-The kilt.

It was nothing short of amazing. Black criss-crossing with red criss-crossing with green criss-crossing with blue, and then back again. All in uniform stripes of uniform lengths.

"Come on, Luis!" Lolli chirped, hands behind her back and twirling enthusiastically while Val's splayed fingers ran carefully over the fabric a second time, checking for any major flaws in the weave that may have been missed when she and Lolli took it from the op shop. She smiled.

So he tried it on for them, to see them both smile again.

"See! Your knees look great in it!" Val smiled at the man, poking the pale flesh at said joint, tweaking the hairs that jutted from the skin usually covered by faded, baggy jeans.

Lolli grinned, a beautiful, hazy expression of enjoyment as she stood on tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his stubbly chin. "My Scot." She called him. "My handsome Scotsman."

And then he realised. Amongst Val's giggles – perfectly normal – and Lolli's bliss, he realised then that this perfection could not be real.

"Have you been shootin' up again?" He asked. His voice was harsh, as though he'd just been ripped from a pleasant dream.

And perhaps he had. When Lolli's façade crumbled and Val went to the ground on her knees with her, not touching her at all but sharing in the pain, she found herself murmuring, even while dry choking sobs wracked the frail body of her friend, "Maybe. Maybe."

Well, at last. Finally, something I'm not ashamed of turning in to the contest. I wrote this one on a very, very sudden whim that may or may not have had to do with a ridiculous ad for "Win a Date with a Hot Scot". The kilts were attractive, though. Then I tried to picture Luis in them. Then it turned A.N.G.S.T. So there you have it. For lunamaria, and my outside-of-t3h-intrahnets friend Sammy. I feel as though my writingness is coming baaack------ And it's another Luis pov. What's with those?