Chapter 48 Together.

The next morning Sasuke woke up. He felt someone lying on his chest. He looked down. Neji's head lay on Sasuke's chest. He had his left hand on Sasuke's shoulder and Sasuke's arm was around Neji. Sasuke smiled. Neji looked so innocent right now. A slight smile was on Neji's lips. His eyes were closed and his body moved up and down, at the same time as his breathing. This was peace. So calm. The sun was shining, birds were singing. Suddenly he heard the door swung open.

'Neji!' It was Sai. Sai stood still when he entered Sasuke's bedroom. Neji, on Sasuke's chest. Sasuke was awake and was looking at Sai, while Neji slept on.

'Wha…' Sasuke wanted to sneer Sai to get the hell away, but Sai interupted him.

'It's ok Sasuke. I came looking for Neji to take him out and Lee had told me he was with you. But I see there's no need to…He looks happy now.' Sai said. 'I fear.. I fear I will have to let him go.' Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

'Does that mean you…?'

'Yes. I wish you two the best of luck.' Sai said. On that moment, Neji sighed deeply and slowly opened his eyes. He looked up to Sasuke and smiled at him. His smile vanished when he saw Sasuke was looking to the door. Neji followed his glance and saw Sai standing there, a soft expression on his face.


´Neji, you don´t have to worry.´ Sai said. ´I´m fine with your choice. Now I know who you love the most and I accept that. I wish you a good time.´ He nodded to them and walked away, leaving Sasuke and Neji behind. Together.

The End .