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Chapter 1: A visitor at night

A lone figure sat on a roof looking at the moon. He let out a small sigh, "Will I ever find her? My soul mate." He got up and was just about to jump to the next building when he started feeling weak. 'Tch. Guess it's time to feed.' He looked down and saw a child. He seemed deep in thought.

'I am in the mood for a child.' He smirked as the wind blew through his black cloak. He stealthy crept up on the boy. "Hey kid. Why are you here late at night?" Sasuke asked. The boy shocked that someone crept up on him so skillfully shyly answered, "I-I was just thinking." Sasuke nodded at his small reply. 'Enjoy these last seconds kid. They will be your last.' The boy looked at the cloaked figure.

"Hey mister…why are you outside this late?" Sasuke smirked. "No reason." The boy looked up to ask another question, but he saw the strangest thing. A pair of white gleaming fangs. The boy felt cold fear race up his spine. He got up and tried to escape but it was futile. One of Sasuke hands gripped the boy's neck in a death lock; cutting off his air supply. The boy kicked and punched, but to no avail. His fate was sealed.

A pain that numbed the boy's mind raced through his body. The boy slowly gave up and closed his eyes, never to open them again. Sasuke chuckled darkly as he licked up the last drops of blood from the boy's neck. 'Such delicious blood. I wish I had a mate to share it with.' Sasuke let out a sigh. He looked up at the dark starry sky and made a silent vow. 'I will find her. My mate for life. I Sasuke Uchiha, the prince of vampires never go back on his word.' In a blink of an eye he vanished.

BBBBRRRHHIINNGGGG. A tired hand sluggishly hit the sleep button on the alarm clock. The bed creaked and groaned as Sakura slowly got out of her bed and put on her pink bunny slippers. She let out a yawn as she made her way to the kitchen. She got a cup and poured herself some orange juice. Then lazily sat on the couch and turned on the TV. "There's nothing on but news." Sakura mumbled to herself. She watched the stupid box (that what she calls) for a couple of minutes until a interesting story caught her attention.

"A 9 year old boy named Suzuki Yamanto got killed yesterday. Police found the body drained of blood and two holes in his neck. Who could have done this act of vampirism? A physco or a wanna be vampire. The mystery continues." Sakura shook her head in disgust. 'People these days are crazy' Sakura got dressed in a pink shirt that said punk princess and black pants. She walked out the door and left her apartment. 'Time for some food shopping.' Sakura hummed a song, unaware of crimson eyes watching her every movement. Those eyes belonged to the one and only Sasuke Uchiha.

'Now who's is this beautiful women I see.' Sasuke thought as he watched from the shadows. 'Such elegance is rarely seen these days.' He jumped into the shadowy branches of a tree. Sasuke felt a pleasant feeling in his chest. Something that told him she was special. 'Is it her?! My soul mate?!' Sasuke felt excitement course through his veins. He has not felt like this in a long time.

'I should visit my soon to be bride.' He thought as he watched Sakura leave the super market…with a blond haired teen. 'Who is he' Sasuke thought. He heard laughter come from them. 'They seem to like each other a lot…' In a blink of an eye his anger flared up as he watched the teen put a hand on his soon to be mate shoulder. 'How dare he touch what is soon to be mine?!' If looks could kill the teen would have died 12 times. Sasuke who was clearly frustrated sat down, closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He concentrated on his hearing until he could hear anything in a mile radius. 'Sakura…so that's your name. Very fitting indeed. And your so called friend is named Naruto. I've heard that name before.' Sasuke opened his eyes and smirked. "Today will be a fine day…indeed. For you and me Sakura."

Thanks for helping me carry my bags Naruto." Sakura said with a bright smile on her face. "No problem Sakura-Chan. I'll see you at school Monday." Naruto gave her foxish grin and left her apartment. Sakura locked the door and proceeded to put the groceries away. Once she was done Sakura flopped on the couch and dialed Ino's number.

"Hey Ino-pig."

"Hi forehead girl." Sakura fumed at her greeting.

"Did you hear the news?!" Sakura asked.

"You mean the one about the little boy?"


Ino paused for a second, "I feel bad for that little boy. He never got to experience life to its fullest."

"I agree…" Sakura voice dropped down to a mere whisper. "To be honest, I'm scared." Sakura heard Ino give a small chuckle. "Don't be afraid. If someone tries. To kill you I will bust out a can of whip ass on them. And besides you're a strong girl." Sakura felt comforted by Ino's humorous words. "Thanks Ino." "Your welcome. Now I have to go. Toodles." Sakura put the phone on the receiver and laid down on the couch. 'I guess I'll take a nap.' Sakura thought as she fell into a dreamless slumber.

Sasuke stealthy entered Sakura's building without setting off the alarm. He expertly unlocked her door and quietly walked inside. He locked the door and walked to Sakura's sleeping form. When Sasuke laid eyes on her body he gasped. She was breath taking. Sasuke eyes hungrily scanned her body, memorizing every cure in detail. Her body made him want to take her right then and there, but he controlled himself…barely. His roaming eyes then lay upon her soft pink lips. Oh how he wanted to taste them. Sub consciously, he found himself stroking her soft creamy skin.

"You are so pure and you don't even realize it." He purred. When Sakura heard his voice she unconsciously bared her neck towards him. Sasuke almost lost all control at the small movement. 'I have to keep in control.' He could literally smell the blood running through her veins. Sasuke quickly averted his eyes away from her neck to her pink locks. 'I just want a whiff of your scent.' He leaned closer to her hair. 'You smell like cherry blossoms and a hint of vanilla. Just how imagined you would smell.' He thought as he unconsciously nuzzled her hair. That was a fatal mistake, because Sakura woke up. "Who the hell are you?"

Sasuke smiled at her sudden outburst. "No need to shout." Sakura already did not like this guy. She hated the fact that he was calm and collected despite the situation. "Why are you here?" Sakura asked coolly, trying her best to mask her fear. Sasuke gave her his honest answer. "Why for you of course." Sakura was taken aback by his straight forward answer. Sakura looked at him in confusion and a bit of surprise. He grinned at puzzlement. He thought it was cute.

"I came to visit you…Sakura." Sakura was on verge to screaming for help. 'The only way he could possibly know my name is by him being a stalker.' Sakura thought as she slowly itched towards her kitchen. Sasuke eyed her with suspicion as well as amusement. 'What is my little cherry blossom up to?' Sakura felt around the counter to see if there was a knife anywhere. 'Got it!' Sakura thought as she grabbed the knife and hid it behind her back. Sasuke knew she had the knife behind her. He was not stupid. "Now Sakura… don't do anything you might…regret." He said with amusement.

Sasuke took only one step when Sakura stabbed him deeply in the chest, almost cutting an artery. Sakura ran into her room and locked door while Sasuke fell to the ground. Sasuke was surprised that she had the guts to stab him. 'Very daring and fierce…I like that.' He thought. With a grunt he pulled out the knife that was now coated with his blood and dropped it the floor with a cling. 'Now where are you my little flower?' Sasuke sniffed the air and followed her scent until he reached the door.

He twisted the knob until he heard a definite click. He opened the door and saw a cowering Sakura sitting in a corner. When Sakura heard the door open she ran towards the door in hopes that she can slip past him. But her hopes were in vain. Instead of slipping past him she ran into his chest. This gave him a chance to slip his arms around her body, so she could not escape.

"Sakura, Sakura, Sakura…why would you do something so foolish. You tried to hurt me. No better yet try to kill me. That's what you intended to do, right Sakura?" He said in a mocking tone that really sounded lethal. Sakura was too scared to answer. Sasuke frowned at the lack of response. "Its simple question…dear." Sakura was still too scared to answer. "Whatever. You know I realized that you have yet to see my face."

Sakura realized he was right. She has not once seen his face. It was always shadowed. Sasuke led them to spot where moonlight shined through her window. Sakura looked upon his face and her breath got caught in her throat. He was young, no older than 18. He was handsome and very pale. Like hr have not been in the sun for long time. However his paleness gave him a eerie glow. His eyes were onyx colored and held depth within them, with s small hint of mischief

His hair was a blue blackish color that looked well kept. Basically he was very handsome. However there was one thing that stood out against his features. A pair of white gleaming fangs. "What are you?" She asked with a puzzled expression on her face. He leaned towards the shell of her ear and licked it (Which caused Sakura to unwilling moan.). "I am Sasuke Uchiha. A vampire." Sakura gasped in shock. "And you're my mate. My mate for life." Then in a quick movement he plunged his fangs deep into her milky skin.

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