Hey sweets,

If you're holding this, then either Limo Boy's just left, or he's standing in front of you right now. If it's the latter, don't read this aloud. Torment him a bit for me? I feel like I just didn't have enough time with him today to properly torment him. Thanks!

Ok, seriously, fruit baskets? Does he know you at all? Please tell me you've either given them to a soup kitchen or something. Rory, you know I don't like him, and what I feel he did to your personality. But I gotta give him credit for bringing you out of your shell. And for his moxie. That was impressive. And for realizing that fruit baskets and flowers and all the other typical crap just wouldn't cut it for a Gilmore girl. So he's not as dumb as he looks.

I'm so happy you're back at school, ecstatic even, and working a non-DAR job, and that you're almost back to the Rory I knew before Logan waltzed into your life and turned everything upside down. But you're still not her. You're miserable without him, although you do a damn fine job of covering it up. It's just, I'm your mom, kiddo. The bond that only 18 hours of labor can forge. I see it.

And I see the same look on his face today, like he doesn't know how to live without you. Like he's lost something priceless, irreplaceable. And of course, he has. Because he doesn't know what he's doing. He doesn't know how to be a boyfriend. He doesn't know that sometimes, a fight is just a fight. He didn't know that he should've called. But sweets, you didn't pick up the phone either.

Look, you gave Dean a second chance, against your better judgment, in a search for safety, familiarity. You gave Jess a chance, which is one more than what anyone else would've given him. So I guess I'm wondering why you won't do the same for Logan. I'm not telling you to do so, far from it, but I want you to know why you won't give him another chance to be with the most beautiful, amazing, witty, intelligent woman in the world, second only to yours truly. Just think about it.



P.S. Hope the idiot didn't forget the Krispy Kremes. Elvis would just die if that happened!