

Ok, now on with the story!

Chapter 1

Kagome Higurashi walked into her old high school and went up to the main office. There she received her schedule and ID card, and after that the secretary walked her down to her first period class which had started 10 minutes before. When they got to the door, the secretary knocked and after getting permission to enter, lightly pushed Kagome inside and spoke to the teacher for a few minutes. As they talked Kagome stood silently by the door and looked at her soon to be classmates. She had known everyone in that class for years until she left, and now would reacquaint herself with them for the last year of high school. None of them were looking at her so she was able to examine them all and tried to remember the name of each student. A few minutes later the secretary left and the teacher cleared his throat to get his students' attention. They all looked up at him and then to Kagome.

"Class, I would like you to meet our new transfer student, Kagome Higurashi. Miss Higurashi, would you like to say a few words to the class?" He asked her. She turned her gaze to her old friends and laughed at their shocked expressions.

"I don't really have much to say except that you all are gonna catch flies with your mouths hanging open like that." She said. Her former best friend Sango blinked a few times and jumped up to hug her.

"Kagome! I missed you sooo much!" She said. Kagome hugged her back.

"You, too, Sango." She said to her friend. Their teacher looked at the two girls in surprise. All of a sudden there was a mocking laugh heard from the back of the class.

"Well, look who's back. It's the bitch." A mean yet sexy voice said. Kagome closed her eyes and counted to ten. She then pulled away from Sango and slowly and confidently walked to the back of the class toward the source of the voice.

"If you want to keep your tongue, then you should shut your mouth, Inuyasha." She said and turned around. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at her teacher.

"Where should I sit, Sir?" She asked him. He floundered for words for a few seconds and then was able to speak.

"Right in front of Mr. Tashio, is perfectly fine." He said. Kagome mentally groaned and plopped down in the seat right next to her. She heard Inuyasha chuckle softly, and the creak of the chair as he leaned forward.

"Welcome back, Kags. This year's gonna be fun." He said. He watched with a slight smirk as her body stiffened and she ignored him. After the class ended she stood up and followed Sango and her other friend Miroku out of the room. She told Sango her locker number and was glad to know that it was right next to both of her friends, but was discouraged when Sango told her Inuyasha's was with theirs too. As they left, Sango welcomed her back again and Miroku stared at her.

She could understand why. The past 2 years had changed Kagome. She had her long black hair hanging down her back, covering the exposed back of her red halter top. She also had on a black mini-skirt with a skull and crossbones on the bottom left side right above the hem, black fishnet stockings and black high-heeled boots. She also had red and black eye shadow and red lip gloss. Before she had been one of those girly girls who wore bright colors and decent clothing. Now it was short, tight, and risqué.

She felt Inuyasha walking behind her as they went to the lockers but ignored him. Sango pointed it out to her and she figured out the combination and stuffed her supplies into it. When she was done she looked at her two friends on her right side. Sango was next to her and Miroku was next to Sango, while Inuyasha was on the other side of Kagome.

"I really missed you guys." She said and leaned against the locker. Miroku stepped around Sango and grinned at Kagome pulling her into a hug. His hand made it's way down to her ass and squeezed.

"We missed you too." He said. Kagome pushed him away. She pulled her fist back and punched him.

"Don't touch my ass, Miroku or else I'll hire some macho gay guy to rape you." She said. Miroku whimpered from his place on the floor and Kagome heard a soft chuckle behind her and turned her head slightly.

"You've changed, Kags." Inuyasha said. Kagome turned on him.

"Don't call me that!" She yelled and walked away from them. Sango and Inuyasha stared after her in bewilderment and then looked down and shook their heads at the moaning monk.

Kagome went through the day not talking to Inuyasha, and barely saying more than a few sentences to Sango or Miroku. When school ended she got into her little Honda Accord and left the parking lot after watching Inuyasha drive away in his Mustang Convertible. She drove to her small 2 bedroom apartment. When she opened the door she was immediately tackled by a tiny body. She looked down to see her son clinging to her leg.

"Mommy! Mommy!" The little boy screamed. Kagome laughed and mock glared at her son.

"Ryoichi, I need you to let go of Mommy, ok?" She asked him sweetly. He nodded and let her go. She stepped fully into her apartment and looked to the couch to find her roommate asleep. She tip-toed up to him and leaned close to his ear.

"Naraku, wake up!" She yelled. The man on the couch bolted up right and glared up at Kagome.

"Hey that wasn't nice." He said. She glared down at him.

"Well it wasn't responsible for you to fall asleep while watching my son. Who knows what he could have gotten into." She said. Naraku sighed and stood up, stretching his arms over his head. Kagome watched in slight appreciation. She had to admit the man was gorgeous even if she only thought of him as her friend. She looked away when she realized she was staring and picked up Ryoichi from his place on the floor and took him into the kitchen. She sat him in his highchair and got out a bottle full of milk from the refrigerator, heated it up in the microwave and then handed it to her son. She would have given him his sippy cup, but she didn't want to clean up the mess when he decided watching it spill all over his highchair, himself, and the floor was more interesting than drinking it. She sighed and jumped up on the counter. Naraku grinned and leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen with his arms crossed over his chest.

"So how'd school go?" he asked her, though he already knew the answer. She glared at him again.

"It was as close to a nightmare as you can get without it actually being one. Inuyasha hasn't changed a bit." She sighed and pulled off her shoes and threw them past Naraku into the living room. He chuckled and sauntered up next to her and leaned his hip against the counter.

"Really? That doesn't sound too bad." He said sarcastically. Kagome smacked his arm.

"Oh shut up." She said. Naraku feigned hurt.

"Why, Kagome! Is that ANY way to treat your elder?" He asked. She snorted.

"Elder my ass. You act more like a child than Ryo." She said and nodded toward her son who looked up at the sound of his voice. He grinned at his mother and gave the traditional 'baby laugh that would make your heart melt and also make you go awwww'. She smiled at him and turned back to Naraku, who was pouting.

"I do not!" He whined and stomped his foot. She laughed.

"That proves it." She said and jumped off the counter and walked to her room. Naraku followed her.

"I was just kidding, but anyway was it really that bad?" He yelled as she walked into her bathroom with a change of clothes. She stuck her head back out.

"Yes it was. But what really pissed me off was when Miroku groped my ass." She said and quickly pulled her head back inside the bathroom. Naraku burst out laughing and Kagome scowled at him as she stepped out of the bathroom with care bear pajama bottoms on and pulled down her pink tank top with sunshine bear on the front, so that it mostly covered her pierced belly button. Naraku couldn't help but stare at her amazing body.

"Well, Kagome, you told me yourself that he had always been perverted." He said as he again followed her as she walked down the hall and back to her son. She saw her son sitting in his highchair quietly and looked for the baby bottle. She found it in the sink and grinned at him. She held her hand up palm facing Ryoichi.

"Great job, Ryo. Give Mommy a high-five!" She said. The little boy giggled and smacked his little hand against hers. Naraku chuckled.

"That kid has amazing aim." He said and shook his head in amazement. Kagome nodded and lifted him from the highchair and settled him on her hip, while he wrapped one hand in her tank top, slightly pulling it down, and the other in her hair.

"Yup. He gets it from his father." She said and walked back to her room with him, bouncing him up and down on her hip as she did. He erupted in giggles and she laid him down on her bed and changed him into his Spiderman pajama's and tucked him into the twin sized bed in the corner of her room. She wished she could have gotten a three bedroom apartment but even with her money and the amount of money Naraku made, they could only afford the two bedroom.

She had met her roommate in a club, working there as an exotic dancer. She would have gone into prostitution but she had enough self-respect for herself that she wouldn't stoop to selling her body for money. She had fooled the club owner into thinking she was 21, considering she had had a child and looked mature enough to pass for 21. After 5 months Naraku had come into the club and saw her dancing. He gave her a big tip and asked her if he could talk to her after her shift ended. Usually Kagome would never think of talking to a stranger, let alone being alone with one but the look in Naraku's eyes made her feel safe. So after her shift she went to the main room of the club and sat down next to Naraku. She thanked him for his tip and asked him why he wanted to talk to her. He said she looked to young to work there and asked her why she did. After Kagome had told him why she was dancing there he told her he had been meaning to buy an apartment and asked her if she wanted to split it with him. She agreed whole-heartedly and that's where they were now. Naraku had a rich family and they promised him that if he bought his own home they would help him pay the rent if he really needed it, and so Kagome quit dancing and decided to go back to high school, while Naraku, worked the night shift as the security for the most famous company in Japan, and because he had stopped so many robberies he had been promoted and given a huge raise that was able to pay for their living expenses.

After Kagome tucked her son into bed she pushed Naraku down the hallway after closing her bedroom door and into the kitchen. He looked back at her quizzically.

"Why do you send him to bed so early?" he asked her. She grinned.

"So he can be awake really early in the morning to bother you." She said. He growled.

"Do you want to eat?" He asked. She nodded. "Well then you have to let me get my rest or I won't be able to do my job and we'll starve." He said grumpily. Kagome laughed and sat down to work on her homework.

"Oh come on, Naraku. I'm just kidding, plus we both know he's the most well behaved 2 year old in the history of 2 year olds… or at least the one's here in Japan. I think he gets it from his father." She said. Naraku was in the kitchen and he growled and stood in the doorway shaking a frying pan at her.

"Kagome, you do nothing but talk about Ryo's father. Why the hell don't you just tell him already?" He asked her. She shook her head.

"I can't. I wouldn't be able to take the taunting if I told him." She said. Naraku sighed and went back to making dinner.

The next day Kagome went back to school and acted quite a bit nicer to her old friends, though she still ignored Inuyasha. In their English class, their teacher told them they would need partners for the assignment she had planned. She then took out her clipboard and called out partners.

"Hojo and Yuki." She said and adjusted her glasses.

"Yes!" Hojo said and Yuki groaned and smacked her head against her desk. A few people laughed.

"Sango and Miroku." She said. Miroku did a jig in his seat and Sango glared at him.

"If you do anything perverted, I'll kill you." She said and Miroku gulped and nodded. The teacher went through the rest of the class until only Inuyasha and Kagome were left. Kagome tensed. The teacher looked down at her board again.

"The last pair is Kagome and Inuyasha." She said. Kagome groaned and put her head in her hands. She heard Inuyasha laugh and glared at him.

"This'll be fun." He said and put his feet up on his desk and leaned back so only the back two legs of his chair were on the ground. Kagome sneered at him and looked away.

"Alright class. Now for your assignment. I have decided that you and your partners will take care of a baby for two weeks. The baby has a microchip device inside of it that will make it do everything normal babies do. It will also record everything that happens to it, and the data recorded is what will determine your grade." She said and turned around to lift up a box of babies. Kagome gasped and stood up.

"Please tell me your kidding!" She begged the teacher as she leaned on the desk. The teacher gave her a warning look.

"No, Miss Higurashi, I am not. Now please sit down." She said and turned back to the box.

"But, Mrs. Hiro I can't do this assignment!" She said with desperation in her voice. Inuyasha smirked at her.

"Oh, and why not, Kags? What do you already have a kid?" He asked, expecting her to turn around and bite his head off, but when she turned pale white and sat down looking in her lap, he took his feet off the desk and slammed the chair back down on all four of its legs. The entire class was looking at Kagome, and Inuyasha was staring at her wide-eyed. The teacher was watching her newest student in concern.

"Kagome, do you already have a child?" She asked and everyone waited with bated breath for her answer.

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